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ON SALE 4 x 6 Direct Thermal Labels with 1″ Core for Shipping & Postage – Zebra Compatible

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6 rolls 2,700 Labels
$67.98$11.33 / roll
24 rolls 10,800 Labels
$247.20$10.30 / roll
60 rolls Popular Choice27,000 Labels
$570.60$9.51 / roll
240 rolls108,000 Labels
$2,109.60$8.79 / roll
600 rolls270,000 Labels
$4,920.00$8.20 / roll
1002 rolls +450,900 Labels +
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About these Printer Labels

These 4″ x 6″ direct thermal labels are manufactured from a top-of-the-line bright white direct thermal face stock and a long-lasting acrylic adhesive. They are perfect for creating shipping labels, product descriptions, and box contents. They can also be used for various applications like industrial, logistic, shelf labeling, and merchandising. 

These direct thermal shipping labels are designed to be compatible with most Zebra label printers using a 1″ core. The 4 x 6 labels are popularly used with direct thermal desktop printers that work without ribbons to satisfy numerous labeling applications. They are industrial-grade labels perfect for your business use.

  • These 4×6 direct thermal labels are manufactured with premium direct thermal label material
  • Zebra compatible Labels are equally as dependable as other high-cost brands but at a significantly lower price.
  • Guarantees smooth operation with thermal printers like Zebra, Sato, and Datamax, among others.
  • Each roll comes with 450 labels and a 1-inch core.
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    Direct Thermal

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  • Do shipping labels have to be 4x6?

    Shipping labels are the labels you need to use to make your packages legally acceptable for mailing. In terms of shipping labels, 4 x 6 labels are widely recognized as the industry standard. But why 4 x 6 instead of other label sizes? There’s no technical answer for this question, and the primary reason it’s 4 x 6 is that it’s just what major carriers expect and use. There are several smaller variations (like 4 x 5) that may be better for your packages, but generally speaking, it would be best to stick with the standard 4 x 6 size. The 4 x 6 shipping label can fit most packages, is heavy-duty, and easy to read and scan.

  • How long does direct thermal print last?

    The biggest disadvantage of using direct thermal labels is that their prints will fade over time. The printed images are also sensitive to heat and UV exposure. Generally, direct thermal labels can last anywhere between 6-9 months, depending on the environment and the type of label. To help keep them from fading, however, we recommend storing them away from direct sunlight and heat exposure.

  • How do I print a 4x6 label?

    Step # 1. Turn on your Direct Thermal Label Printer. Connect its Power cord to a suitable power supply, then press its Power button. Make sure to install all the necessary drivers and software before you proceed.


    Step # 2. Load the 4″ x 6″ Direct Thermal Roll Labels into the printer’s media compartment. Follow these steps:

    • Open the printer to access its media compartment by pulling the release levers towards you and gently lifting the cover. You can find the release levers on the side of the printer.
    • Remove all the paper inside the media compartment.
    • Please take out the exterior length of the media roll as it may have accumulated dust and dirt during shipment. You don’t want this loaded on your printer.
    • Detach and hold open the pair of blue-green media hangers located at the base of the compartment.
    • Position the media roll so that its print surface is facing up as its slides through the platen.
    • Place the roll in the middle of the hangers and close them into the core.


    Step # 3. Calibrate your printer so it can adjust the proper print width for your labels. For Zebra printers that use 4″ x 6 “direct thermal labels 1” core, follow these steps:

    • Go to the back of your printer and turn on the power button.
    • Wait for the green Feed button on top of the printer to light before proceeding to the next step.
    • Long press the Feed button and maintain your hold until the status light LED flashes once. Release the Feed button.
    • The printer will start dumping your labels.
    • Once the printer stops dumping labels, long-press the Feed button again, and maintain your hold until the status light LED flashes four times. Release the Feed button.
    • The printer will now start calibrating the right margins for your barcode labels.


     Step # 4. Start printing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Betty Jo Aldana

Quick delivery

Alice Brooks
Not Sticky

Does not stick very well. I've had several cases when the label has completely come off during transit.

Patricia R.
Improvement on adhesiveness

They print well. The price is reasonable. The only problem that I have with these labels is that they don't stick as well as I would like. A little bit of tape takes care of the this.


perfect, works good

Haylie Hendricks
Just OK

Everything works fine except that the labels are curled towards the end of the roll. However I've tried a few other brands, and they did the same as well. So, I can't really say this is better than the others.

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