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Brother DK1219 Compatible Small Round Labels 1/2”

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  • ½” (12mm) diameter
  • 1200 labels per roll
  • 6 rolls include 2 cartridges

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6 rolls 7,200 Labels
$65.94$10.99 / roll
12 rolls 14,400 Labels
$121.32$10.11 / roll
60 rolls Popular Choice72,000 Labels
$557.40$9.29 / roll
240 rolls288,000 Labels
$2,054.40$8.56 / roll
600 rolls720,000 Labels
$4,728.00$7.88 / roll
1002 rolls +1,202,400 Labels +
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Brother Round Labels

These compatible DK-1219 labels offer an economical solution to high-quality, multipurpose labeling in the home or business. These round, bright white adhesive labels will stick to any flat surface with ease, whether you’re labeling shipments or products. Their size, shape, and quality make them perfect for pricing, organization, identification, small microscope specimen sampling, and other applications.


With 6 Rolls and 1,200 labels per roll, you have a total of 7,200 labels – more than enough to handle large labeling projects. The convenient rolls also install seamlessly on any compatible Brother QL printer model, delivering quick and efficient label printing. Our compatible labels are guaranteed to meet or exceed genuine Brother round paper labels in quality and performance.


Brother QL Printer White Labels

  • ½” (12mm) round labels
  • 1,200 labels per roll
  • Bright white labels offer a professional look and finish
  • Self-sticking permanent adhesive
  • Resists smudging, water, and oil
  • Good Value: Same performance as genuine DK-1219 but more affordable


Compatible Printers

00% compatible with the following Label Printer models from Brother: Brother QL-1050, Brother QL-1060N, Brother QL-1100, Brother QL-1110NWB, Brother QL-500, Brother QL-700, Brother QL-710W, Brother QL-720NW, Brother QL-800, Brother QL-810W, Brother QL-820NWB, Brother QL-1050N, Brother QL-550, Brother QL-570, Brother QL-570VM, Brother QL-580N, Brother QL-650TD


  • size

  • size mm


  • labels per roll


  • sku


  • label type

    Round Labels

  • color


  • adhesive


  • material


  • printer technology

    Brother DK Printers

  • brand


  • model


  • shelf life

    2 Years


  • How to print Brother Dk-1219 circle labels?

    The P-Touch Editor is probably the best way to print DK-1219 circle labels. The software is designed exclusively for Brother Printers, which means you won’t have any problems with compatibility. It also comes with numerous templates that you can choose from, including small circle labels like the DK-1219.

    1. Launch the P-touch Editor.
    2. Choose the Label type you want to print
    3. Select the correct label that matches the size you are using. 
    4. Note: Selecting the label type opens the Editor window. Here, you can modify the information, font, design, and layout. There are also options for adding images, figures, and tables.
    5. After editing your label, click Print.
    6. Note: The Print button lets you configure the settings before printing. It includes functions like printing a label with several copies, auto cut for every label, cut at the end of printing, and others.

    Aside from the P-touch Editor, you can also print Brother DK labels using Microsoft Word. Check out our blog “How to Print Labels on a Brother Printer?to learn how.

  • Where can you use the DK-1219?

    Brother DK-1219 labels are excellent for various applications, especially when it comes to labeling small products and items. You can use them as rounded food packaging labels for candies and similar bite-sized treats or cosmetic product labels for lipsticks, lip bums, and the like. Aside from that, their size, shape, and quality also make the 0.5″ inch round paper labels perfect for pricing, organizing, and identifying small items like microscope specimen samples.

    There are numerous other ways you can use Brother round labels like the DK-1219, and it all depends on your needs. Learn how to perfectly use round Brother Labels and other shapes for labeling your products from our blog What Label Shape Is Right for Your Product.

  • How to install a DK-1218 label roll on a Brother QL Label Maker?

    1. Turn off the Brother QL Label Maker by long-pressing the Power button.
    2. Remove the DK Label Roll from the machine by holding the Roll Spool Arm and pulling it up. 
    3. Hold the printer by the front and gently raise the DK Roll compartment cover to open.
    4. Load the Label Roll into the Roll Spool Guide
    5. Note: Please ensure that the Roll Spool Arm inserts securely into the Roll Spool Guide and that the Stabiliser slides into the printer’s notch.
    6. Thread the end of the DK Roll through the printer.
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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes, they are. Just peel and stick the round labels on your items.
  2. A Yes, the round labels will work with the Brother QL-800. You can refer to the Printer Compatibility section of this page to know all about the printers that use the DK-1219
  3. A Yes, the DK-1219 is compatible with the Brother QL-700 Label Maker. You can refer to the Printer Compatibility section of this page to know all about the printer models compatible with the small round labels.