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Having a label printer gives more efficiency for businesses, but imagine the boost with a Brother wireless label printer, you can print with no hassle and limits for wired connections wherever you go! 

In this post, we will let you through how to get your Brother printers to print wirelessly using WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth, and USB. This guide will also cover all compatible devices where you can enjoy wireless printing, from your computer, laptop, and even your mobile phone.

Benefits of Having a Wireless Brother Label Printer

Mobile computers and phones have made work and businesses more efficient, in a way that your transactions can be handled with the touch of your fingertips. We want to keep you updated and let you know that you can accomplish wireless and mobile label printing as well! With wireless label printers, you can enjoy the following: 


Print Anywhere

Print Anywhere

With wireless printing, you can execute prints anywhere in your home and office. Having a wireless Brother label printer can remove the hassle of going back and for to your desktop to print labels. You can create labels easily even from your phone.


Save Steps

Save Steps

Wireless printing in a large office can be very beneficial for all employees. It’s easy to set up a central printer that is connected to all computers and phones in the office. Employees in wide areas like warehouses, or tall offices can benefit from a setup like this, reducing the need of walking back and forth to execute prints. 


Print with Any Device

Print with Any Device

Anywhere from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, you name it. Using Brother Label Printer in a wireless setting provides a wide variety of where you can print labels from. Brother has provided apps and software that are compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple. 

At enKo Products, we not only provide labels to match your needs and budget, but we also like you to be up and running in your business. That’s why we bring you these guides to keep you updated with methods that can improve your overall workflow. With that, let’s proceed with the guide.

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Can I print remotely to my Brother printer?

Now the question is, which Brother high-speed label printer includes wireless networking? Can you print wirelessly with the label printer you have? 

With models like Brother QL710W wireless label printer, QL720NW, QL-810W, QL-820NWB, and QL-1110NWB, you can enjoy wireless connectivity through WiFi. For older models, the option for printing over a shared network is also viable. The newer models in this list, on the other hand, bring new options for connectivity!

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How to Get Brother Printer to Print Wirelessly?

Various models in the Brother QL series have different wireless capabilities. With that, here are some of the Brother label printers and their wireless connection options:

  • Brother QL-710W: WiFi
  • Brother QL-720NW: WiFi
  • Brother QL-810W: WiFi, WiFi Direct
  • Brother QL-820NWB: WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth
  • Brother QL-1110NWB: WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth

WiFi: Wireless network that can be used for connecting your printer to a computer or mobile device through a wireless router. 

WiFi Direct/ Wireless direct: Direct connection of your computer or mobile drive to the printer using WiFi, but without the need for a router. 

Bluetooth: A short-range wireless interconnection used to link your computer or mobile phone to your printer.

*Note: Older models do not have the wireless capability like the models listed above, but most of them can be connected and shared through a network. This can be an alternative, especially for office settings with a shared network on a set of computers. 

(a) How to Connect my Brother Label Printer via WiFi?

For this section, we will guide you through the procedure using the Brother QL710W wireless label printer. In fact, this the first printer with wireless capability in the Brother QL series, along with the QL720NW

1. The printer is connected to an AC adapter or a battery. DO NOT turn on the printer yet. 

2. Make sure your WiFi router is turned on and is discoverable by devices. 

3. Using the provided USB cable, connect the printer to your computer, and then turn on the printer.

4. Install the printer driver and printer setting tool for your printer. It is available for download on the Brother download page. You can navigate through their website for your model. Also, make sure you select the Operating System that is appropriate for your computer.

Image Source: Brother Support

Image Source: Brother Support

5. Open the printer driver installer, and follow the instructions. If you already installed the printer driver previously, skip this step. 

6. Open the Printer Setting tool next to initiate the installation for this tool. Once installed, open the app and then click ‘Communication Settings…’

communication setting

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7. Click on the ‘Wireless LAN’ Tab and then click ‘Search’

wireless lan

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8. Select the WiFi network that you want the printer to be connected to.

wifi network

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9. Enter the password for the WiFi network, and then click ‘Apply.’

wifi password

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10. The printer is connected successfully to the computer and will be indicated by the WiFi light in the printer as it turns green. 

11. You can now print wirelessly using your computer. To print with your mobile phone, just connect it with the same WiFi network, and then you can use the Brother iPrint&Label app. This is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

(b) How to connect my Brother Label Printer via Wireless Direct (WiFi direct)?

Aside from the more traditional WiFi connection through a wireless router, these new wireless Brother label printers (QL-810W, QL-820NWB, QL-1110NWB) provide a connection that disregards the need for a WiFi hotspot.

To connect your printer using WiFi Direct, follow these steps:

For PC:

1. Download the printer driver installer and then open it. 

2. Connect the printer to the computer using the provided USB cord.

3. When a dialog box opens, select ‘Local Connection Method (USB),’ then click ‘Next’, and follow the rest of the installation instructions.

connection type

Image Source: Brother Support

4. In the printer, press the WiFi key. This is indicated by the WiFi LED light as it turns on or flashing. 

5. Download and install the Printer Setting Tool as well. 

6. Once installed, open the Printer Setting Tool program. Click on ‘Communication Settings.’

7. Click on the Tab for ‘Wireless Direct.’ The tool will then show your printer’s SSID (network name) and password (network key). By factory settings, your SSID is “DIRECT-*****_QL-1110NWB” The “***** ” are the last five digits of your printer’s serial number. Take note of both the SSID and password, then click ‘Apply’. You can also change them to your liking before applying changes.

network name

Printer Setting Tool on Windows. Image Source: Brother Support

printer setting tool on mac

Printer Setting Tool on Mac. Image Source: Brother Support

8. On your computer, select the SSID of your printer. Enter the confirmed password as you are prompted to enter the password. Check the box ‘Connect Automatically,’ then click ‘Connect’.

windows wifi settings

Windows WiFi Settings. Image Source: Brother Support

mac wifi settings

Mac WiFi Settings. Image Source: Brother Support

9. Wait for the connection to be finished. 

10. If you are using Mac, once you’re done with the previous step, you’re already set up and ready. The remaining steps ahead are for Windows users. 

11. Reopen the  Printer Setting Tool, and click ‘Communication Settings’.

12. Click on the tab ‘Wireless Direct,’ and then click ‘Current Status.’ Take note of the printer’s IP address.

wireless direct

Image Source: Brother Support

13. Click the Windows button, search for ‘Devices and Printers’, and open it.

14. Click ‘Add a printer.’ After which, click on ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ below, instead of clicking on the displayed printer icon.

click on newport

15. Choose the option for adding a printer using manual settings, and then click ‘Next.’

16. Click on ‘Create a new port,’ and choose ‘Standard TCP/ IP Port’. Proceed and then enter the IP address of the device. 

17. When a dialog box pops up regarding the driver version you want to use, select the option to use the currently installed driver. Click next, and confirm the printer name. You have successfully connected your printer 

18. To check your connection, open ‘Devices and Printers’ again, open ‘Printer Properties’, and then click the tab ‘Ports’. You can verify if the IP address of the printer matches what you have confirmed earlier. Also, check that the ‘Standard TCP/IP Port’ is selected, not ‘WSD port’.  

For Mobile:

1. Make sure the printer is turned on. 

2. Turn on the printer’s WiFi. 

    1. QL-810W and QL-1110NWB: Press and hold the Wi-Fi button for one second. The WiFi indicator light will flash green every ten seconds once it is turned on.
    2. QL-820NWB: Press ‘Menu,’ and then the ‘Down Arrow’ button and choose ‘WLAN.’ Set ‘WLAN’ to ‘On’.

3. Check back on your mobile device, and navigate to your device’s WiFi settings. Your device will automatically search devices with active WiFi. Select your printer’s SSID once it shows up, and then enter the password you have set previously.

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How to connect my Brother Label Printer via Bluetooth?

Another popular wireless connection for electronics is Bluetooth, a simple, standard, and direct technology that does the job as well for new wireless Brother label printers. In the Brother QL series, printers with Bluetooth connectivity are the following:

    • Brother QL-820NWB
    • Brother QL-1110NWB

One advantage of using Bluetooth is the ease of setup. A simple turn of the switch, a one-time pairing of devices, and you’re good to go. On the other hand, Bluetooth can be slower and covers less range as compared to WiFi. in the usage of label printers, however, it gets the job done. 

Here’s our guide on how to connect your Brother label printer using Bluetooth:

For PC:

1. Download and install the Printer Driver from the Brother website. 

2. Install the Printer Driver first. During the install, the ‘Connection Type’ window appears, similar to the ones below. Select the ‘Bluetooth Connection’ option, and then click Next.

bluetooth connection

3. Follow the instructions during the install. This will set up your printer and computer to be paired and connected, ready for wireless print.

4. In case you may need to change your connectivity for your printers and modify other settings, you can install the Printer Setting Tool software, which can help assist you with any changes and troubles you may have with your connections. 

For Mobile Devices:

1. Turn on the printer and press the Bluetooth key. 

2. Turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile device as well. You can turn this on typically on the status bar, or in the connectivity settings of your Apple/ Android devices.

3. Your mobile device will automatically search for active Bluetooth devices. Select your printer’s model name once it is discovered by your device. If required, accept the PIN code to authorize the connection.

How to Connect my Phone to my Brother Printer via USB?

Brother Label Printers are naturally wired to computers, but how about a wired connection to phones, is it possible? 

With the use of Brother’s iPrint&Label app for Android, you can use a USB cable to connect directly from your mobile devices to your printer. Here are the steps to set this up:

  1. Power on your label printer.
  2. Connect your Phone to your printer using a USB cable. 
  3. Install Brother iPrint&Label on Google Play. 
  4. Open the app once the installation is done.
  5. When asked for App permissions, click on ‘Allow.’ This will provide the app its access to your files (photos, media, documents, etc.)

Choose your label printer model and then tap ‘Done.’ Your printer is set for printing.

Wrapping Up

We hope we convinced you to step up your label printing methods, or at least take an attempt to try wireless printing. We believe that these connection methods can improve your printing efficiency, and have more convenience in creating labels in your business. 

PS: Aside from efficient printing procedures, another way to reduce downtime is to invest in good quality and affordable materials. enKo Products is a home for various solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners. With a wide range of products compatible with various brands in the label industry, you can trust us that we always have your back!

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