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Brother DK-1203 Compatible File Folder Labels 2/3″ x 3-7/16″

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  • 2/3″ (17mm) x 3 7/16” (87.1mm)
  • 300 labels per roll
  • 6 rolls include 2 cartridges

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6 rolls 1,800 Labels
$39.72$6.62 / roll
12 rolls 3,600 Labels
$71.52$5.96 / roll
60 rolls Popular Choice18,000 Labels
$322.20$5.37 / roll
240 rolls72,000 Labels
$1,161.60$4.84 / roll
600 rolls180,000 Labels
$2,616.00$4.36 / roll
1000 rolls +300,000 Labels +
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White Paper File Folder Labels

Do you want to label your drawers, files, or products more conveniently? Do it with our high-quality Brother DK-1203 compatible labels! With 300 labels per roll, you will have enough supply for large-scale label printing applications without the need to spend much money.

Besides getting reliable Brother DK1203 replacement labels from us, you can buy them at a fraction of our competitors’ prices. On top of that, you will also get discounts! So choose our Brother DK 1203 label printer labels made from dura-coated paper to create thousands of long-lasting labels at affordable prices!


Brother DK Compatible Labels from enKo Products

enKo Products’ Brother DK1203 file folder labels are perfect for offices or homes that frequently use file folders to organize their files. These bright white die-cut Brother labels can help you label your file folders neatly because they perfectly fit the label tabs of file folders. Also, the black texts on each Brother label are easier to read on a white background.

Get rid of messy markers and the hassle of cutting your file folder labels by using our Brother DK-series label tape with cartridges to create your labels effortlessly. They also stick easily onto surfaces and last for a long time with the help of a permanent adhesive backing. It makes them perfect for archiving files that are stored for quite some time. Get them for your Brother label printer today!


Label Features

  • 2/3″ x 3-7/16” (17mm x 87.1mm) Brother DK labels
  • Includes 300 labels for every roll
  • Bright white paper material to produce professional-grade labels
  • High-performance coating for increased durability
  • Resistant to oil, water, and smudging
  • Compatible with various Brother QL label printers
  • Permanent self-adhesive that stick to surfaces longer
  • Delivers the same performance, compatibility, and quality as OEM Brother DK 1203 labels at just a fraction of the cost


Compatible Printers

The labels are 100% compatible with the following BROTHER Label Printers: Brother QL-1050, Brother QL-1060N, Brother QL-1100, Brother QL-1110NWB, Brother QL-500, Brother QL-700, Brother QL-710W, Brother QL-720NW, Brother QL-800, Brother QL-810W, Brother QL-820NWB, Brother QL-1050N, Brother QL-550, Brother QL-570, Brother QL-570VM, Brother QL-580N, Brother QL-650TD


  • label height


  • label width


  • labels per roll


  • sku


  • label type

    File folder Labels

  • adhesive


  • material


  • color


  • printer technology

    Brother DK Printers

  • brand


  • model


  • shelf life

    2 Years


  • Is the Dk-1203 cartridge reusable?

    Yes, the cartridge is reusable, allowing you to save on costs from fewer cartridge replacements. Check out the video below to learn more about assembling a DK-1203 cartridges and loading labels into the printer.

  • How do you replace a Brother DK1203 label roll?

    1. Turn off the Brother label printer by long-pressing the Power button.
    2. Remove the old DK-1203 Label Roll by holding it by the Roll Spool Arm and pulling it up. 
    3. Hold the printer by the front and gently raise the DK Roll compartment cover to open.
    4. Load the new DK-1203 Label Roll into the Roll Spool Guide
    5. Note: Please ensure that the Roll Spool Arm inserts securely into the Roll Spool Guide and that the Stabiliser slides into the printer’s notch.
    6. Thread the end of the DK Roll through the printer.

    Tip: Please make sure that the end of the roll aligns with the label output slot’s upright edge. Try to check if the DK roll threads straight and the labels aren’t skewed. Lower the DK Roll compartment cover to a close.

  • Are Brother DK 1203 labels waterproof?

    The labels have a special coating that allows them to resist oil, water, and smudging. This coating also gives the labels extra durability and longer use. The labels, however, are better suited for indoor use, like labeling drawers, files, and office items to organize the workplace.

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Customer Reviews

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Thank you customer service for making this better than It'started out to be.

Great for my coffee labels

Works great with the Brother QL-700 label printer. They were the perfect size for labeling coffees.


Does what it needs to do in the simplest way

as good as the expensive ones

Buy these for file folder labeling at my office and I couldn't pass on this price. They appear the same as the name brand label for much less

Cheaper and better


Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Does it come with a cartridge?
  2. A Yes, the labels will perfectly fit on a Brother QL-800W printer.
  3. A Yes, the labels will work with the Brother QL-810 printer.