Enko Products offers the best online shipping labels that can help lessen your already long list of expenses. Enko believes in providing high quality products and, at the same time, sharing the best practices in the industry to help boost your business.

Read more to learn about where to find the most affordable shipping labels online. 


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Shipping labels can spell a big difference to your shipping needs, costs, and, more importantly, time. The supermarket first comes to mind when looking to purchase cheap shipping labels.

But, while often overlooked, online shops offer better pricing and quality when looking to buy labels for your commercial needs. We have scouted these amazing sources and practical approaches to avail of top-quality labels and cost-effective pricing and help you find the best online shipping labels.

Is it Cheaper to buy Shipping Labels Online?

It is cheaper to buy postage online and print your shipping labels at home or office compared to purchasing the shipping labels at the carriers’ offices. Major carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS offer discounted rates on postage when purchased through their website. 

Third-party services also partner with major carriers to provide negotiated rates to customers who purchase labels online.  

Suppose you opt to print your shipping labels. You can also purchase specialized printers, thermal papers and sticker papers online at a fraction of purchasing from the supermarket or the bookstore. 

Read on to find the best online shipping labels at an affordable price. 

Dymo 4XL Shipping Labels

: 220 Labels/Roll
: 4″ x 6″
: Dymo Printers

Are Etsy Shipping Labels cheaper than USPS?

Etsy links with USPS in providing shipping labels to Etsy sellers. You can get discounts of up to 30% lower than the USPS retail postage if you purchase USPS shipping labels from Etsy for Etsy packages.

You can check the calculations for postage depending on the information (package weight, dimensions, and destination) you enter on the site. Here is how you can purchase, download and print shipping labels on Etsy. 

Purchase and download a Shipping Label from Etsy

  1. Sign in to your account at Etsy.com. 
  2. Go to Shop Manager.
  3. Select Orders & Shipping.
  4. Select the order that you want to fulfill and print a shipping label. 
  5. Click the Download Shipping Label button.

Print the Etsy Label for Shipping

  1. Open the shipping label file (pdf). 
  2. Click Print from the File menu.
  3. Select the paper size in the printer settings. The paper size for specialized label printers is 4”x 6 ”, and the paper size for regular paper is 8.5”x11”. 
  4. Click the Print Preview to check the format. 
  5. Click Print.

Aside from Etsy, you can also find other cheap ways to print shipping labels. We will discuss these platforms in the next section. 

How can I Get Cheaper Shipping Labels?

There are two ways to get cheaper shipping labels, postage and paper. We outlined tips on buying the best online shipping labels at a cheaper price.  

Get cheaper paper for printing Shipping Labels

Tip #1: Buy from Manufacturers

The best online shipping labels can be purchased at a low price directly from label manufacturers. Enko Products is one of the top label manufacturers that offer comparatively lower rates for top quality labels through their website. 

Here are some of the top-selling shipping labels from Enko Products.

The 4″ x 6″ direct thermal fanfold labels from Enko Products are an example of the best online shipping labels that you can purchase directly from the manufacturer’s site.

These labels are high-quality, self-adhesive, direct thermal paper perfect for printing shipping labels. These labels come in folds of 500 labels with one label per fold instead of rolls.

Fan-folded labels are suitable for high-volume printing because they are stacked at the back instead of loaded in the spool inside the printer. These labels are compatible with direct thermal printers with a 4” width capacity and Print without the use of expensive ink or toner. 

Another option for fan-folded labels is the 4”x6” Direct Thermal Labels in rolls. The 4”x6” labels from Enko Products are ideal for various applications, including printing shipping labels.

These labels also use direct thermal printing technology and Print without the use of expensive ink and toner. This roll of 1,000 labels works compatible with industrial-sized, 3-inch core printers from Zebra, Eltron, and other brands.

Brother manufactures and sells the best online shipping labels in terms of quality. If you are searching for shipping labels that you can flexibly use for various printing needs, you can check out the Brother DK2243 Continuous White Paper Label.

This label has a width of 4 inches (101mm) on a continuous 100 ft. white paper so that you can print any length. This label is significantly cheaper than the OEM DK2243 but of the same quality. 

Tip #2: Buy From E-commerce Sites. 

E-Commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay are melting pots of sellers that offer competitive rates for the best online shipping labels, including thermal papers and sticker papers that you can use to print your shipping labels. You can compare the prices of different sellers and purchase the best product that meets your needs. 

Get cheaper Postage Labels for Shipping Online

Tip #1: Buy in bulk 

Purchasing labels, postage and paper in bulk quantities online is cheaper because you get discounts. If you purchase labels in small quantities, you pay for the full retail price. Major carriers like FedEx, USPS, and UPS offer discounts to loyal customers.

For example, USPS offers a discount by volume scheme for commercial postage that meet minimum quantities of 500 pieces for Presorted and automation First-Class Mail, 200 pieces or 50 lbs for USPS Marketing Mail, 50 pieces per mailing for Destination entry Parcel Select Ground, 300 pieces for Presorted and carrier route sorted Bound Printed Matter, 300 pieces for Commercial Library Mail, and 300 pieces for Commercial Media Mail. 

Tip #2: Avail for Discounts from Major Carriers


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The best online shipping labels pricing comes from major shipping carriers. Shipping carriers offer programs where individuals and businesses can avail themselves of discounted postage rates. 

USPS offers discounted pricing for customers who print shipping labels from their home or office compared to customers who print shipping labels at the Post Office through the USPS Click-N-Ship feature. 

FedEx also offers discounts through the FedEx Advantage Program, including a 29% discount on FedEx Express Shipping and a 20% discount on FedEx Ground Shipping. FedEx also offers discounts for American Express Business Card Holders and USAA members. 

UPS offers promotional codes for savings and membership discounts. UPS also offers small business shipping rate discounts and other flexible deals that promote business growth. 

Tip #3: Avail for Discounts from Third-Party Shipping Services 

Third-party shipping services also offer customers the best online shipping labels and affordable postage/shipping rates. These rates are pre-negotiated with major shipping carriers and shared with their clients.

These shipping services include ShippingEasy, Shippo, Sellbrite, Refund Geeks, and Shipstation. These platforms also offer other services such as comparative pricing to choose the most affordable carrier and shipping method for your business.

Look for one that offers discounted commercial rates without charging a monthly fee. 

Affordable Label Supplies for Shipping

You can get the best online shipping labels by choosing the most suitable combination of discounted postage and affordable labels and printers. Major carriers, eCommerce platforms, and third-party shipping services offer discounted postage through various programs and features.

Enko Products also offer high-quality shipping labels with pricing that can ensure huge savings. Visit the Enko Products website to find the best shipping labels for your needs.

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