Now that you’re working from home, are you searching for ways to boost your productivity with workplace organization? Want to captivate customers with crisp, high-quality labels? Find out how you can use Brother DK labels for each specific labeling need!

There are a lot of Brother DK compatible labels to choose from. To help you sort things out and pick the right label to use for your specific needs, we’ve put up this exclusive guide for you.

But first things first, why opt for Brother DK labels?

Labels can do a lot of stuff backstage that you’re probably not aware of. Ask a logistics company what labels are for, and they’ll probably say it’s the lifeblood of product packaging. 

On a workplace organization survey done by the Brother company, over 49% of people believe that an organized workspace impacts their productivity. 40% said a messy home and workplace would make them less productive.

With Brother’s DK label series, there are a lot more practical things you can do due to the plethora of options. Brother boasts its DK series for its professional-quality labels.

(i) DK Labels Can Be Used in Any Application

Designed to work in tandem with QL thermal printers, Brother DK labels are one of the most versatile labels for any application. You can use them in ANY application as they follow a lot of standard labeling sizes.

Some of which include general office use, labeling CDs and DVs, labeling your things for a house move, and  .

(ii) Distinctive DK Label Features

But here are some of the most direct reasons why choosing DK labels is worth it:

  • Plenty of Label Sizes (compared to other label types): Sizes offered vary from 12mm to up to 103mm wide so we see a lot of applications over here.
  • Durable: Brother DK label rolls are made in traditional label paper and durable plastic film in clear transparent, white, and yellow options. 
  • Wide Temperature Range: -°80°C to +60°C (showing discoloration at 80°C)
  • Die-cut and continuous: They are offered in either pre-sized die-cut options or continuous label rolls. Brother DK’s are available in a variety of types and sizes.
  • Non-adhesive and Self-adhesive options: For name badges, you can utilize their non-adhesive DK labels. But if you need to reposition labels such as in file folders or signages, you can use their self-adhesive DK rolls.
  • Value priced

Before we get down the line of applications, let’s find out why a QL label maker (DK label’s counterpart) is worth your attention in the first place.

A Few Things to Note About Brother QL printer (DK label printer)

If you’re after a simple, yet professional label anatomy and aesthetics with just a few pro-colors (red and black), the QL label printer series is a great choice. 

Brother has developed the QL series for both homeowners and small business enterprises. That means, you can easily flip uses whenever you need them in your home office, or your packaging business down the garage. 

They take in both DK tape rolls and drop-in labels, offering convenience and user-friendliness for any labeling applications. Some of the QL Series winning features include:

  • Variety of 4″ (101.6mm) wide-format printers – which is the size most required by parcel handlers.
  • Wide-format shipping/barcode label printer
  • Label length can be cut with a built-in cutter and can extend to up to 1m in length.
  • Fast printing speed
  • Multiple interface and connectivity options
  • Ease of use with any Android, Linux, iPhone, and Windows devices
  • Enables two-color printing (black and red)
  • Cheap operational costs

Compared with Zebra (the best industry label printers) and Dymo (known for the best desktop label maker series), the best Brother label makers offer wide-format printing suitable for printing shipping labels.

Learn More:

So, now that we have cleared up on why the QL label maker could work for your needs, let’s enumerate where you can best use them.

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Compatible Standard Address Labels [1-1/7″ x 3-1/2″]
Compatible Shipping Labels [4”x 6”]
Compatible Continuous Paper Labels [2-3/7″ x 100′]

Best Labeling Applications of Brother DK Compatible Labels

Here’s a practical, easy-to-follow guide for labeling your things at home and office using specific Brother DK compatible labels.


Storage Boxes

Photo Credit: Etilize Marketing

Labeling storage boxes with Brother DK labels is one of the brilliant ways to practice home and office organization. Some of the important things to note when choosing the DK model for this application are:

  • The labels should attach securely and should not fall off – you can use permanent label adhesives for this such as the DK-1202 or DK-1204.
  • You can use continuous label rolls if you want to customize your storage box labels such as DK-2205 (2.5 in width).
  • Color coding the labels – if you want to color-code your boxes, you can use yellow labels (DK-2606) and white labels (DK-4205). You can also use this color-coded moving box label with pre-written tags.

For labeling storage boxes using DK labels, do note that the boxes should be stored indoors and away from harsh environmental situations.


File Folders

File folders usually require narrow label sizes, such as the Brother DK-1204. Its size is only 2/3″ x 2.125″ which can exactly fit the folder flap intended for labeling.



For labeling envelopes, we recommend using paper labeling tapes which come with permanent adhesives for strong sticking capabilities. 

    • We recommend the DK-1204 if you need narrower envelope labels
    • For wide envelope labeling options, you can use DK-1209 for placing addresses and more important information.


Name Badges

For name cards and name badges, the most recommended label types are the peel-and-stick type that does not have permanent adhesives. The reason is to avoid damaging delicate fabrics on which the name card is to be stuck on.

  • The DK-4205 is a removable, continuous white paper label that is most conveniently used for this application.
  • You can also use die-cut labels for size uniformity such as DK-1202 or DK-1234. These have adhesive back panels, perfect for name badges on white paper. 
  • For non-adhesive name cards, you can use DK-N5224 continuous labels.


Shipping Packages & Postages

If you’re into the business of shipping items, the best labels are those with standard sizes fit for packaging requirements. 

For example, USPS shipping labels are required in black text and white background. The text should be in uppercase and the font should be in San Serif. There are other recommendations for font sizes such as Arial Veranda, Helvetica, Avant-Garde, Century Gothic, and Geneva. Some of the key information to include are the country, postal code, tracking number, package quantity, date, origin address, weight, validation, and shipping address. 

Therefore, you must also choose label types that augment the digital prints and codes to easily access the product information and source. Some Brother DK labels to use as shipping labels are:



Barcode labels are essential for product traceability and inventory across the supply chain system. There are a lot of barcode configurations and orientations out there and there are also a wide variety of barcode labels offered by the Brother DK line.

    • For Amazon barcodes, you can use the DK-1209
    • For a large barcode label, you can use the DK-1240

Common Uses of Brother DK Labels by Model Selection

Here are the most common uses of Brother DK labels according to the type of label and model number.

(a) Applications of Brother DK Die-Cut Labels

Applications of Brother DK Die-Cut Labels

Photo credit: Brother

Label Type
Intended Use

Die-cut paper labels

Used for general labeling, black-on-white paper organizing, such as office files, and simple labeling needs at home

  • Envelopes and mails
  • Folders and files
  • Binders
  • Shipping labels
  • Badges for visitors and staff
  • Storage boxes

Die-cut film labels

Applications requiring more resilience, durability, and an added resistance to abrasion and high temperature for short-term labeling needs

  • DVDs, CDs
Color, Material
DK Compatible Labels

Standard Address Label


White, Paper

1.14″ x 3.5″ (29 x 90 mm)

Large Address Label


White, Paper

1.5” x 3.5” (38 x 90 mm)


Small Address Label


White, Paper

2.43″ x 1.14″ (62 x 29 mm)

Shipping Label


White, Paper

2.43″ x 4″ (62 x 100 mm)

Large Shipping Label


White, Paper

4” x 6.5” (103 x 164 mm)


Barcode Label


White, Paper

4” x 2” (102 x 51 mm)


File Folder


White, Paper

2/3″ x 3.4″ (17 x 87 mm)

Multi-purpose label


White, Paper

2/3″ x 2.125″ (17 x 54 mm)

Square label


White, Paper

1” x 1” (23 x 23 mm)


CD/DVD Label


White, Film

2.28” or 58mm diameter


Round Label


White, Film

0.5” or 12mm diameter


Round Label


White, Film

1” or 24mm diameter


(b) Applications of Brother Continuous Label Rolls

Label Type
Intended Use

Continuous paper roll

Used for general-purpose, black-in-white labeling needs, such as for labeling files and folders and when you want to cut the label at any length

  • Professional shipping labels
  • Storage boxes
  • Binders and folders 

Continuous vinyl film labels

Labeling which allows you to customize the length and used for applications needing additional durability and professionalism; available as Brother DK clear labels, white or yellow labels

  • Displays
  • Glass labeling
  • Storage boxes
  • Cheaper cost signages

Continuous roll  removable labels*

Available with removable adhesive paper, which makes it easier for you to remove the label without any sticky marks on the surface; used for temporary labeling; black on white or yellow

  • Temporary labeling in any application
  • Office files
  • Cheaper cost signages
  • Glass displays
Common Application
Color, Material
DK Compatible Labels

Durable large window displays and signages, wide envelopes


Clear, Film

2.4 in x 50 ft (62 mm x 15.2 m)


Storage Boxes, Address labels, FNSKU Labels, Mailing Labels


White, Paper

2.4 in x 100 ft (62mm x 30.4m)

Custom shipping labels, identification, storage


White, Paper

1.1 in x 100 ft (29mm x 30.4m)


Laboratory test tubes, customized labeling application


White, Film

1.1 in x 50 ft (29mm x 15.2 m)


Durable wide format signages


White, Film

2.4 in x 50 ft (62 mm x 15.2 m)


White Paper Label


White, Film

0.47 in x 100 ft (12mm x 30.4m)


White Paper Label


White, Film

1.9 in x 100 ft (50mm x 30.4m)


White Paper Label


White, Film

1.5 in x 100 ft (38mm x 30.4m)


Wide Signages and Labeling Applications


White, Film

4 in x 100 ft (101mm x 30.4m)


Durable signages


Yellow, Film

2.4 in x 50 ft (62 mm x 15.2 m) 


Removable signages, large folder labels, address labels


White, Paper

2.4 in x 100 ft. (62mm x 30.4m) 


Signages, Temporary/removable Labels


Yellow, Paper, Removable

2.4 in x 100 ft (62mm x 30.4m)


Name Card


White, Paper

2.1 in x 100ft (54mm x 30.4m)


Wrapping Up

Brother DK labels are one of the most simple yet versatile labels for home, office, and small business needs. There are a lot of sizes to choose from and it has QL printer models which allow two-color printing. You can even use Brother DK compatible labels as cheaper alternatives for a lot of labeling applications such as an address, barcode, shipping, folder and file, and CDs and DVDs labels.

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