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2×4 Labels – 10 Labels Per Sheet

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2×4 Shipping Labels

The 2×4 labels, 10 labels per sheet, from enKo Products allow you to efficiently create custom labels perfect for shipping and mailing and other large labeling tasks, crafts, and gifts. Featuring a strong permanent adhesive, they are guaranteed to stick and stay on cardboards, envelopes, papers, glass, and metals! The weatherproof labels won’t curl or peel off or jam or smudge like ordinary products. These bright white paper sheet labels are optimized for laser and inkjet printers to create brilliant colors and vivid texts that stand out! 

Our inkjet and laser sheet labels offer the same quality you’d get from other popular brands at incredibly lower prices. Shop now if you want to enjoy the best savings on top-notch products! Our 2×4 shipping labels, 10 labels per sheet, are perfect for use at home with your laser or inkjet printer and software. They can help you take on any project, even on a budget!

  • Print high-quality labels, 10 labels per sheet, without jams and smudges.
  • With an easy-to-peel design alongside a strong permanent adhesive, every item on the sheet will stick and stay on its surface.
  • Easy to customize using any desktop template, you can create professional-looking mail in no time!
  • Everything underneath each sticker is concealed, allowing you to reuse envelopes and boxes.
  •  Add personal logos, graphics, and texts to personalize your packages
  • Brilliant, white smudge-free adhesive labels offer more apparent print quality on your shipping supplies, making them easier to read for precise deliveries.
  • Easily print and stick each label on the sheet and then ship eBay, Shopify, and Etsy orders through online shipping couriers such as USPS postal service, UPS, and FedEx!
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  • Can you print 2 x 4 Labels directly from Excel?

    Using Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge feature, you can print mailing labels from Microsoft Excel in just a few minutes. Excel may be the ideal application for entering and storing information like contact lists and printing them efficiently on 2 x 4-inch black rectangle labels with systematic columns and rows, organizational functionalities, and data entry features. After creating a detailed list, you can use it with other Microsoft 365 applications for various tasks. 

    Find out more about printing 2 x 4 shipping labels from Excel on our blog “How to Mail Merge Labels for Office 365“. It will give you all the information you need, including a step-by-step guide on how to complete the process.

  • How do I create a 2x4 label in Word?

    1. Launch Microsoft Word from your computer. 
    2. On the top navigation bar of Word, click on the Mailings tab and select Labels.
    3. In the new window, click the Options button, which will open another window called Label Options.
    4. Click on the New Label button, and the Label details window will pop up on your screen. 
    5. Note: The Label details window allows you to configure the measurements of your label. Please assign a name for your label and set its size to Letter (2 x 4 in). 
    6. Please enter all the measurements and numbers of your label on their designated boxes. Click the OK button to save the changes. 
    7. Select the product name you made earlier. It will appear in the Product number list on the Label options window. Click OK after selecting it.
    8. Click on the New Document button on the Envelopes and Labels window. You can now begin designing your custom label on Microsoft word.

    For more information on creating 2 x 4 labels in Word, check out “How to Make Custom Labels on Microsoft Word” from our blog.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Best labels

Wow doesn't begin to say anything. These labels are awesome!

Norma Gorman
Excellent substitute for originals

Excellent replacement for the Avery labels I was using. Worked great in my last printer.

William Newsome
I use them everywhere

I use them on wooden shelves, on paper, cardboard, and plastic. They never peel off unless you are trying to! Highly recommend this company for labels.

Margo Gentry
Fabulous labels and website

I highly recommend the labels AND the website. Together, they are a fabulous product!

Richard Johnson
It's a steal!

Great deal! Works just as good as name brand.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes, since these labels are self-adhesive and can stick on numerous surfaces, including jars. Just peel and stick the labels on your jars
  2. A These labels can withstand a bit of moisture, although there are some sheet labels that are waterproof. If you print them with a laser printer, the texts shouldn't smear when you touch them with a wet finger.
  3. A Most ink pens available in the market should be able to write on these labels without any issue. Some ink may take longer to dry than others before you can touch them without smearing.