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4″ x 6″ Fanfold Labels – 2 Labels / Fold – Direct Thermal Labels

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About 4×6 Direct Thermal Fanfold Labels

This 4 x 6 direct thermal fanfold label pack is one of the most versatile direct thermal label products from enKo Products. It can work with an extensive array of desktop or industrial thermal printers, making it suitable for almost any application. If you’re looking for a multipurpose, efficient, and mass-production thermal label, these fanfold labels are what you need.

Labels from enKo Products are 100% compatible with Zebra, Datamax, Sato, and Intermec direct thermal label printers. These 4 x 6 fanfold labels, though, are not compatible with Dymo printers. Please contact our customer support team if you aren’t sure whether our labels are compatible with your printers.

  • 100% Compatible with Direct Thermal Printers. The fanfold thermal transfer labels work perfectly with direct thermal printers, including Rollo, Zebra, Fargo, Elton, Datamax, Sato, and more.
  • The 4 x 6-inch thermal labels are manufactured from top-quality materials to guarantee beautifully detailed prints that process fast.
  • Each fanfold label paper can resist water, grease, and alcohol for optimal durability.
  • Fan folded labels with a powerful permanent adhesive that sticks securely to almost any box or mail, including corrugated boxes and envelopes.
  • Excellent for commercial use, such as printing personalized labels, barcodes, and FBA labels.
  • Clear white, 4 x 6 inch sized fanfold mailing labels – 2,000 labels per stack.
  • Perforated shipping labels that work with UPS, FedEx, DHL, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and Paypal, among numerous others.


What Are the Advantages of Fanfold Direct Thermal Labels?

The following are touted as fanfold labels’ benefits over rolls:

  • Fanfold lets you save space because they are coreless media.
  • Fanfold label packs contain more labels than rolls do. For example, 8” media have 2,000 stickers, but the largest fanfold packs have double this number. This allows for less reloading time and higher productivity when you have great labeling needs.
  • Fanfold labels do not come out curled, so it is easier to peel them by hand.
  • Probably the most important advantage of fanfolds is that you do not need to restack them after printing as they naturally do it. You can then attend to your other office chores while the label maker is running.

What Are the Disadvantages of Fanfold 4×6 Direct Thermal Labels?

If you think that fanfold labels are so much better than rolls, think again. They also come with the following snags:

  • They are less suitable for portable printers as they have to be fed outside the machine.
  • Fanfolds are inconvenient if you have a limited desk space as they need room outside of the thermal printer.
  • Unlike label rolls, fanfolds have a greater tendency to stick together or crumple in the presence of static electricity, exposed adhesive or a glossy sticker finish. They are thus more prone to jamming under those circumstances.
  • It would be best if you put fan folds in a storage area that is wider than taller. When the labels are stacked on top of one another, those at the top exert their weight on those below. This increases the bottom labels’ tackiness and causes some adhesive to stick out due to pressure. Again, protuberant adhesive is a common cause of printer jams.

You can see from the above that label rolls are better in some situations, while the use of fanfolds is more advantageous in others. Therefore, you will need to keep supplies of both for your day-to-day operations. 

How to Install Fanfold Label in a Zebra ZP450?

Follow the steps in this video on how to load Zebra 4×6 labels in the Zebra ZP 450 label printer.


Here are some of the ways you can use for:


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  • labels per stack


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  • printer technology

    Direct Thermal

  • material



  • What Are Fanfold Labels?

    Fanfold labels are typically precut stickers mounted on a continuous liner, which is folded like a fan for easy stacking. As such, they do not require a cardboard core or spool when used in a direct thermal printer. However, since they are placed outside the machine’s media holder, the entire stack is positioned behind or beside the unit and is fed through the label slot while printing.

    Strictly speaking, fanfold labels do not need a label holder for the printer to process them. Label holders take up extra space and add to your equipment costs. However, you do need one to protect your stickers from liquid spills and other potentially damaging substances.

    Of all the desktop direct thermal printers, Dymo LabelWriter makes the only units that do not rely on fanfold labels. Brother label printer has its own fanfold label line, to be used only on its high-end models. Other brands can work with generic labels, which are less expensive.

  • Can you use fanfold direct thermal label in desktop printers?

    Yes, direct thermal fanfold labels will work well with desktop label printers like Rollo and Zebra. To load the labels, you can simply put them behind the printer since they come in stacks.

  • How do you use fanfold labels?

    Fanfold labels are the best for high-volume printing, as they typically contain more labels per pack as compared to roll labels. With various labels you may need to print, fanfold labels can be used for continuous printing without the trouble of frequently replacing a label roll.

    Fanfold labels are fed through a slot at the back of the printer and are placed below or behind the printer, no need to install them on a label holder.

    Our compatible fanfold labels can be used in various printer brands and models, namely Zebra, Sato, Intermec, and Datamax. You can keep printing different kinds of labels: Address Labels, Barcode Labels, FNSKU Labels, Mailing Labels, Shipping Labels, and more, without the need to reload.

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