Waterproof labels protect your vibrant prints from moisture and humidity. Enko Products offer high-quality labels resistant to water, oil, and smudges, perfect for all your label printing needs. 

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Waterproof labels are a bonus to creating long-lasting prints. These labels withstand moisture, friction, and UV and offer the best branding, shipping, and storage labeling solution. 

In our study, waterproof labels top the choice of businesses in creating labels for products with long shelf life and high exposure to moisture, sunlight, and humidity, such as wine, preserved food, and household chemicals. 

These weatherproof labels also work best for marking packages such as shipping boxes and wraps and for marking outdoor effects. These labels resist fading and retain information even with exposure to harsh weather conditions. 

This article will outline the features and types of custom waterproof labels and their practical applications in various business needs. 

What is water proof print?

Waterproof paper labels resist moisture, retain prints for long periods, and allow printing on surfaces. Not all types of these labels are easy to print on.

These labels shield prints depending on their manufacturing process. Here are some ways manufacturers make them.

Special Coating

Coatings applied to surfaces create a layer of protection from moisture. These coatings prevent water from seeping into the paper underneath. Most waterproof stickers contain a special coating on their surfaces. Coatings also layer the surfaces of some matte and glossy papers.  


Lamination provides multiple transparent layers on top and underneath a printed paper. Most laminated labels contain printed paper between two plastic film layers applied with heat to produce on sheet. A lamination machine efficiently produces these types of labels.

Fixative Spray Application

Some waterproof paper labels also contain a layer of fixative spray on their surfaces, and the chemical solution protects the media from moisture once sprayed and dried. Most labels with fixative spray are in matte, glossy, and satin finish. 

Advantages of Using Water Proof Labels

  • Durability

Waterproof labels last during storage or transport of assets, and they can withstand different levels of exposure to moisture, temperature, and UV. These labels are also applicable to various types of surfaces without damage. 

  • Legibility

Since these labels are durable, waterproof paper labels also retain printed information. These labels resist smudging and fading and remain intact for long periods. 

  • Compliance 

Many industries and environments require compliance with international regulations in labeling and marking. Safety and hazard labels, for example, must be legible to ensure proper handling and reduce accidents. Waterproof labels work best for these types of applications. 

What's the difference between waterproof and water-resistant labels?

difference between waterproof and water-resistant labels

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Waterproof paper labels are superior to water-resistant labels in terms of moisture protection. 

Waterproof labels

  • These labels offer complete moisture protection. 
  • Water cannot seep into the media, thereby protecting prints from smudging or fading. 
  • The labels are ideal for marking products frequently exposed to moisture and the elements such as outdoor equipment, facilities, or effects. 
  • The labels are perfect for branding products that require long-lasting prints for storage or shipping. 
  • The labels are more expensive compared to water-resistant or plain labels. 

Water-resistant labels

  • Water-resistant labels offer low to medium moisture protection. 
  • Some labels require low levels of protection and not necessarily complete protection. 
  • These labels are ideal for products exposed to low moisture levels, such as gadgets and office supplies. 
  • The labels are perfect for shipping packages and mails and temporary marking. 
  • They are cheaper than waterproof labels.

What type of labels is waterproof?

We have researched and listed the best types of waterproof labels online that most businesses use for mass printing. Our top 3 labels include the following. 

Dymo 30252 White Labels

: 350
: 1-1/8″ x 3-1/2″
: Dymo Printers


Waterproof Dymo Labels

Dymo manufactures one of the best lines of label writers and labels in the market. 

Material. Dymo makes waterproof stickers from polypropylene material and water-resistant adhesive in different sizes and shapes.

Printability. Dymo labels and stickers are printable and compatible with Dymo label writers, which use direct thermal technology or heat. The prints do not require toners and inks. 

Resistance. The material is a plastic-like and industrial grade, durable enough to withstand water, oils, and solvents, and sticks to various types of surfaces. 


Avery Waterproof Labels

Avery manufactures high-quality printable labels in sheets of 8.5″ x11″. 

Material. Avery manufactures durable and weather-proof labels and stickers from polyester material and patented Ultrahold™ Adhesive. These labels and stickers also come in different sizes and shapes, including square, round, and hexagon.

Printability. Avery waterproof labels and stickers are printable in laser and inkjet printers. 

Resistance. Avery labels include WeatherProof™, UltraDuty®, and Surface Safe® white blank labels, which are resistant to water, oil, and chemicals and safe to apply on various surfaces. 


Waterproof thermal labels

Reputed label companies such as Zebra also manufacture waterproof thermal labels and stickers printable in thermal transfer printers. 

Material. Label companies manufacture waterproof labels from polypropylene or polyester, and they come in rolls or a stack of different pre-sized labels. 

Printability. Waterproof thermal labels and stickers are printable in thermal transfer printers, producing sharp and crisp prints with better scannability, which are ideal for barcoding. Thermal transfer printers require ribbons which help melt prints into various media. 

Resistance. Waterproof thermal labels and stickers are resistant to sunlight, chemicals and heat and have a longer shelf-life. 

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Are vinyl labels waterproof?

Vinyl stickers offer aesthetic and, at the same time, protective functions to surfaces. Vinyl labels and stickers are either water-proof or water-resistant depending on the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) quality and process used to manufacture them. 

(a) Waterproof Vinyl Labels

Waterproof labels and stickers made of high-quality vinyl and reinforced with lamination and waterproof adhesive are the best labels for products exposed to high moisture and temperature levels. 

These labels last two to three years without fading and are great for marking equipment, facilities, and outdoor effects such as cars, helmets, posts, and fences. Some of these labels also withstand freezing and dishwashing. 

(b) Water-resistant vinyl labels

Water-resistant vinyl labels and stickers are not completely moisture-proof. They are, however, very durable and resistant to fading and scratching. 

These types of labels are ideal for product branding. While these labels may allow water to seep into the material, they hardly get damaged, and the prints remain intact. The labels are perfect for labeling bottles and jars. 

Vinyl Labels in Summary

Advantages. Vinyl labels and stickers are durable and water-resistant or water-proof, manufactured from recyclable plastic. They are easy to use through print and stick and more cost-effective than other painting signages. 

Disadvantages. Vinyl labels and stickers are thicker and more expensive than BOPP (polypropylene) labels. 

Final thoughts

Waterproof labels offer the best solutions to businesses in product labeling, shipping, and storage. Different types of labels resistant to water, such as labels from Enko Products, make sure that the colorful images retain their vibrance and the important information printed remain legible amidst various environments. 

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