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Dymo 30327 Labels 9/16″ x 3-7/16″ Dymo File Folder Labels (1-UP)

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6 rolls 780 Labels
$26.40$4.40 / roll
12 rolls 1,560 Labels
$47.52$3.96 / roll
60 rolls Popular Choice7,800 Labels
$214.20$3.57 / roll
240 rolls31,200 Labels
$772.80$3.22 / roll
600 rolls78,000 Labels
$1,746.00$2.91 / roll
1000 rolls +130,000 Labels +
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About this Product

These Dymo 30327 labels are the perfect solution for labeling file folders, making it easier to organize the workplace. Each bright white label contracts beautifully with sharp, black prints, helping you find the files and documents you need with ease. It also comes with a permanent adhesive backing that sticks strongly on different kinds of paper materials. And with 130 labels per roll, you can deal with any filing job, whether large or small, with ease using these Dymo compatible labels.


enKo Products Dymo File Folder Labels

Our Dymo 30327 file folder labels work perfectly with the Dymo Desktop Mailing Solution and  Dymo LabelWriter (LW) 400 and 450 series. The Dymo compatible labels deliver clear, thermal transfer printed letters and numbers that resist smudging with the perfect font and size. Label office accessories, files, and drawers in the most efficient and cost-effective way with these Dymo compatible 30327 labels.


Label Features

  • 0.56″ x 3.44″ (14.22mm x 87.38mm) Dymo File Folder labels
  • 130 labels per roll
  • Bright white labels offer a professional look and finish.
  • Self-sticking permanent adhesive
  • These Dymo 30327 compatible labels meet or exceed OEM requirements for quality and performance


Compatible Printers:

  • Dymo Label Printer & Labelwriter (LW) models: Dymo LabelWriter 300, LabelWriter 310, LabelWriter 315, LabelWriter 320, LabelWriter 330, LabelWriter 400, LabelWriter 400 Duo, LabelWriter 400 Twin Turbo, LabelWriter 450, LabelWriter 450 Duo, LabelWriter 450 Turbo, LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo, LabelWriter 4XL, LabelWriter EL40, LabelWriter EL60, LabelWriter SE300, LabelWriter SE450
  • CoStar Label Printer & LabelWriter (LW) models: LabelWriter XL, XL+, LabelWriter BC, BC+, TURBO, LabelWriter SE200, SE250, LabelWriter ACII 200 / ASCII 250


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  • label width


  • labels per roll


  • label type

    File folder Labels

  • adhesive


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  • printer technology

    Dymo Printers

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  • shelf life

    2 Years

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  • How to use file folder labels?

    You can use Dymo compatible file folder labels 30327 on any compatible printer from Dymo to organize essential documents in the workplace and make them easy to retrieve anytime you need to. Dymo compatible File folders can either be temporary or permanent and this makes them versatile. And if you have documents that are book bound, you can also use Book spine labels for your printers to sort them out. These two printer labels are just a few of the labeling solutions you can consider. Check out our blog on “Organizing the Office by Effectively Using Labels” to learn more.

  • How to print file folder labels on Dymo 450?

    1. Open Microsoft Word and then click on Labels in the Mailings toolbar.
    2. Click on Options and choose your Dymo LabelWriter 450 printer from the printer list.
    3. Find and choose your label manufacturer from the Label Vendors drop-down menu. You can see the product number on the product’s packaging. If the product number isn’t on the list, click on the New Label button to create a template using the custom label dimensions.
    4. Click on the Full page of the same label check and then click New Document. Word will automatically launch the label template on a new document window.
    5. Enter the information you want to print on your file folder label on the first label field. You can use the Font tools in the Home toolbar to edit the label texts’ style, size, and color.
    6. Click on File > Save As. Type in a file name for your label template, select a destination folder and then click on Save to save the file.
    7. Load the Dymo 3027 labels into the LabelWriter 450 printer.
    8. Go to the File tab and click on Print, and the Dymo 450 printer will start printing the file folder labels.
  • What's the Dymo 30327 Label Size?

    The Dymo 30327 measures 0.56″ x 3.44″ (14.22mm x 87.38mm), and this size makes it ideal for  Dymo compatible file folder labeling using any compatible printer from Dymo. There are 130 files folder printer labels for each roll, which means fewer replacement supply orders translating to savings in time and money.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I'm an accountant and like to keep my desk organized. I labeled my folders and came in the next day and the labels were starting to curl up on the ends.


After a few calls I was able to get everything working as it is suppose to work. Turns out I was putting the labels in wrong and I haven't had any issues since.

Couldnt say it better myself

Labels are nice. Works great for labeling misc. items around the home office. enko makes great quality labels that dont fade and the adhesive doesnt allow the label to fall off. Furthermore, after a few years these label are still sticking well and look white like new.

Particularly useful

If I do say so myself I do enjoy ease of use and printing with these labels


Great thin labels, exactly what I expected. Prints legible black unlike the other labels. Just be careful of adhesive, it leaves behind a sticky feeling from the tape holding the roll together. There is enough adhesive there to cause the labels to not work properly. Not an issue if you just clean it before you put the new roll though.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A The Dymo 30327 has a permanent self-sticking adhesive that works on a broad range of temperatures and surfaces. It allows the label to stick strongly on cardboard boxes, wood, glass, and numerous other material surfaces.
  2. A Yes, the Dymo 30327 works with the Dymo LabelWriter 450 turbo. Check out all the printer models that work with the file folder label by clicking on the "Compatible Printers" section above. Here’s the link for the Dymo LabelWriter 450 and all its compatible labels - https://www.enkoproducts.com/printer-compatibility/dymo-labelwriter-label/dymo-labelwriter-450-labels/
  3. A There are 130 labels per roll in a Dymo 30327.