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2″ x 3″ Fragile Stickers Handle with Care Warning Packing Shipping Labels

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1 roll 500 Labels
$9.96$9.96 / roll
10 rolls 5,000 Labels
$79.70$7.97 / roll
50 rolls Popular Choice25,000 Labels
$319.00$6.38 / roll
100 rolls50,000 Labels
$510.00$5.10 / roll
200 rolls100,000 Labels
$820.00$4.10 / roll
500 rolls +250,000 Labels +
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About this Product

With these 2 x 3 fragile stickers from enKo Products, you can guarantee that all your packages are handled with care. Featuring bright colors and bold fonts, these labels make it clear to handlers that your package contains delicate items. They are designed to grab the attention of any person that comes close to your shipments. The “Handle with Care Fragile Thank You” labels are perfect for shipping and handling fragile items like glass and electronic gadgets. Thanks to a special coating, they are resistant to moisture, oil and other things that affect its condition.

  • Clear Texts.  Features a “Handle with Care Fragile Thank You” bright and clear texts on a 2” x 3” sized label. These eye-catching package warning labels in red and white coloring put everyone on notice that your package contains fragile contents.
  • Heavy Duty. It comes with a heavy-duty self-adhesive that can stick on any cargo surface and endure the forces of nature. This ensures that the label and its important message remains glued on the item.
  • Hassle-free application. Simply peel and stick! No need to use clear packaging tape to protect the warning label.
  • Good-value package. Offered in a package containing one roll of 500 separate Handle with Care labels. Made with a perforation for optimum efficiency and easy to use.
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  • Do you need fragile stickers?

    When shipping glass items like lamps and mirrors, using fragile items will give you extra peace of mind that your items will arrive in one piece to their intended destination. The use of packaging solutions like foam sheets and bubble wrap certainly helps. But so does putting several fragile labels on the box so the people who handle your package will know to handle it with care.

  • Does fragile sticker work?

    Yes, using fragile stickers work but don’t expect them to put a magical force field around your package. Protecting your fragile items is all about combining the kind of shippers you use, how much handling they do, and how well they train their staff. Fragility has different levels, and putting a sticker on a box won’t make its glass contents stronger. For this reason, it’s also important to consider the importance of practicing good packaging solutions for your fragile items. Using packing foam, bubble wrap, and the like alongside your fragile sticker will come a long way in ensuring that your items will remain safe during shipping.

  • What is a fragile label?

    A fragile label is designed to be put on luggage or packages that require careful handling because it contains fragile items. Glass, pottery, ceramic, or anything that breaks easily are fragile items and should be handled with care during shipping. Upon seeing the fragile label, the people transporting your luggage or package will take extra care not to break your item or items. Most often, luggage with fragile labels comes onto the belt first.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Been using this product for a while now. Great deal, consistent and great communication

John Hovatter

good value for the money.

Aimee Lanigan
Simple. Durable.

Simple. Durable. I'll definitely re-purchase!

Robert Wilson
Saves time and hassle free

We are running a small business and ship a lot of small fragile products. Using these stickers saves so us time and is hassle free. They stick well and the amount of stickers you get for the price is great! They also have detach marks so you can rip off however many stickers you need easily. The only problem is getting the post office to read and follow the labels.

Curious on the adhesive strength...

Label peels off backing with no problem. However, even though the label sticks to the surface of the object it's put upon (I used a cardboard box), I can peel it right back off and stick it somewhere else. Some may consider this to be a good thing, but I am a bit worried the label will stay on the object for the duration of handling.

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