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Category: Community

March 5, 2021

The Prop 65 Warning Label: Taking a California Environmental Law a Little More Seriously

If you plan to do business in California, you should make room for a Prop 65 warning label on your product packaging. It is required of establishments with a physical presence in the Golden State and remote retailers who intend to sell their merchandise to its residents. Cyberspace has been brimming with all sorts of […]

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November 10, 2020

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses During Pandemic

The Coronavirus Effect: Digital Marketing’s Increasing Importance to Small Businesses As we’re writing this article, the LA Lakers just won the 2020 NBA Championship. Being long-time sports fans, it’s hard to believe that the normally packed basketball stadiums would be reduced to a drab, nearly empty bubble this year. Such is the Coronavirus’ impact on […]

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September 30, 2020

Can You Get COVID from Package Delivery

Can You Get COVID from Deliveries? – Tips on How Small Businesses Can Prevent COVID-19 Transmission from Package Delivery – As your experts in the packaging business, enKo Products shares small business owners’ concerns about public health and the safe delivery of goods. It’s easy to be misled by the wrong information and other people’s […]

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September 24, 2020

Packaging Automation During Pandemic: Implementing Automated Packaging Line

– When the Coronavirus Pandemic Makes Packaging Automation Necessary – A few years ago, automation seemed nothing but a fancy idea for many business owners. Back then, it was just a backburner plan, to be considered only when demands were already very high. Things today have drastically changed, though. Workplace safety risks have escalated since […]

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April 11, 2020

10 Covid-19 Life Hacks to Help Protect the Workplace

The Covid pandemic has already infected millions of our fellow Americans in the US, and many more are still at risk. Without a viable coronavirus or Covid-19 vaccine, prevention is still our number one defense against the deadly virus. Here are ten practical Covid-19 Lifehacks from enKo Products that may help keep everyone in the […]

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