Do you want to purchase packing foam in bulk and are wondering where you can get the best value for your money? Check out our list of the top places to buy cheap packing foam online here!

Packing Foam

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Packing foam provides a lot of benefits when it comes to protecting your items from getting damaged during transit. They ensure safety by absorbing impacts and shocks in case your items are accidentally dropped. They come in different forms to cater to your unique packaging needs. These include anti-static packing foam, foam sheets, foam rolls, and foam pouches.

With the demand for durable but budget-friendly packaging materials, you will have a lot of choices when you buy online. So how would you know if you are buying quality but cheap packing foam from an online supplier? That is what we are going to talk about in this blog. Here, we have listed eight places where you can buy packing foam online at a lower price. So read on!

Do you want to purchase packing foam in bulk and are wondering where you can get the best value for your money? Check out our list of the top places to buy cheap packing foam online here!

List of Cheap Places to Shop for Packing Foam Online

If you are in a hurry, below is a list of online sellers where you can buy quality packing foam at cheap prices:

    1. Amazon
    2. Home Depot
    3. The Packaging Company
    4. Walmart
    5. eBay
    6. Office Depot
    7. ULINE
    8. Paper Mart

enko Products: The Best Manufacturer to Order Packing Foam Online

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enKo Products manufactures various packaging and shipping supplies, including high-quality packing foams in rolls, sheets, and pouches. We offer our products at significantly lower prices than our competitors. Aside from packaging, our packing foams are also suitable for moving, storage, and shipping.


If you want to ensure maximum protection of your products against potential damages while spending low, choose enko Products as your supplier! Buy from us in bulk to get more discounts! We also offer a 2-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee for all our products.


Buy the following types of packing foam from enKo Products at the best prices:

Best Online Places to Shop for Packing Foam

Now, let us proceed to our list of online sellers where you can buy cheap packing foam. Below is an overview of each of the one:



Amazon is among the most popular places globally for people to buy a wide range of products from different brands online. Its huge market can offer you foam products at the cheapest prices, including packing foams. Vendors can sell their extensive collection of products at low rates and still get a promising profit.

Moreover, Amazon has a comprehensive tracking technology and a huge database to make sure that their prices are always lower compared to their competitors online.

Foam Packaging Products

    • Foam Wrap Rolls
    • Foam Wrap Sheets
    • Foam Pouches
    • Convoluted Foam Cushion
    • Foam Corner Protectors
    • Wine/Champagne Bottle Foam Shipper
    • Soft Foam Sheets
    • Anti-static Foam Rolls, etc


Home Depot

Source: The Home Depot

Home Depot ensures that nobody can beat their prices through their Low Price Guarantee. If you purchase from them online, their Price Match Guarantee will include the items’ price and the shipping cost. For their Price Match products, they need to be also available for shipping to your location from the competitor. Also, you should be the one directly requesting from them to honor it if you are the one who will make the purchase.

In addition, Home Depot offers other ways for you to save more aside from their special offers and buys for the day/week. They have New Lower price, Special Buy, Bulk Price Savings, and Overstock options.

Foam Packaging Products

    • Packing Foam Pouches
    • Packing Foam Wraps
    • Foam Corner Protectors
    • Foam Rolls
    • Foam Sheets


The Packaging Company

the packaging company

According to Fit Small Business, The Packaging Company is among the top 5 cheap places to buy shipping supplies in 2021. They provide many options when it comes to bundled sizes. Aside from their competitive prices, they also offer comprehensive services, a wide range of product selections, and excellent customer service to give you a convenient shopping experience.

Foam Packaging Products

    • Soft Foam Rolls
    • Perforated Shipping Rolls
    • Non-Perforated Shipping Rolls
    • Foam Corners
    • Foam Pouches
    • Foam Sheets
    • Convoluted Sheets
    • Dispenser Boxes
    • Foam Planks, etc.




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Walmart is considered the largest retailer in the world that serves millions of customers weekly. It is also popular for its low-priced products which are codified in the company’s Every Day Low Price (EDLP) guarantee which is the foundation of the company’s strategy. Although Walmart is known for its vast selection and massive store sizes, it’s their competitively low prices that define them.

Foam Packaging Products

    • Foam Wrap Rolls
    • Foam Pouches
    • Foam Sheets
    • Foam Inserts, etc.



eBay is a leader in the eCommerce industry that aims to connect millions of sellers and buyers worldwide. They work with many small businesses and big brands to help you easily find what you are looking for at the right prices. They also offer a money-back guarantee on all of their products and a fast and free shipping service without any membership needed.

Foam Packaging Products

    • Foam Pouches
    • Foam Sheets
    • Foam Rolls
    • Foam Blocks
    • Thick Black Packing Foams
    • Customizable Foam Pads
    • Anti-Static Foam Sheets
    • Polyethylene Foam
    • Polyurethane Foam, etc.


Office Depot

The Office Depot is another leading provider of various products and services to both small and big businesses. They have a Price Match Guarantee where they can match the prices on qualifying items sold at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Staples. ODP also offers various deals such as Coupon Offers, Rewards Offers, Clearance, and Deals of the day options. They even have different programs to help you increase your savings more:

    • Rewards Program
    • Business Select
    • Credit Cards
    • Affiliate Program
    • Give Back to Schools
    • Government Programs
    • Associate Discount

Foam Packaging Products

    • Foam Pouches
    • Foam Sheets
    • Foam Rolls
    • Anti Static Foam Shippers
    • Soft Foam Sheets
    • Foam Roll Dispenser Pack




Source: ULINE

Uline is a leading supplier of packaging and shipping products to businesses in North America. They have a huge catalog of more than 38,500 products that are ready for shipping on the same day as your order. Aside from their guaranteed high-quality products that they can offer at competitive prices, they also have low shipping costs. Moreover, Uline offers a satisfaction guarantee where you can try their products for 30 days and return them if you are not satisfied hassle-free.

Foam Packaging Products

    • Perforated Foam Rolls
    • Non-Perforated Foam Rolls
    • Foam Rolls
    • Foam Dispenser Box
    • Foam Pouches
    • Foam Sheets
    • Starch Foam Sheets
    • Anti-Static Foam
    • Adhesive Foam
    • Cohesive Foam
    • Foam Tubing
    • Soft Foam, etc.


Paper Mart

Paper Mart

Source: Paper Mart

Paper Mart is the last on our list, which dedicates itself to stocking exceptional products at the lowest possible prices for its customers. They offer more than 26,000 products ready for shipping at affordable rates.

Paper Mart’s Price Guarantee allows them to consider any of your price match requests if you find identical products with lower advertised prices. Just let them know before purchasing your items or even within ten days after purchase. They have a great customer service team to give their customers an outstanding shopping experience.

Foam Packaging Products

    • 1/8″ Perforated Protective Foam Rolls
    • 1/32″ Perforated Protective Foam Rolls
    • 3/32″ Thick Foam Pouches – With Flap

Factors to Consider When Choosing Foam Packaging Pouches

Below are the most important factors you should consider when choosing foam packaging that best suits your needs:

    • Foam type
    • Cushion thickness
    • Density
    • Bearing area
    • Static loading
    • Fragility
    • Product weight
    • Foam positioning
    • Abrasion
    • Performance
    • Aesthetics


Is foam good for packaging?

Packing foam provides excellent protection to your items, and it can help you eliminate the chances of losing sales due to damaged items during shipment. High-quality packing foam can protect your items by providing excellent cushioning against falls and bumps. They can survive great impacts if they are specifically designed for challenging applications. They also come in different styles, types, and materials that can be customized based on your needs.

What kind of foam is used for packaging?

There are four main types of materials used in packaging foams:

    • Expanded Polypropylene/Polyethylene (EPP/EPE)
    • Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
    • Polyethylene
    • Polyurethane

(a) Expanded Polypropylene/Polyethylene (EPP/EPE)

  • These two types of foam are also called beaded foams.
  • They are made by expanding or popping small polymer beads that are merged at a specific pressure and temperature.
  • They are extensively used in demanding packaging applications that require durability and resistance to multiple impacts.
  • They are capable of returning to their initial shape even after repeated loading.
  • EPE can be used for class A surfaces.

(b) Polyethylene (PE)

  • A non-absorbent and closed-cell foam with high resistance to chemicals
  • Impervious to bacteria, rot, mold, and mildew
  • Medium-weight PE foams are great for products with low to average fragility, but there are also specific designs for fragile and lighter items
  • Available in different colors, densities, and thicknesses

(c) Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

  • A high-density foam that is resistant to chemicals and water
  • Non-abrasive foam with almost the same qualities as PE foam
  • Ideal for class A surfaces
  • Extensively used in packing equipment and medical products because it produces very limited particulates

(d) Polyurethane

  • Features an elastic and open-cell structure
  • Relatively soft (perfect for lightweight and delicate items)
  • Ideal for items that are sensitive to vibrations

Wrapping Up

Packaging your products using foam is among the best methods to ensure that your items reach their destination in the same condition as when you sent them. You have a wide array of options to suit your application better. Hopefully, this guide can give you what you are looking for. Feel free to read our other blogs below:

Do you want to purchase packing foam in bulk and are wondering where you can get the best value for your money? Check out our list of the top places to buy cheap packing foam online here!

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