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More about Moving Bundle

When you purchase your moving boxes and materials from enKo Products, we make it easy by bundling essential moving supplies into neat packages that suit your needs. We understand how hectic and costly it is to move, so we won’t waste your time and money offering packing supplies that are overpriced and aren’t designed for moving. Our moving supplies bundles are high-quality, affordable, and made especially for transportation. Durable boxes, heavy-duty tape and packing paper are all manufactured to safeguard your items.


Have a Look at the Home Moving Supplies Bundle

What are Cushion Foam Sheets for Packing? Foam wrap sheets are packing cushion foams that provide safety for breakable items during packing, shipping, and delivery. Our cushion foam sheets for packing are non-abrasive, thin, and soft perfect for handling fragile items stacked together inside your moving box.

Best For:

  • Packing sheets for dishes, bowls, and other breakable items
  • Can securely stack porcelain dinnerware in a pile during home moving
  • Protect corner edges of furniture
  • Collectors who store a lot of delicate items

What we offer: We offer 3 varieties: packing foam sheets, foam wrap roll, and foam wrap pouches. They are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and uses.

  1. 12″ x 12″ Packing Foam Sheets Wrap

    These are pre-cut sheets with 50 pieces. The thickness is ⅛”, thick enough to wrap delicate Chinawares. You can utilize these sheets to protect the corner edges and legs of delicate furniture.

  2. Foam Wrap Cushioning Roll 12″ x 600″ [Perforated]

    Foam wrap rolls are used for large items to serve as shock-absorbing protection. The Foam rolls can fit snuggly on dispensers to easily pull off and torn to size at its perforation every 12”.

  3. Foam Wrap Pouches / Packaging Foam Sleeves 12″ x 12″ – 50 Packs

    Foam pouches are suitable for packing smaller items for a house move. Our foam wrap pouches are 12” x 12” in size with 50 packs inside. The pouches are made with the same foam sheet packing material except it is used as a small bag for storing fragile items before placing it in the moving box.

What are heavy-duty bubble cushioning wraps? Bubble cushion wraps can be used for house moves, shipping heavy-weight items, and office moves to intensively protect these items from bumps and vibrations. enKo Products offers heavy-duty large bubble cushioning wrap 36ft in one roll packed with 20 fragile labels. Perfect for cushioning items during long and bumpy rides for house moves, our bubble plastic wraps will not easily tear. It’s also made with a thick material that surrounds the air bubbles. The air bubbles are packed with air and thickly-made material envelopes each bubble.

Best For:

  • 1 roll of our bubble cushioning wrap is ideal for packing small to large items that need extra protection from bumps, vibrations, and scratching.
  • Can be used to fill extra voids on moving boxes storing electronics, and heavy stuff.
  • Best for fragile items, covering furniture, and many more.

What is Newsprint Paper? Newsprint paper for packing is a low-cost, mess-free solution for cushioning any items and for filling voids in moving boxes. Quickly pack lightweight, non-fragile items with these inexpensive newsprint wrapping paper offered in wholesale. Newsprint paper is made from wood pulp and environmentally-friendly materials with a rough texture to hold the items in place.

Best Use:

  • Books, small display items
  • Fine china, dishes, glasses
  • Filling spaces in boxes to dampen vibrations and impacts

Newsprint Wrapping Paper We Offer:

  1. 10 lbs Newsprint Packing Paper (200 sheets/pack)

    Our 200 sheets of newsprint paper are suitable for house moves of a studio-type apartment, single bedroom home, 2-bedroom, or 3-bedroom house.

  2. 20 lbs, Newsprint Packing Paper (400 sheets)

    This 400 sheets newsprint paper pack is suitable for 3-bedroom to 6-bedroom house moves.

  3. 5 lbs Newsprint Packing Paper (100 sheets/pack)

    The 100-sheets/pack newsprint packing paper is the most suitable house moves for people living alone

  4. Bulk newsprint packing paper (500 sheets/pack)

    500 newsprint paper sheets are suitable for 6-bedroom to 9-bedroom house moves depending on the bulk of items the family has.

What are Moving Labels & Stickers? The purpose of color-coded labels for moving is for organization and to easily direct items/boxes in the right rooms. Fragile labels for moving boxes are used to label boxes that contain breakable items. Moving labels may include labels for important parts of the house such as the Bathroom, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Living Room, Bedrooms, and Handle with Care Fragile items. It has an adhesive back to easily place these packing supplies on moving boxes.

Best Use of Moving Labels for Boxes:

  • Colored Moving Labels are made of high contrast background and clear large texts for an easier move

Moving Box Labels we offer

  1. 2″ x 3″ Fragile Stickers

    These “Handle with Care Fragile Thank You” labels are ideal for small moving boxes that contain porcelain, dishes, glassware, and breakable displays.

  2. 3″ x 5″ Fragile Label

    Ideal for labeling medium moving boxes, large moving boxes, and specialty boxes that contain fragile items.

  3. 4″ x 6″ Fragile Stickers Handle with Care Warning Packing Shipping Labels

    These oversized fragile stickers are perfect for wardrobe boxes, and extra-large boxes that contain breakable and collectible items that should be handled with care.

  4. 4 Bedroom House Color Coded Moving Labels with Notes Section 2″ x 3″

    These 4-bedroom color-coded moving labels are 2” x 3” in size having permanent self-adhesives ensuring that it secures firmly on the boxes. It has over 800 pieces of brightly colored labels with high color contrast and fonts to ensure readability. The package contains 16 box labels for moving houses with different texts for the Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Dining Room, Storage, 5 Bedrooms, Living Room, Garage, Family Room, Kitchen, Utility Room. It also has a set of fragile stickers and free printable moving labels.

  5. 4 Bedroom House Moving Box Labels 1″ x 4-1/2″

    This 1” x 4½” house moving box label roll has 16 Rolls, 50 labels per roll in a 1.5-inch core. It comes with a versatile, permanent adhesive and is made with bright colors on glossy paper.

Packaging tapes for moving are used for sealing boxes and containers. For a house move, the most ideal packaging tapes to use should be 2” and 3” width tapes that are large and strong enough to keep boxes intact. Adhesive Packaging Tapes offered These 2.0-Mil high-performance tapes can guarantee full protection of your packages by sealing them tightly.

  1. Clear Packing Tape 2″ x 110 Yards 2.0 Mil

    This clear packing tape is ideal for moving boxes requiring high resistance to UV and excellent clarity for labeling with markers.

  2. Clear Packing Tape 3″ x 110 Yards – 2.0 Mil

    Our clear packaging tape made of acrylic material is our go-to adhesive packaging tape with deeper adhesion than hot melt tapes. Its versatile composition also makes it easier to adhere to corrugated fibers of home moving cartons. Since it is thicker and more durable, 3-inch clear packing tapes are ideal for storage boxes in the attic or other applications needing more durable taping solutions.

  3. Packing Tape 2″ x 110 Yards 2.0 Mil (Tan / Brown)

    Brown packaging tapes are ideal for durable packing for dust-filled or dirty environments. The shade of its surface allows it to blend with the cardboard box color.

  4. Packing Tape 3″ x 110 Yards – 2.0 Mil (Tan / Brown)

    This 3” packing tape is best for heavy-duty packing of house moving boxes. The strength of this tape will not allow it to become loose during transit.

This Home Moving Supplies Bundle is For you if...

Did you know how much does it cost to move a home? As of 2021:

  • The average total cost for an interstate home move is around $4,100
  • Moving into a new home within the same state can cost $980
  • If you hire a moving company, each mover costs $25 per hour.

We guarantee you get the best value for packing foam sheets, bubble cushioning wrap rolls, newsprint paper, moving labels, packaging tape, fragile moving stickers, and cable management ties that won’t rob your wallet!

Just look at the prices below compared to our competitors:

House Moving Supplies enKo Products Price Average Market Price Percent Savings
Foam wrap sheets,
12” x 12”, 50 sheets
$9.95 $10.49 Save 5.15%
Bubble Packing Roll,
$8.95 $8.95 Save 3.35%
20 lbs Newsprint Packing paper, 400 sheets $28.27 $41.99 Save 32.7%
2” x 3” Fragile Stickers, 500 labels/roll $3.68 per roll $6.19 Save 40.5%
Clear Packing Tape 2″ x 110 Yards 2.0 Mil $1.95 $2.50 Save 22%
Color-Coded Moving Labels (4 Bedroom House) $10.95 $13.90 Save 21.22%

If you want to be frugal about your moving plans, a do-it-yourself move can get you 20% to 50% savings. Your only problem now is choosing a home moving supplies supplier that offers value-priced products.

If you’re worried about moving during the pandemic, the safest way is to pack your stuff by yourself instead of hiring moving companies. This way, not only can your family remain safer without strangers packing and holding your stuff, but at the same time, it is more economical.

Hiring a moving company means letting the movers handle and pack things for you. This means when you get to your new home, you may need to disinfect all your stuff before using them as the virus causing Covid-19 may stay on cardboard or plastic packaging for 24 hours to a few days.

With enKo Products’ Home Moving Supplies, you would surely spend less and remain safer by packing stuff with your family.

Moving generates more waste than we expect. Knowing this, we can at least do something about it to help minimize this in our own effort. In numbers, here are the wastes created in the US alone for one year:

  • 90 million pounds worth of packing paper
  • 8.40 million tons of waste, including all unused materials in drawers, cabinets, and garages
  • 30 million rolls worth of tape

With enKo Product’s guide and checklist, you’d be able to accurately compute the approximate number of boxes, packing tape, bubble cushioning wraps you need for a controlled amount of waste materials. Plus, we offer a variety of sizes and weights so you can choose the suitable materials you need without over-buying home moving supplies.

Download our free, 6-week printable Home Moving Checklist backed with over decades of experience to help you handle a DIY move seamlessly! The home moving checklist covers:

  1. 6 weeks pre-planned timeline for you to organize EVERYTHING and have a stress-free move to your new house.
  2. What should you prepare just before leaving your current place
  3. Important stuff to do when you finally move into your new home
  4. Lots of Home Moving life hacks
  5. Home moving supplies list
  6. House moving tips for those with kids
  7. Moving home with a cat or any animals and what you should do
  8. Inventory Checklist for each house section
  9. How much should your move cost?
  10. Utilities to cancel or defer to your new home
  11. Notices you need to attend to such as healthcare facilities, IDs, etc.
  12. Hazardous things you need to pay attention to when packing

Why Choose enKo Products?

enKo Products is a packaging solutions company that can provide all your moving needs. The company has a complete portfolio of products that can help you for moving anywhere, with any moving complexity. Our packaging supplies are affordable so that packaging expenses will not be a major share of your moving expenses. We ensure that our products are of high quality, providing you a seamless move, wherever it may be.

enKo Products is a US direct supplier of packaging and labeling materials for home and business – you’re simply not dealing with a distributor. Savor your victory of saving more than 50% on home moving supplies. To top that off, we offer FREE SHIPPING for contiguous USA orders above $50 and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Get a lifetime of benefits when you join as a member at enKo Products. With your membership, you can avail of our office and business supplies at better deals.

From one business to another, we understand the benefits of dealing with costs and expenses. We can help you alleviate a share of your bills when you give yourself a chance to get low-cost supplies and save much more when you order wholesale!

More than our low-priced products, we give great discounts for bulk and wholesale purchases! We want our customers to be provided with the best deals for supplies, and get everything you need here at enKo Products.

Moving Bundle

Our ultimate moving supplies kit covers the necessary moving supplies you need for a hassle-free and seamless move according to your timeline.

Plus, all your home moving supplies are delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy with our same-day shipping across the US. Whether you’re searching for home moving supplies in San Francisco, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, or any other state, we’ve got your back!

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