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Foam Wrap Pouches / Packaging Foam Sleeves 12″ x 12″ – 50 Packs

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24+ packs $19.61
48+ packs $18.68
120+ packs $18.16
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About this Product

Don’t throw away your hard-earned money, when you can have the same quality products at a discounted price!  Our foam sleeves / Packaging foam sleeves are almost at wholesale costs!  Enjoy high-quality products at amazing low prices with enKo products.

enKo foam wrap pouches can be used to wrap delicate items, such as glassware, china or dishes. These pouches allow items to take bumps and dings without being harmed.  Many individuals choose our foam pouches when wanting to store seasonal items, collectibles, picture frames, glass items and much more.

It doesn’t matter if you want to store your delicate items or ship a package. The end goal is to keep your items unharmed during the time they are in a package or being stored. Our foam sheets are designed with you in mind, as we understand what it takes to make materials that will protect your precious goods. These sheets are designed to naturally cradle your items and provide them with the best protection possible.

Sometimes you just want to wrap a tiny item so that it does not get lost among other products in a shipment. Measuring 12″ inch x 12″ inch, we have made it possible to package a variety of items with ease with our foam packing envelopes. Foam sheets are non-abrasive, you will not have to worry about delicate items becoming scratched when wrapped with this material.

Never worry about precious items being stored or shipped when you have enKo polyethylene foam packing envelopes/packaging foam sleeves. Our foam envelopes are designed to cushion your items, as well as protect them from dust and other storage elements. Designed for shock absorption, lessens vibration, provides surface protection, acts as thermal insulation and is resistant to water and other chemicals.

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  • Is packing foam waterproof?

    Packing foam is made by trapping gas within a liquid. The liquid then undergoes heat and pressure application turning the foam into a solid material. Depending on the kind of foam, it can hold properties that aid with cushioning, shock absorption, sound deadening, safety, waterproofing and many more. That means that packing foam can also be waterproof.

  • How do you use foam packing?

    Spray packing foam is a liquid polyurethane mixture of two formulas that becomes a semi-hard foam upon exposure to air. This kind of foam is great for packing odd-shaped or fragile objects for shipping as it conforms completely to the object. It can also absorb a great deal of shock. To use this packing foam, follow the steps below:

    • Wear safety goggles and a pair of rubber gloves
    • Place a durable plastic bag at the bottom of a cardboard shipping box. Make sure the bag covers the whole bottom and top edge of the box.
    • Assemble the spray kit according to the product package instructions
    • Spray packing foam into the bottom of the bag until it fills about 1/4 of the box
    • Cover the entire foam by pulling the edges of the plastic bag and folding it over the top
    • Put the item you want to ship above the foam-filled plastic bag. Allow the foam to expand up and around the object.
    • Put another heavy-duty plastic above the object you want to ship. Ensure to spread the plastic bag to make it easier for you to spray the foam inside the bag.
    • Pour enough spray foam until it fills about 1/4 of the box’s height or approximately the same amount you sprayed into the first bag.
    • Fold the top bag above the second batch of spray foam to contain it, and then seal the box. Ship your item as usual.
  • Can packing foam be recycled?

    The most popular type of packing foam is EPS, which is considered a #6 plastic, which means it’s a recyclable material. However, only EPS that are molds, blocks and coolers can be recycled. Just make sure that they are white and clean so they can pass recycling requirements. All types of EPS products with contact with food or beverages like meat trays, coffee cups, egg cartons, takeout containers, and disposable plates can’t be recycled in the metro area. Thus, it’s important to buy and use containers that are durable or recyclable. Styrofoam peanuts are also not permitted for recycling in the metro area.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Wish I knew about these sooner

We were spending hours cutting foam sheets, wrapping them around our glassware and taping them. Googled for easier packing solutions and ended up with these. Took an entire day wrapping the first half of our glassware. Once these came in, we completed the balance in less than half a day.

June Bell

Excellent product!

J. Black
Life saver during our move

Initially used paper to line our glassware, but it just did not feel right for our 1100 miles move. Got these instead and every single piece of glass come out safe and sound!

Fredel Noriega
Great for breakable items

Great product for packing dishes and breakable items. Great value.

William Jones
Check the size before buying

make sure you check the sizes. Order bigger than your plates if you are inserting the plates, if you get sheets, smaller is fine

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