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Dymo 30347 Labels | 1″ x 1-1/2″ Dymo Book Spine Labels

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6 rolls 4,500 Labels
$59.76$9.96 / roll
12 rolls 9,000 Labels
$107.52$8.96 / roll
60 rolls Popular Choice45,000 Labels
$484.20$8.07 / roll
240 rolls180,000 Labels
$1,747.20$7.28 / roll
600 rolls450,000 Labels
$3,930.00$6.55 / roll
1000 rolls +750,000 Labels +
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Dymo Book Spine Labels

These Dymo 30347 labels can give you a easy and cost-effective solution to labeling book spines, file folders, shelves, storage boxes, office accessories, and many more. The Dymo book spine labels are also excellent for creating barcodes and other informational labels for sorting different items. Each label comes with a special top coating and a durable permanent adhesive that ensures a long-lasting stick.


Dymo 30347 Compatible Labels

enKo Products manufactures these Dymo book spine labels using only the best quality materials and good manufacturing standards. They can effectively replace Dymo brand 30347 book spine labels – offering comparable performance but at a much lower price. They are also guaranteed to work perfectly with LabelWriter (LW) series printers from Dymo and CoStar without voiding their warranties. 


Label Features

  • 1″ x 1-1/2″ (25.4mm x 38mm) Dymo printer labels
  • Bright white book spine / multipurpose labels 
  • 750 labels per roll
  • Water-, oil-, and smudge-resistant
  • These Dymo compatible labels meet or exceed OEM requirements for quality and performance 


Compatible Dymo LabelWriter Printers

  • Dymo LabelWriter 400, LabelWriter 400 Turbo, LabelWriter 400 Twin Turbo,  LabelWriter 450, LabelWriter 450 Turbo, LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter 400 Duo, LabelWriter 450 Duo, LabelWriter EL60 and LabelWriter 320
  • Dymo Wireless LabelWriter 2002150, LabelWriter 1981698
  • CoStar LabelWriter BC, LabelWriter BC+,  LabelWriter SE200, LabelWriter SE250, LabelWriter TURBO, LabelWriter XL, LabelWriter XL+


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  • size

  • labels per roll


  • label type

    Book Spine Labels

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  • printer technology

    Dymo Printers

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  • shelf life

    2 Years

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  • Are Dymo 30347 book spine labels removable?

    Each Dymo 30347 book spine label has a removable adhesive that sticks on smooth and rough surfaces. While removable, it can be quite challenging to remove the Dymo label once it sticks on a smooth surface for a considerable period.

  • Does a Dymo 30347 label fade?

    Yes, Dymo 30347 book spine labels can fade or darken once exposed to fluorescent lighting or direct UV rays from the sun for an extended period. The quality of the text can also deteriorate when they are subjected to high temperatures or once they come in contact with vinyl-containing plastics or PVC films.

  • What are Dymo 30347 compatible labels?

    Dymo 30347 compatible labels can help you save on book spine labels without compromising quality and performance. They deliver the same labeling results as the original 30347 labels from Dymo but are available for just a fraction of the cost. Dymo compatible labels from enKo Products come with a 2-year warranty and 24-month shelf life.

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Customer Reviews

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Joyce Hightower
Great quality

Very pleased with our order of Dymo labels!

Jackie Winum

works great!

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A The Dymo 30347 can resist a little water and moisture as long as you wipe them off immediately.
  2. A Yes, the labels work with the Dymo LabelWriter 450 turbo. Click on the Compatible Printers section of the product to see all the other printers that work with the labels. You can checkout the Dymo LabelWriter 450 and all its compatible labels here: https://www.enkoproducts.com/printer-compatibility/dymo-labelwriter-label/dymo-labelwriter-450-labels/
  3. A There are 750 labels for every Dymo 30347 roll.