Compatible labels for Dymo are in demand for its quality and of course, price. However, how much different are genuine Dymo labels compared to compatible brands? In this post, we will compare and contrast original Dymo labels to compatible versions. 

Is the higher price justifiable for a genuine label’s quality, or are compatible Dymo labels a better replacement for the same quality? Let’s find out!

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Original Dymo Labels

Original Dymo labels are products directly manufactured by the printer company. With that said, it is undeniable that genuine labels have good quality, dependable for every print. These labels are tested in wide ranges of temperatures and printing speeds to ensure quality before being released in the market. 

Dymo states that using original labels assures long printhead working life, reduction in cost with printing issues, i.e. reprinting, and overall printing cost. Moreover, Dymo declares that stringent tests are done on the labels in terms of compatibility. 


  • Ensured quality

Of course, as genuine labels come from the makers of the printers themselves, they can assure you that quality is top-notch and less prone to print issues. 

  • Available local or online

Dymo, as well as other label printer brands, are partnered with large multinational companies that distribute their labels to popular stores that are easily located near you. 


  • Expensive labels

Finding these labels conveniently in stores comes with a price, however. As these labels go through several companies, from the manufacturer, distributors, and then retail, additional costs build up, raising the price of the label.

  • Available in smaller quantities/ no wholesale option

Another disadvantage of original labels, especially for business owners like you, is that it lacks an option for wholesale and customized purchases. You can surely buy bulk at your local stores, but without a chance of having discounts. 

Where to Buy Original Dymo Labels?

Authentic Dymo labels can be available locally from office retail stores like Costco, Staples, etc., or online through Amazon.

Compatible Dymo Labels

In contrast to authentic Dymo labels, compatible Dymo labels are manufactured by third-party companies. There are various manufacturers for compatible labels, so quality will not be the same for each company. 

In that case, make sure you keep your eyes on a compatible label manufacturer with good customer satisfaction and tested quality. 

Dymo 4XL Shipping Labels

: 220 Labels/Roll
: 4 x 6″
: Direct Thermal


  • Bang for the Buck labels

Compatible labels are available mostly online, direct from the manufacturer. With that, there are no added costs shouldered by the customers, such as retail mark-ups, distribution costs, and other factors that can affect the price. You get low-priced labels with no changes in quality. 

  • Available in custom orders/ wholesale

Since you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, there is no hassle in requesting bulk and wholesale orders. Moreover, who doesn’t want discounts? Buying larger quantities will ensure you large savings!

  • Good quality and customer service

Low prices do not always equate to bad-quality products. For compatible labels, lower costs mean you get what you pay for! The labels are of the same quality as genuine ones, cutting out unnecessary costs that burden the buyer’s budget. 


  • Not all compatible label brands are of good quality

WARNING: We cannot speak for all compatible label brands. In selecting a compatible label, make sure that you select the brands you trust. 

If you are an original Dymo label user shifting to compatible labels, always check out detailed specifications, product ratings, and customer reviews of compatible label brands

Dedicated compatible label brands are complete with these pieces of information, and also have great support for customers. Take the ones that are among the top label makers in the US, which can offer factory-priced Dymo compatible labels. 

Where to Buy Compatible Dymo Labels? 

Compatible Dymo labels are available mostly online, directly from the manufacturers. There are no distributors and retailers required, cutting costs without compromise of quality.

Why Choose Compatible Dymo Labels?

Great compatible label brands are a viable substitute for genuine labels for their competitive price at the same quality. 

Take a look at this example: 

If you buy Dymo compatible shipping labels, you pay $31.50 for 6 rolls, having 300 labels in every roll. On the other hand, buying a Dymo shipping label at Costco online costs $12.99 for a similar roll with 300 labels. 

Dymo 30256 Large White Shipping Labels
(300 labels per roll)
Genuine Dymo Label (Costco)


No. of rolls

Price per roll


6 rolls



1 roll


Comparing the two, you could save $7.74 from buying a compatible label roll rather than a genuine label. That’s 40% cheaper!

There is nothing to lose in purchasing a trusted brand of compatible labels. Instead, you get what is right on what you paid for, even more (with discounts!). We ensure that quality is never compromised with more affordable prices.

Wrapping Up

For office needs and business supplies, or home use, we highly suggest trying out compatible labels, aside from genuine labels. Yes, authentic Dymo labels are of high quality, but why go for an expensive one when you get the same benefits at a lower price? More than that, we offer special discounts for members and bulk purchases!

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