5.5″ x 8.5″ Half Sheet Labels (2 Postage Labels Per Sheet) – 2 UP

: 110/Pack
: 5.5" x 8.5"
: Deskjet and Laser Printers
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a. How do I print a half sheet label?

Run the PDF format of your shipping label on your computer. You may need an Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF reader for this task if your computer doesn’t have one. Click on Print and then adjust the scale to 80%. With this adjustment, your labels will automatically be printed half-page without you needing to re-orient it horizontally. Once you’re done printing, peel and stick the label on your package!


b. How many labels are on a sheet?

The number of labels on a sheet varies depending on their size. Generally, the smaller the size the more labels there per sheet. With our 8.5″ x 5.5″ half sheet label pack, you’ll get 2 labels per sheet. There are 110 sheets inside the box, giving you 220 labels in total.

Label Size Number of Labels per Sheet
1-1/3″ x 4″ 14 
1″ x 2-5/8″ 30 
1″ x 4″ 20 
1/2″ x 1- 3/4″ 80 
2 x 4 10 
3-1/2″ x 5″
3-1/3″ x 4″
8.5″ x 11″ (Full Sheet)


c. How do I print a label on sticker paper?

Before you start with the actual printing steps, there are a few important things to bear in mind. First, make sure that the sticker paper is facing down as this is the correct side for printing. Next, it’s easier for the sticker paper to go through the printer when stacked with other sticker paper. Why? Because there’s more friction when they are piled together, making it easier for the printer to draw them in. And finally, don’t leave the sticker paper inside the printer for a prolonged period so its sides won’t become yellowish.

To start printing your labels, insert the sticker paper into the printer’s paper tray. Open your label design on Microsoft Word and then click on File and then select Print. Click on Printer Properties under Printer and then choose “other photo paper” as your paper type of option. Set the print quality according to your preference. Click on OK on the Printer Properties Menu and then click Print. Your label sticker is now printing!


d. What are sheet labels?

Sheets labels are just like printer paper in that they work well with laser and inkjet printers. Instead of providing blank paper, however, they offer blank labels that can be printed on. Label sheets are available in 100 and 500 sheet boxes and can easily be purchased online from different manufacturers.

The 8.5″ x 11″ full sheet labels are standard, although there other smaller formats available. You can find 3-1/3″ x 4″ labels, 2 x 4 labels, and even as small as 1″ x 2-5/8″ labels. You can choose from various materials such as waterproof, gloss white, and several others. They also come in an array of colors to cater to almost every need. The type of labels can suit different applications such as address labels and mailing labels, to name a few.


Half Sheet Self-adhesive Shipping Labels for Laser & Inkjet Printers

With 8.5 x 5.5 sheet labels from enKo Products, creating professional shipping labels has never been faster and easier! These self-adhesive labels are excellent for shipment or mail deliveries, or sorting and categorizing items. And whether it’s around the house or inside the office, they are perfect for any label printing environment. The labels can be printed with any standard inkjet or laser printer.

  • Creating custom labels for shipments and mails, gift items, boxes, and more is fast and easy
  • You can integrate a personal logo, other graphic elements, or exclusive images in your design
  • No jams and smudges during printing
  • Optimized for inkjet and laser printing
  • Available in a big package perfect for large-scale uses
  • Compatible with the majority of popular shipping software


Cost-Effective Replacements for Avery Shipping Labels

The product serves as an economical replacement for Avery 5216 shipping labels. You get 110 sheets of low-price bright white, rectangular-shaped labels that give your packages a professional look. The product is compatible with popular label printing software as well as eBay, PayPal, USPS, and FedEx. Alongside our affordable shipping and packaging supplies, they help you stay on top of your deliveries while staying on budget!


Versatile and Easy to Use

With its convenient peel and stick design, labeling your products is fast, easy, and cost-effective. Each label comes with a permanent adhesive that allows it to stick to an array of surfaces. Whether it’s cardboard, plastic, metal, fabric, and other materials, they stick strong! The package includes 110 sheets with two labels per sheet for a total of 220 labels sized 8.5″ x 5.5″.


Perfect for Shipping and Mailing

These half-sheet, self-adhesive shipping labels are compatible with an extensive range of inkjet or laser printers. With a jam- and smudge-free design, they are perfect for every mailing and shipping need. Additionally, each label’s thickness will cover any previous label, barcode, or handwriting, allowing you to reuse boxes or packages.

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