Enko Products premium address labels are a perfect touch to your wedding invitations. Make every invited guest feel special when they read their name on our high quality printable labels.

How to Print Address Labels for Wedding Invitations

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Weddings are special and so should your invitations. Invitations set the mood and theme of this most-awaited wedding occasion. 

But why stop there? When you can also make beautiful address labels that will go perfectly with your wedding invitations. 

We prepare this guide on how to print address labels for wedding event invitations because we want to make this wondrous occasion extra special. 

We want to help crafters of invitations and hands-on wedding organizers, make every bridal, groom and wedding guests feel the warmth and intimacy of this special day. 

If you are tying the knot and want to add your personal touch on your wedding invites, this guide to make the process hassle-free for you. 

Follow our guide and see the satisfying results once you learn how to print address labels for wedding event invitations. 

How to make Address Labels for Wedding Invitations

Step 1. Purchase a set of blank labels in the size and color of your choosing. 

1. Go to Enko Products or your favorite label supplier. 

2. Choose the best address labels for your wedding event invitations. 

Tip: A blank white address label is perfect for incorporating your designs. 

Step 2. In Microsoft Excel, create a mailing list.

1. Open Microsoft Excel. 

2. Use on Spreadsheet for your mailing list. 

3. Create headings that correspond to your mailing list field information. Here is the list of the most important address label information. 

        • Name of Recipient
        • Address 1
        • Address 2
        • City
        • State
        • Postal Address

4. Click Save As and save your mailing list.

Step 3. Go to Word or your preferred label creator software.

Follow the steps below on how to print address labels for wedding event invitations and wedding return address labels through Word. 

1. Open Word.

2. Open a New Document. 

3. Type Address Labels in the search field and choose a template for address labels. Click Create


4. Go to Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard > Labels > Next: Use the current document > Next: Select recipients > Browse. Choose your Excel mailing list file, and then click Open. Choose your recipients. 

5. Click Next: Arrange your labels > Address block > OK.

6. Click Update all labels.

7. Click Next: Preview your labels. Customize your font, font size, font color and spacing. See the sample preview below. 

8. Click Next: Complete the merge.

Step 4. Print your address label. 

1. Click Print

2. Choose your printer. 

3. Select OK, and click OK again.

Sheet Labels

: 3,000 (100 sheets)
: 1″ x 2-5/8″
: Deskjet & Laser Printers

What's the Best font to Print Wedding Invitation Address Labels

Choosing the best font is important in learning how to print wedding invitations. If your printing wedding invitation envelopes through standard postal carriers, keep in mind these tips. 

    • Wedding return address labels and address labels must contain text in black and white.
    • The Wedding Label text must be in upper case.
    • Choose sans serif fonts for legibility. 

Aside from Arial, here are some alternative font styles that most carriers recommend.






Avant Garde


Century Gothic


Open Sans

Here are some serif fonts that work perfectly well for address labels for bridal events. These wedding labels are simple, refined, and legible, so your carrier will have no trouble delivering your mail to your guests. 






Bodoni MT


Book Antiqua


Calisto MT

Another option is to use an elegant script font for the recipient and a recommended font style for the recipient’s address.

Using Clear Address Labels for Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Clear labels are unique and a great alternative to white or colored address labels if you want the color of your wedding envelope to pop through. Using clear labels is also ideal if you do not want to damage or crumple your bridal invitation envelopes by printing directly on them. 

Where to Order Wedding Address Labels

Instead of learning how to print address labels for wedding invitations, you can order a set of customized address labels and return address labels from various online sources. These shops offer address labels templates that you can choose from that will perfectly match your wedding event invitations. 


Avery offers blank labels and, at the same time, custom wedding stickers and labels. If you order at Avery, you have different options in different categories, including the following. 

    • Format (Sheet Labels, Roll Labels, and Cut Stickers
    • Shape (Round and Edge)
    • Size
    • Material (Matte Label, Glossy Label, Clear Label, Metallic Film, Kraft Brown Paper, Vinyl Film)
    • Label Quality and Price

As one of the top label companies, Avery guarantees high quality and wow factor to all their products and services. 


If you do not know how to print address labels for wedding invitations, you can go to Orange Umbrella Co for professional help. Affordable and artistic, Orange Umbrella Co labels are one of the top choices for wedding event invitations.

The company provides a collection of elegant and chic template designs with different color options to print on a five-color digital printing press. Select the design that you want from the catalog and choose your options. Here are some of your choices if you wish to avail of ready-made labels from Orange Umbrella Co. 

    • Quantity
    • Material (Matte Label, Glossy Label, Clear Label, Metallic Film, Kraft Brown Paper, Vinyl Film)
    • Color


If you are looking for casual and fun designs for your wedding address labels, we recommend you look at address labels from Stonehouse Collection. Labels for Wedding events from Stonehouse are premium-grade and self-adhesive. This family-run business rakes positive reviews for its great customer service, quick response, and hassle-free shipping of customized address labels. 

Go to the shop and browse the Family and Wedding address labels collection. Click on the Wedding label design that you want and select your options. 

    • Number of Labels
    • Size
    • Quantity Discount


Zazzle is one of our recommended shops to order pre-printed address labels. Zazzle has a large collection of beautiful wedding-themed design templates for address labels. The shop’s search filter makes selection a breeze. Enter your options such as:

    • Design Color
    • Elegant or Modern
    • Details

You can personalize each wedding label you have chosen using the Zazzle Edit Tool and personally enter your mail list. The tool is ideal if you do not know how to print address labels for wedding invitations, but you want to decide on the design and color of your labels. 


Another great online shop to order personalized pre-printed address labels for wedding event invitations is Shutterfly. The shop offers labels wedding occassions in different categories such as Calligraphy Collections, Sparkling Matrimony, Simply Adorned, and others for different wedding themes. 

Click on the design you want to use and select your options. 

    • Design Color
    • Mail Options

You can personalize your labels by typing in your mailing list and completing the design. Once you have finished customizing your labels for your wedding, you can order and have Shutterfly print and mail the labels to you. 

Where to Find Cheap Address Labels for Wedding Invitations 

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Enko Products offers a wide range of address labels that are high in quality but lower the costs of most label brands. If you know how to print address labels for wedding invitations, you can find a helpful ally in Enko for your Wedding label needs. Enko labels are printable on regular inkjet, laser printers, and continuous label printers that use direct thermal technology. For address labels for invitations on wedding occassions, we recommend the following sizes.

  • Large Address Labels (1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″) 

These labels are suitable for wedding invitations because they have ample space for your border designs. 

  • Standard Size Address Labels (1-1/8″ x 3-1/2″) 

Standard size labels are ideal for simple and elegant designs and fit perfectly on your mail. 

  • Return Address Labels (1/2″ x 1-3/4″) 

Return address labels are as important as address labels. These labels are perfect to sign in the name of the bride and groom on the wedding invitation. 

Printing your Wedding Labels

Creating your address labels is a great way to save on costs for bridal event wedding invitations. You are not only saving on wedding expenses, but you are also adding a personal touch to your invitations.

Personalizing each wedding invitation need not require the painstaking process of handwriting all the addresses. You can purchase address labels and print your own address labels designs by following our steps on how to print address labels for wedding invitations. 

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