Printing shipping labels on eBay is one of the best tools you can harness to level up your services to your customers, and on your end, organize your business processes directly from the platform.


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eBay is a melting pot of shops that offer all types of household items sold at very affordable prices. For sellers, this platform is a treasure trove of various business possibilities. 

Selling in eBay, you can optimize your productivity if you wisely utilize all the platform’s features. For example, all the hard work exerted for order fulfillment can be minimized and instead devoted to marketing and sales or customer service once you maximize the print shipping labels tool. 

Printing shipping labels on eBay is one of the best features of this giant e-commerce platform. This feature saves you time by eliminating the need for trips to and from the carrier’s office. Printing your shipping labels through eBay also allows you to customize your carrier choice and packaging. You can also provide additional details such as order number and services such as Signature on Delivery. It also automatically tracks packages shipped with labels purchased via the platform. 

If you are a new or inexperienced seller of eBay, here is a step-by-step guide on using this feature with ease and maximizing the benefits of printing your labels. 

How to Print Shipping Labels on eBay

Option 1. Print eBay Labels using My eBay

Log In

    1. Log in to your eBay Account.
    2. Go to My eBay. 
    3. Go to Sell.
    4. Click on Shipping Labels or Sold.
    5. Select the order that you want to fulfill. 
    6. Click the Print shipping label button beside the order.

Fill up the form

    1. Check the buyer’s address and your return address and edit as necessary. Click Edit at the bottom of the address (Ship to or Ship From) that you want to edit. 
    2. Enter the package details such as weight (in lbs. and in oz.) and dimensions.
    3. Choose a carrier (USPS, FedEx, or UPS). 
    4. Click Ship On and enter the mailing date.

Choose the Right Paper Size. 

    1. On the right side of the page and below Order Details, click Show More. 
    2. The paper size is formatted at 8.5″ x11″ by default. If you want to change the size, click Change. Choose 4″ x6″ or 2″ x7″. 
    3. Click Save. 

Finalize your Label 

    1. Choose additional services (optional). Be mindful of the additional fees that you may incur. 
    2. Check your shipping costs and review the entries. 
    3. Once finalized, select Purchase and print label
    4. Click Print. Choose the correct printer and check the final format. 

If you do not want to print directly from eBay, you can also click download and open in another application (pdf or png reader) and print accordingly. 

In addition, you can create and print a packing slip. Click Open package slip.

Option 2. Print a shipping label on eBay using Seller Hub

    1. Log in to your eBay Account. 
    2. Select Seller Hub and click Orders
    3. Choose the order you want to fulfill. Click the Print shipping label button beside the order. 
    4. Enter the required information and check that all entries are correct. 
    5. Select Purchase and print label.

Option 3. Print shipping labels on eBay at once:

    1. Go to Seller Hub and Click Orders. 
    2. Select all the orders that you want to fulfill. 
    3. Click Print Shipping Labels or invoices from the Shipping drop-down bar.
    4. In the bulk shipping tool, check the details of each order and make edits as necessary. 
    5. Click Review Purchase to calculate the total cost.
    6. Click Confirm and pay.
    7. Click Print Labels.

Option 4. Reprint a label (free within 24 hours of purchase)

    1. Select Manage Shipping Labels
    2. Click Reprint. 

Pro Tips and Reminders When Printing Labels for Shipping


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  1. Prepare your printer, paper (self-adhesive or plain), tape/glue (for plain paper), item, and package.  
  2. Printing labels on eBay is more convenient using specialized printers and peel-and-stick paper. These shipping labels, such as those from Enko Products, are cost-effective and practical in the long run. But, if you are using a standard inkjet or laser printer and printing on bond paper, be sure to tape the label flat on the package. 
  3. Pack and weigh your items so you can choose the most cost-effective way to ship. Purchasing a scale gives you accurate weight readings and saves you money and time when filling the forms. 

How do eBay Shipping Labels for Postage Work? 

eBay gives you the option to print shipping labels for your choice of carrier. Available carriers include FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Once you purchase a shipping label, eBay charges you. It obliges you to pay using the available funds in your account or the registered payment method such as your PayPal account or credit/debit card. 

Once purchased and printed, you can attach the label to your package and drop it off at the carrier’s office or have it picked up by a postal worker. Once scanned by your carrier, you can track the movement of your package. 

Where to Find Cheap eBay Compatible Shipping Labels

If you are printing on a standard inkjet and laser printer, a standard bond paper measuring 8.5″ x11″ (letter size) is the best paper to use in printing your shipping labels. Self-adhesive papers are also available to print, peel, and stick the sheet shipping labels without tape or glue needed. 

If you are using specialized printers such as thermal printers for printing a shipping label from eBay’s website, you will also need a stock of 4″ x 6″ labels that come in rolls or stacks. Enko Products presents below the most popular thermal shipping labels perfect for printing shipping labels on eBay. 

Source: Enko Products

These labels come in 250 perfectly sized 4″ x 6.5″ per roll. The extra ¼ inch between each label contains perforations for easy tearing from the roll. The high quality and professional-looking white finish is smudge- and water-resistant. The blank shipping labels are self-adhesive and difficult to remove once attached to the surface of the package. 

These labels create images through direct thermal technology or heat produced by label printers such as Zebra, Eltron and other brands. Direct thermal printing does not require ribbons, toners, and inks, making it a cost-effective way to print shipping labels on eBay for multiple packages. 

Source: Enko Products

These labels are suitable for Dymo LabelWriter 4XL, popularly used to print shipping labels on eBay. The Dymo-compatible labels are printable using direct thermal technology or heat. The process does not need inks, toners, and ribbons to produce professional-looking premium shipping labels for your customers. 

The Dymo 1744907 comes in rolls of 200 labels which are pre-cut into 4″ x6″ sizes. These are self-adhesive, smudge-proof, water-resistant and meet or exceed OEM requirements for quality and performance. 

Source: Enko Products

These Brother/Brother QL printer-compatible labels are perfect for printing shipping labels from eBay. These 4″ x 6″ sized labels are Dura-Coated for durability and self-adhesive for easy print, peel, and stick.  

The Brother DK-1241 shipping labels come in 200 labels per roll, and they are also BPA-free and compatible with multiple Brother label printers. These are the cheaper but equally high-in-quality alternatives to the genuine 4″ x6″ Brother shipping labels. 

Get Shipping Labels Half the Price

Printing shipping labels on eBay offers sellers variable options to ship orders while saving on costs. You can browse Enko Products, a trusted partner of online sellers who opt to print shipping labels on eBay and various other e-commerce platforms, for affordable premium labels for shipping orders, organizing files, and inventory management. Most of our adhesive shipping labels are sold half the price with free shipping but offer the same quality and performance as other popular brands.

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