Choosing to print mailing address labels is a sure-fire way to cut down shipping costs and time. Various tools and blank address labels can help make printing address labels easier and faster. 


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Many businesses print mailing address labels as shipping services increase due to technology and the pandemic.

Online shopping and door-to-door delivery services increase as customers look for better shopping experiences. 

Businesses are also constantly looking for ways to meet the growing demands through faster mailing and shipping. 

More specifically, businesses cut down significant time, effort and costs through the mailing address labels print process compared to manual handwriting. 

In this article, we will introduce ways to print mailing address labels. 

How to create and print a Mailing Label in Word

  1. Open Word.
  2. Open a New Document. 
  3. Type Address Labels in the search field and choose a template for address labels. Click Create
  4. Go to Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard > Labels > Next: Use the current document > Next: Select recipients > Browse
  5. Choose your Excel mailing list file, and then click Open. Choose your recipients. 
  6. Click Next: Arrange your labels > Address block > OK.
  7. Click Update all labels.
  8. Click Next: Preview your labels. Customize your font, font size, font color and spacing. 
  9. Click Next: Complete the merge.
  10. Click Print. Choose your printer. Select OK, and click OK again.


    • Time-saving pre-sized label templates
    • Easy to customize elements and controlled alignment
    • Print mailing address labels using the Mail Merge tool
    • Multiple paper and printer options
    • Spares the hand-cramping writing of addresses


    • Printer misalignment issues
    • Not integrated with carriers
    • Mail merge problems
    • Template with multiple elements troubleshooting 
    • Trial and error printing in plain paper 

Compatible Dymo 30256 Labels

: 300
: 2-5/16 x 4″
: Dymo Printers

How to Create a Contacts Address Lists in Excel

1. Open Microsoft Excel. 

2. Use on Spreadsheet for your mailing list. 

3. Create headings that correspond to your mailing list field information. Here is the list of the most important address label information. 

    • Name of Recipient
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Address

4. Click Save As and save your mailing list.

5. Create and print your mailing label in Word using Mail Merge.

How can I print mailing labels for free?

The best way to print mailing address labels for free is to print them yourself. We recommend these tools to assist you on how to create and print mailing labels from home or office. 



Canva is a free online tool used generally to design graphics and create videos. Canva also offers options to create custom labels. 

The label maker library consists of hundreds of adjustable label templates, including editable address labels that can help you generate multiple address labels with ease. 


    • Free and hundreds of pre-sized templates to quickly print mailing address labels 
    • Variety of graphics and elements to enhance branding
    • Multiple options for better label customization
    • Free stock photography use
    • Very user-friendly 


    • Alignment settings problems
    • Limited download and export options
    • Limited advanced design options
    • Limited free version
    • Canva owns property rights to designs

To print mailing address labels in Canva, follow these steps. 

    1. Open Canva. 
    2. Search for Label in the search bar. 
    3. Select a Template that suits your brand. 
    4. Customize your Labels. 
    5. Download and print your Labels.

Compatible White Address Labels

: 300 (100 sheets)
: 2-5/8″ x 1″
: Deskjet & Laser Printers


Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is a mailing labels generator for letters and packages. Pirate Ship is ideal for businesses that ship products to customers in the US through the USPS. 


    • Minimizes shipping cost through subscriptions
    • Discounted postage
    • Simplified label creation
    • Free 
    • Integrates USPS for faster shipping

Through Pirate Ship, you can generate USPS shipping labels at the best deal without going to the post office. Here’s how. 

    1. Log in to Pirate Ship.
    2. Click Create a Single Label. 
    3. Enter the required information in the fields. 
    4. Choose a Service and click Buy Label.
    5. Print your label using the 4”x6” paper size. 



Shippo is a free platform for label generation. This software is also ideal for e-commerce businesses in the US through multiple carriers. 


    • Shipping service streamlining
    • Integrates multiple carriers
    • Shipment tracking
    • Easy-to-use
    • Minimizes shipping costs and risks


    • Limited free trial
    • Customer service issues
    • Surcharges
    • Technical issues
    • Duplicate services with built-in e-commerce platforms shipping services

To create and print mailing address labels in Shippo, follow these steps. 

    1. Go to your Shippo account. 
    2. Choose an order that you wish to fulfill. 
    3. Click Create Label.
    4. Enter the required information, such as package size and weight. 
    5. Go to Select shipping rates to compare available carrier rates. 
    6. Click Buy Label once you have chosen a carrier. 
    7. Click Download Label.
    8. Open the downloaded file and print. 

Where to Find Cheap Mailing Address Labels: Top Three Sites

After creating them, you can print mailing address labels using a variety of pre-sized and self-adhesive papers. Popular brands of sticker labels are, however, expensive, and we listed down our Top 3 shops to purchase affordable and high-quality labels. 


Source: Pexels

#1 Enko Products

The most affordable source of high-quality labels comes directly from label manufacturers. Enko Products is one of these manufacturers in the US that offer self-adhesive blank labels for direct thermal continuous printers or inkjet and laser printers. 

  • Direct Thermal Labels

Enko Products offers direct thermal labels in rolls or stacks printable in Zebra, Rollo, Dymo, and Brother direct thermal printers. The price starts at $3.41 for 260 labels in a roll, and labels come in a variety of colors. 

  • Inkjet and Laser Printer Labels

Enko Products also offers Avery compatible address and return address labels printable in inkjet and laser printers. Price of $11.77 for a pack of 100 sheet labels containing 40 address labels or 80 return address labels. 

#2 WorldLabel

World Label is another trusted source of materials to print mailing address labels. WorldLabel is a label manufacturer that also offers materials and labels creation services. 

World Label organizes its catalog by material, by use, by Avery cross reference, and by template to help customers choose the most suitable product. World

WorldLabel’s main products are self-adhesive, non-jam and curl-free labels in 8.5”x11” sheet size printable in inkjet and laser printers and copiers. These labels are available in matte and gloss finish, fluorescent and pastel colors or plain white and clear. 

The price is $12.02 for standard white matte address labels in a 30-label sheet of 100 sheets per pack. The price is $22.42 for standard white matte return address labels and a 60-label sheet of 100 sheets per pack. 

#3 OnlineLabels

OnlineLabels is our recommended source of labels to print mailing address labels of various sizes and materials. 

OnlineLabels also offer self-adhesive, non-jam and curl-free labels in 8.5”x11” sheet size printable in inkjet and laser printers and copiers. These labels are available in matte and gloss finish, fluorescent and pastel colors or plain white and clear. 

The price is $12.02 for standard white matte address labels in a 30-label sheet of 100 sheets per pack. The price is $22.42 for standard white matte return address labels and 60-label sheets in 100 sheets per pack. 

Printing your Return Address Labels

If you want to print mailing address labels for letters and packages, we recommend using free software and affordable, high-quality address labels to cut costs and time. You can go to the Enko Products catalog of address labels to get you started.

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