Getting started with your online business using Brother label printing? In this post, we will be serving you steps on how to maximize printing on your Brother label printer.

Printing with Brother QL 710W Label Printer

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Printing labels for your business can be tedious. With compounding customers and a whole lot of kinds of labels, you will need a process that prints multiple labels at once with the least effort. 

We understand that at this point you may be starting with label printers, migrating from printing labels with traditional inkjet printers. Yes, inkjet works all-around and all that, but having a dedicated printer for labels is a very good decision.  

Unlike inkjet printers, label printers are easier to handle with no faulty jams, and they come with pre-punched labels that will not require additional work for cutting. 

In this guide, we will walk you through methods to help you get going with your Brother printer. You may not need them all at once, but at least these are methods we find the most beneficial for business owners. 

What you’ll get

    • Be introduced to how to print labels in Brother using the P-touch Editor, Microsoft Word, and even directly from your eBay store
    • Help you with printing multiple copies of labels 
    • Assist you with printing multiple shipping labels and packing slips for a single eBay order
    • Work with Mail Merge to create address labels for a large list of customers

Now you’re all set, let’s start with the guide!

How do I print labels on my Brother printer?

Before printing, make sure you set up your printer. Here are the things to check: 

(In this example, we use the Brother QL-700 Label Printer for illustration)

1. Your printer is plug and powered on. To make sure it is ready to print, Brother QL Printers have an indicator light to show the printer status. When it is ready, it should indicate a green light.

  • Other light indicators are:
    1. Flashing green: The light will be blinking green if
    2. Orange Lamp: Roll cover is opened
    3. Flashing Orange: Printer is cooling/ Reset in progress
    4. Red Lamp: Printer is booting
    5. Flashing Red Lamp: There is an error in the printer. You can look up our troubleshooting guide.

2. Your Brother QL printer label is installed and set correctly. 

3. The USB cable is connected to the computer.

4. All the software and drivers you need are installed. 

    • Note: You can print without installing any printer driver when you are using P-Touch Editor Lite. If you are using P-touch Editor 5.0 and other versions, Microsoft Office, or other 3rd-party applications on your computer, the printer driver is recommended to be installed. 

Once everything is set, you are now ready to print! For Brother Printers, you have the option to print either using the Brother P- Touch Editor, or Microsoft Office. Plus, you can also directly print from eBay, as we will show in this guide as well. 

Printing with Brother P-touch Editor

Using the P-Touch Editor is the most convenient way to print with Brother label printers. This software is dedicated to Brother printers, so there will be no issues with compatibility. This software includes a lot of templates to choose from, all to cover your needs.

Photo Credit: enKo Products Youtube

1. Open the P-touch Editor, where you can select a variety of labels. Select the label type you need to print. As an example, we will go with address labels.

Photo Credit: enKo Products Youtube

2. After selecting your label, choose the appropriate label that matches the size you are using. We used a DK-1201 label in our example, so we are choosing the address label measuring 1.1 in x 3.5 in. 

Photo Credit: enKo Products Youtube

3. Selecting the label leads to the editor, where you can modify the info, font, design, and layout of your label. You can also add images, figures, tables, etc. to the label if needed.  

4. Edit the details and design as needed, and then click Print.


Photo Credit: enKo Products Youtube

5. The ‘Print’ button allows you to modify settings before printing. Some useful functions include printing a label with several copies, auto cut for each label, cut at end of printing, and others.

end of printing

Photo Credit: enKo Products Youtube

6. And as simple as that, you have printed your address label! Feel free to explore more of the templates offered by Brother P-touch Editor, as it offers so many templates that could cover all your label needs. 

How do I print multiple copies of the same label?

You can trace back on step No.4. You can place the number of copies you want to print before hitting the print button. 

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How to Print Labels in Microsoft Word

As an alternative, you can also print with Microsoft Word using Brother Label Printers. This can help you if you are more familiar with using Microsoft Office, especially when you are still migrating from traditional printers to label printers. 


1. In MS Word, click File (top right corner), and then Print. This shows you a drop-down menu to select your printer. 

2. Click the drop-down arrow, and select your Brother label printer. After which, click on Properties.

How do I print multiple copies of the same label

Photo Credit: Brother

3. Select the label size you need. Set the length as well. In this example, we use a label size of 1.1 in. x 2 in. Click OK.

How to Print Labels in Microsoft Word

Photo Credit: Brother

4. Go back to the Microsoft Word document and navigate to the Layout menu, and then click Size.


Photo Credit: Brother

5. Select the label size. If it is not within the selection, click on More Paper Sizes. A window will pop up where you can manually type in your paper size. 

6. Next, go to the Margins tab, and type in the values below, and then click OK.


Photo Credit: Brother

7. There may be a similar dialog box that pops up. Click Fix.


Photo Credit: Brother

8. After Paper size, click on Orientation, and then Landscape.


Photo Credit: Brother

9. You can now type in the info for your label. Once done, click File again, and then Print.


Photo Credit: Brother

10. Click OK and it will print out.


Photo Credit: Brother

11. If this dialog box pops up, click Yes.


Photo Credit: Brother

How to Print Multiple Labels in Word?

Before confirming your print (Step No. 10), you can add the number of copies to print in Microsoft Word.

How to Print Shipping Labels on eBay?

It’s also very easy to print labels directly from eBay. Just follow these steps and you’re good to go!

  1. Go to the Sold section of My eBay. Alternatively, you can also visit the Orders tab in Seller Hub.
  2. Look for the option Print shipping label. It is located beside the item you want to ship.
  3. Re-check the shipping info. Make sure that the seller’s address and the buyer’s address are accurate. To correct any mistakes, click Edit under the address to modify the address info. 
  4. Fill up the rest of the details of the package: weight, dimensions, and type.
  5. Select the mailing date using the dropdown menu Ship on.
  6. Choose your shipping service. You can also opt for additional services. Take note that these may cost additional fees. 
  7. Finally, click Purchase and print label. Just follow the steps shown to print the shipping label.

You may also print the packing slip for the additional package info. To proceed, click Open package slip.

How to Print Multiple Labels on a Brother printer?

In this section, we will guide you through printing multiple labels using your Brother QL Printer. We have discussed printing copies of the same label earlier, but for multiple labels with different info, that is something more taxing if done manually. But worry not, as there is a solution to that. 

How to Print Multiple Address Labels in Word?

With Microsoft Office, you can use your existing customer database for easier printing of address labels for each customer. With all the customer details in one spreadsheet, you can use the Mail Merge Function in Word to create address labels. 

With Mail Merge, it’s easier to repeat the process of printing address labels. This works very well if you have an organized customer database. Here’s how to prepare your documents:


1. Prepare your Excel Spreadsheet for data merge. Check your spreadsheet for these:

How to Print Multiple Address Labels in Word

Photo Credit: Kevin Stravert Youtube 

  • Your Excel Spreadsheet is saved on your computer. 
  • Each Column is named properly with a heading. This will help you avoid confusion once you are in the process of Mail Merge. For example, the column filled with the customer’s address should be labeled ‘Address,’ the zip code column should be named “Zip Code,’ etc.  
  • All the data should be present in the first sheet. Do not separate data if you want them to be used together in the mail merge.
  • Recheck all info for accuracy and before doing the mail merge. 

2. Next, open a New Microsoft Word Document.

3. Go to the Mailings tab, and Click on Start Mail Merge.

4. A dropdown will show, click Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard. A six-step tutorial to help you with Mail Merge.

Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard

5. A sidebar will show up, giving options for a document type. Click on Labels, and then click Next.

mail merge

6. The next step contains the document layout. Click on ‘Label Options…’ to select your label size. 

7. Under ‘Printer Information,’ click on Continuous-feed printers and then under ‘Label information,’ look for Brother Industries, Ltd. 

8. Afterwhich, various DK label sizes will be available for selection. Choose your label size and then click OK.

9. If the paper is not oriented properly, click on the Layout Tab and reorient it by clicking Landscape.

label options

10. Click Next: Select recipients on the sidebar to proceed. 

11. In this next step, make sure that under Select recipients, you have selected ‘Use an existing list.’ If yes, click on Browse. Select the Excel Spreadsheet that contains your data, then click Open.

Select recipients

12. Select the sheet which contains the data you want to merge. Make sure you check the box ‘First row of data contains column headers.’ Click OK.

First row of data contains column headers

13. A box will appear to let you select the recipients that will be used. By default, all data (i.e. customers) are selected. You can also organize the list here according to your preferences. Click OK.

mail merge recipients

14. Click ‘Next: ‘Arrange your Labels.’ This is where you layout the address labels. Click on ‘Address block…’ in the sidebar. This will automatically select your columns to create the address label for you.

15. However, if not all details you placed in your spreadsheet do not show up, you can customize this by clicking ‘Match Fields…’ This will help you match any missing data in the label to the data you have in the spreadsheet.

insert address block

Photo Credit: Pluralsight

For example, you can click on the drop-down that indicates ‘(not matched)’ for the ‘Country or Region.’ You can then select the Column Header that contains the data for ‘Country and Region.

not matched

16. Click ‘Next: preview your labels’  to show you a preview of the labels. You can navigate through the recipients/customer data by clicking the left/right arrow.

preview your labels

17. Finally, click ‘Next: Complete the Merge’ to provide you the option to print, or merge the address label to a new document. For both options, you can choose to merge all, the current showing label, or a specific range.

Below is a document of successfully merged address labels, thus the address labels are now saved as individual address labels in a new document.

saved as individual address labels

Within minutes, you can learn how to print multiple addresses on labels in Word. Using Mail Merge removes the hassle of repeatedly encoding customer info in each print. For this example alone, we prepared 500 sample address labels. Imagine the time saved if you would encode every customer data again and print them individually! 

How to Print Multiple Shipping Labels for One Order on eBay?

Moving on with another common issue, we will guide you on how to print multiple shipping labels on eBay for a single order. 

After printing the first label, click on Print another label for this order. This option shows up on the label confirmation page. For the next package, you can then type in the weight and dimensions.

Note: The additional labels will have their tracking number. They will be charged separately according to the package specifications (i.e. package weight and dimensions).

Wrapping Up

Printing labels with a Brother Label Printer is a very practical choice for businesses. The printers’ features do not only showcase speed and quality, but also their convenience and proficiency. 

Label printers are very much optimized with various software and easy integration to online platforms like eBay. We hope that you have picked up some tips and tricks in this guide to have the most out of what your Brother printer can do.

Speaking of getting the most out of Brother printers, you can also get the most out of your budget when purchasing compatible Brother DK labels. enKo Products has a wide variety of labels, suited for all your needs! We offer a great price for large quantity orders and provide excellent support for all our customers. 


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