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In need of wholesale direct thermal labels for your business? In this post, we’ll bring you the best places where you can shop bulk thermal labels reliably online. We’ll provide you with a list of suppliers which supply the best quality direct thermal labels. Read on to know more.

Where to Buy Thermal Labels

The best option to buy thermal labels today is through online stores like enKo Products. The convenience of purchasing supplies while staying at home, your office, or on the go can’t be beaten. Most of the time, buying retail is more costly and time-consuming, plus the higher price of products in retail does not give your business any favor. 

How to Choose Wholesale Thermal Labels Supplier

There are a lot of stores where you can purchase your labels to the point that it can be confusing and tiresome to look for one. Consider these qualities when looking for your thermal label:


Quality Supplier/ Platform

At the top of the list, product quality surely needs to be the top priority. For online stores, you definitely cannot check on the quality of the labels immediately, but you have several ways to check for genuine and good quality products online:

  1. Product reviews: Were the products given good reviews from previous customers? What do they have to say about their overall experience with the shop? 
  2. Website security: Buying online, giving out credit card details and personal info can be dangerous for unsecured sites. With that, make sure that the shop is SSL secured. SSL protects your info by making them confidential and private. You can see if the website is SSL secured when the URL starts with HTTPS, instead of HTTP. There is also a padlock icon beside the URL to signify that it is secure. 
  3. Product Info: The legitimacy of products can be seen in shops when information you need to know firsthand is complete. For thermal labels, you definitely need to know whether the label rolls are compatible with the printer you have. Details like product measurements, material, application, etc. are other info that is really helpful when sourcing your labels. 


Reliable Shipping

What are good products when they don’t even arrive on time? We understand time is of the essence for all businesses. When sourcing out wholesale labels, make sure to choose a reliable supplier which provides tracking on your package, and can be communicated with for inquiries about your shipment. 

Another thing, make sure that the shop has clear shipping policies as well in order to protect you as a customer in case of issues on costing, refund, and replacement.



Thermal labels shouldn’t take a big chunk of your expenses. With wholesale purchases, you can lower your cost further as you can get a large discount when ordering in bulk. This eliminates the option of buying in retail as prices in physical stores are already marked-up with additional costs to bring the products to the stalls. 

This makes online manufacturing-based companies and wholesale stores take the advantage: No additional cost from shipping, advertising, franchising, etc.


Customer Service

Especially for B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions, good customer service is definitely a good feature. For custom and bulk orders, it is best to contact the store to find the best offer for your needs. If you find a store that satisfies your requirements, you can have a stable sourcing solution in the long run.

Look for wholesale offerings that have live chat services and email so you can hit them up for inquiries for your bulk purchases. 

Best Wholesale Direct Thermal Label Suppliers


Source: Amazon

Amazon is the largest selling platform online with about 1.9 active sellers as of today. This amount of sellers gives you a variety of products, even direct thermal labels. Labels for sale on amazon give you a ton of options, from genuine labels to compatible ones. 

The advantage of using Amazon is its reliability, given that it is trusted by millions worldwide. You can find the best-selling labels easily, and read thousands of customer reviews to check a product’s quality. 

As compared to purchasing directly from retail stores, Amazon gives you limitless choices. Initially, you may look out for Amazon’s Best Sellers, as they are likely to be your best bet for the best labels, according to sales. 

Note: Amazon Best-Sellers are not the same as Amazon’s Choice. The latter is labeled on products that best matches what you search for, not necessarily the best product in the category.  


Source: Alibaba

Alibaba is another large online platform but is more known for B2B purchases. Based in China, this online marketplace is trusted internationally as well, especially for bulk and wholesale. 

Like Amazon, Alibaba provides a lot of selection for direct thermal labels from various sellers, of which the majority are sourced directly from manufacturers in China.

Of all platforms online, the cheapest direct thermal label can most likely be found here. However, you may encounter a minimum order quantity (MOQ) too high for your needs. Given that there are a ton of sellers providing similar products, the consistency of label quality is not ensured. 

When sourcing in Alibaba for your labels, make sure you look for these pieces of info: Complete product details, manufacturer details, QC process, and delivery time. When using this platform, it is a must to contact the seller/supplier at least once before purchasing. It is also common in Alibaba to ask for samples of the product before completing the order to ensure that you will get the product you want.

If you need a LOT of labels for your business, it should be worth it to look into Alibaba. But for small and medium businesses, you can opt for other platforms that do not require large MOQ in order to complete an order. 


Source: Dymo

Depending on your printer brand, you can purchase labels online through their official website. Most of the time, their websites are not directly the store, but instead, they provide you their official partners to buy their genuine labels.  

By buying genuine, you can ensure great support for their product, given you are willing to buy at their prices. These genuine products are typically higher than compatible labels and are mostly sold in retail. 


enKo Products Catalog

enKo Products specializes in providing packaging supplies in bulk and wholesale. For their label product line, they offer sheet labels and roll labels for a variety of printer brands to choose from. 

Their label rolls are compatible with top printer brands such as Brother, Dymo, Zebra, and others. Moreover, their sheet labels compete with the quality of the Avery brand and can be printed on with most inkjet and laser printers.

Their compatible labels are a great alternative to the labels directly from printer manufacturers in quality, but at a better price. They offer high-quality labels for as much as 80% off as compared to original brands. 

Wrapping Up

It may not be easy finding a reliable wholesale label supplier at first, especially on large platforms like Amazon and Alibaba. If you find it hard to choose in those stores, you can opt for dedicated suppliers for direct thermal labels instead. At enKo products, we ensure that you get the best offer for wholesale labels without the high price of genuine labels. 

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