Need help in installing new Brother DK label rolls? In this guide, we will show you how you can easily replace your Brother DK label rolls, and keep the business smooth running.

Now that you have settled for a Brother QL printer of your choice, there are many labels to choose from. Should you worry if the Brother DK-2205 label roll will be compatible with your QL printer? Not really, as most Brother printers under the QL series are suited to print with Brother DK labels. The only thing to keep in mind is how to install them properly and replace them accordingly as the need arises.

What are Brother Printer Labels?

Brother DK labels are multi-purpose label rolls dedicated for use in Brother’s QL series thermal printers. These labels are available in various sizes, from 12mm to up to 103mm wide, for assorted utility for address, mailing, shipping, barcode, and others.

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How to Replace Brother DK Label Cartridges?

You may have bought new rolls of Brother DK label, but are not attached to a cartridge/ holder. This has been a problem with users over time as the holder seems not to be reusable. We can show you how to take apart the DK label cartridges with the most ease. 

Moreover, at enKo Products, we provide affordable and compatible Brother DK rolls that include cartridges that can be assembled and taken apart easily. Our Brother DK labels are packaged with a minimum of 6 rolls and go with two cartridges that can be easily installed on our DK label rolls.

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How to Take Apart DK Label Cartridges

The cartridge/spool holder comprises three parts: 

    • the spool arm, 
    • the spool, and 
    • the stabilizer. 

(i) Basic Configuration

The spool arm is mounted directly on the printer, specifically on the printer spool guide. The spool holds the label rolls to ensure that it rolls smoothly during prints. Lastly, the stabilizer also holds the label roll in place, and goes into one of the printer slots, depending on the size of your label roll. 

(ii) How to Change the Label Roll

To replace an old/ empty roll in a cartridge, simply pry the spool arm away from the roll slowly but firmly. It should just then pop out.

Once the spool arm is detached, the spool and the stabilizer can be disassembled as well.

To reassemble and install a new label roll, make sure you align the slot on the stabilizer to the pin of the spool. This will prevent the stabilizer from moving and will lock the stabilizer in place.

Basic Configuration

You can then install your new label roll into the cartridge. Make sure of the orientation of the roll. The label should be rolling out towards the wider side of the cartridge stabilizer (In this photo, the label rolls out to the left.) 

How to Change the Label Roll

To lock the spool arm, make sure you align the gap in the spool with the key in the spool arm. This should snap in place, without gaps in between the sides of the label roll and the holder. 

Remember, these cartridges are reusable, but not interchangeable for different sizes of labels. You can check out different sizes of Brother DK Labels at our shop.

Additional Pointers in Installation

You can see how the stabilizer will go into one of these slots, depending on the label size. 

For a better visual guide on this issue, you can check out this video on troubleshooting Brother DK label Cartridges.

How to Install Brother DK Label Rolls

The installation and replacement of Brother DK Label Rolls are almost similar to most Brother QL label printers. In this guide, we will be primarily using an illustration of Brother QL 700 label rolls but you can follow along with these steps, no matter what Brother QL Printer you may be using. 

(i) Installing a new roll:

Turn off the printer before doing any installation. First, open the top cover by holding the printer in place, then lift the compartment cover.

Other Brother printers have levers that have levers on each side of the printer that has to be pulled up to open the cover. Printer models that have these levers are the following: 

    • Brother QL-1050
    • QL-1050N
    • QL-1060N
    • QL-1100
    • QL-1110NWB


Opening the cover of QL-1050 by pulling up levers on both sides of the printer.

Earlier, we showed how to take apart and install a new label roll in a cartridge. Once you have done this, you can place the DK roll into the compartment. 

When placing the DK roll into the spool guide, make sure that the spool arm is firmly placed on the spool guide. 

The stabilizer should also go into one of the slots of the printer. 

  1. Printer Roll Spool Guide 
  2. Spool Arm
  3. stabilizer

Remove any tape sealing the end of the label roll, and take the end and thread it through the printer. 

When threading the end of the roll, make sure you do it aligned to the roller. This is to prevent the labels from being skewed.

Close the compartment cover before turning the printer on. Some Brother printer models, when turned on, will align the DK roll automatically once it is turned on. These

Brother Models are the following: 

    • Brother QL-600 
    • Brother QL-700
    • Brother QL-710W
    • Brother QL-720NW
    • Brother QL-800
    • Brother QL-810W
    • Brother QL-820NWB

For other Brother models, Brother recommends turning on the printer and then pressing the ‘FEED’ button to set the roll. These Brother Printer Models are the following: 

    • Brother QL-650TD
    • Brother QL-1050
    • Brother QL-1050N
    • Brother QL-1060N

(ii) Removing a label roll

When removing a label roll from your printer, make sure you turn the printer off, before opening the compartment cover. 

Hold the label roll by the spool arms, and then pull the DK roll up and out of the printer compartment. 

(iii) Additional Pointers in Installation 

In the installation and operation of your Brother DK Printers, here are some additional pointers to prevent trouble and faults when printing:

    • Never leave any printed labels in the printer. This may cause jamming of the printer. 
    • It is best to remove DK Rolls from the printer when not in use.
    • To prevent dust and other debris, always close the compartment cover at all times.

Wrapping up

Aside from its versatility, another factor why Brother QL Printers are favored is its ease of use. The different models have little to no difference in installation and operation. Whether you’re moving from an older Brother QL printer to a newer one, the ease of operation will never be more complicated. 

You can also add more benefits to your Brother Label Printers by purchasing Brother DK compatible labels that are more affordable and environmentally friendly with reusable plastic cartridges.

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