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Printing Tips for Blank Labels

For printing sheet labels, here are some tips and tricks to help you print high-quality labels, plus some pointers on how to store your blank labels.

Use Templates

You can easily print with sheet labels without worrying about your format! At Enko Products, we provide you free templates for the most commonly used programs, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator, as well as open standard file types such as PDF and ODT.

Use the Bypass Tray

Make use of your bypass tray or the manual feed tray of your printer. Special media such as labels are best placed in the bypass trays. This is because most laser and inkjet printers are not designed to print these through the main tray.

Choose Short Edge First

When setting your feed setting, choose Short Edge Feed (SEF), as this method will reduce printer jamming as well, plus better print quality.

Verify Printer Settings

Double-check that the paper size is correct. Also, check that the paper type is set as “Labels.” You can usually find this option under ”Preferences” or “Properties.” In case you do not find the option “Labels,” we suggest you use “Cardstock” or “Heavyweight.”

Don’t Use “Fit to Page”

Check that you turn off the “Fit to Page” setting. When you use our templates, the print details are already calibrated perfectly on the labels. On the contrary, this setting will scale down your print and will cause misalignment on the whole print.

Avoid Feeding the Same Sheet Twice

As much as possible, we do not recommend you to print on a sheet label twice to minimize jamming and poor-quality prints. For the sake of testing your prints, you can use standard paper, instead of running a sheet label twice through the printer.

Separate the Label Sheets

Fan the label sheets before loading them in the printer tray to prevent them from sticking with each other. Fanning the sheets prevent multiple labels from being fed at once.

Sheet Labels Storage

Ensure that you only remove the sheet labels from the packaging when they are in use to avoid them curling over time. The labels should be kept in a cool and dry place. Prevent them from exposure to humidity and sunlight.

Printer Maintenance

Always keep your printer in check. For high-volume prints, you may need to clean your printer as label adhesive can be a cause of printing issues over time. Make sure you have your printer be maintained according to your printer’s specifications.

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