10 Effective Ways to Thank Customers and Increase Repeat Business

Customer appreciation is a vital part of any business. Showing your clients that you’re grateful for their patronage helps earn their loyalty and build a good brand reputation. Having a good customer appreciation strategy early on can boost your business quickly.

Have you ever received a discount unexpectedly?


Or been given a surprise gift?

If such acts of thoughtfulness made you feel happy, imagine if you paid them forward to your clients, because:

7 out of 10 American customers are willing to pay more for better service.

Emails with the words “Thank you” on the subject line are opened 7 times more often than those without.

Next to service improvement, appreciation is the most effective means of retaining customers in the US.

1 out of 3 American consumers contemplates switching to rival brands after a single instance of poor service.

Lack of appreciation can make 7 out of 10 customers switch to rival brands.

Showing your customers genuine gratitude can make them feel heard and valued. It can give your growing business the powerful word-of-mouth advertisement that it needs.

Time-Tested Ways on How to Thank Customers

Time-Tested Ways on How to Thank Customers

If you’re still just starting to build a solid customer appreciation strategy, below are 10 expert-recommended ideas that you should consider:


Send a handwritten note to each client.

The best way to show your clients gratitude is to tell them straight. Emails can deliver the message, but it will never be as deeply felt as when you say it through a handwritten letter. Reading a penned thank-you note makes customers feel like they are being treated more intimately, and hence, greatly valued.


Reward loyal customers.

Having a loyalty program in place motivates customers to buy more from the same brand. Rewards may include exclusive member discounts, free samples and greater markdowns on semi-annual and end-of-the-year promos. You can also make bigger combo packs available only to program participants. At enKo Products, we offer many such incentives to customers joining our loyalty program.


Offer gifts regularly.

You can give small, time-limited presents to your customers to show your appreciation. Chances are, your business rivals are already doing it. Such gifts may include free delivery for certain items, discount coupons, free stickers and seasonal promos. Regular displays of gratitude, even in little ways, will constantly remind them of your presence.

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Don’t lose your customers’ information

This is a highly effective means of building connections with customers. Two out of three American adult consumers say that they are willing to share personal information with establishments offering a great buyer experience. As long as your practices do not violate standard privacy policies, go ahead and take a few notes about your clients. Send a personalized email or serve them their favorite beverage the next time they visit your shop.

make sure to deliver great customer service


Make sure to deliver great customer service.

Among American adult customers, 7 out of 10 profess to buy more from companies offering excellent customer service online and offline. More than half say that customer service impacts their purchasing decisions when forced to choose among competing brands. Communicate patiently and politely with clients. Assist them promptly and willingly when attempting to smooth out any issues.

Learn More:

As an example, Southwest Airlines is known for giving the best customer service in the US aviation industry. This is why the majority of its passengers are very loyal. Read this article to learn more about Southwest Airlines customer care practices.  


Support your customers’ businesses and interests.

Appreciation for customers can be shown by reciprocating their patronage. Building mutual relationships can expand your network and enhance your role in the community. You can do this by featuring their businesses on your web and social media pages, partnering up in sponsoring events or supporting their causes.


Give surprise gifts too.

Many people love good surprises. It can make them feel better when they’re having a bad day. Surprise gifts to customers may include unanticipated loyalty program membership upgrades, free product samples in their deliveries, discounts, increased portions, etc. Demonstrating unexpected kindness is good for business. It is another way of generating flattering word-of-mouth endorsements.

offers free service in times of need


Offer a free service in times of need.

Showing community support during challenging times builds a good company reputation, not just among existing clients but also with non-customers. People generally reward such establishments with more business. During this pandemic, we’ve seen this with banks knocking off their service fees, shops delivering for free and internet providers boosting their speeds at no extra cost. Forbes wrote an article on US companies giving back to the public in this critical time.


Respond immediately to pressing concerns.

In their hurry to try out new products, customers may sometimes skip reading the warning labels, which may trigger allergies and other unwanted side effects. Pick up the phone right away if they call you about it.

While your client service representatives may feel the need to investigate, caution them so that they don’t sound like they’re blaming the customers. Advise them to try to resolve the problem immediately. Mitigate the situation by offering to send an alternative product or service for free.


Listen to customer feedback.

Customers feel appreciated when you pay attention to their opinion. Treat their feedback as good for your business because it can help promote your brand or remind you if your product is due for an upgrade.


Customer appreciation is another valuable practice that startups should build early into their marketing strategies. Showing gratitude benefits businesses as it helps them retain more customers. It can begin with a little effort and expand as the company grows.

And yes, we know how giving out small appreciation cards or gifts can cost your business a little more. That’s why enKo Products offers inexpensive customer appreciation labels which you can buy at a low MOQ.

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