A laser printer is perfect for printing shipping labels for small businesses. These devices are affordable and reliable, and they are also powerful enough to get the job done. So if you want to use a laser printer for shipping labels, welcome to our blog!


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It’s no secret that small businesses need to be efficient and organized while keeping their expenses low in order to compete with larger companies. And if you are starting a small business, shipping labels are among the things that you need to deal with. The problem is, printing these labels can be time-consuming and expensive. So, going for faster but more affordable options will help you a lot.

That’s where laser printers come in! Not only are these printers affordable, but they’re also reliable and powerful enough to do the job. When used as label printers for shipping, they are capable of creating professional-looking labels fast while giving you more savings. Thus, there’s no need to go to a post office anymore because they can do everything for you! Know more about the benefits of using laser printers for your shipping labels and how to print one here!

Can Laser Printers Print Shipping Labels?

Of course, they can print shipping labels just like how they print any normal document on standard computer paper. You just need to buy labels that are made for laser printers. Besides, if you are looking for a small, affordable printer that can handle the task without breaking the bank, laser printers would be among your best options.

These devices are perfect for any office or home business and will help you get organized in style. With these machines, shipping labels print out quickly with great accuracy so there’s no need to worry about handwriting them yourself! Plus they come in an assortment of colors which means you’ll be able to find one that matches your aesthetic easily enough. 

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Half Sheet Shipping Label

: 200 (100 sheets)
: 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″
: Deskjet & Laser Printers

Are Laser Printers Good for Shipping labels?

Laser printers can do an excellent job in printing shipping labels (even better than inkjet printers). But, they also have their own disadvantages. To help you decide on your own if you want to continue going on this path, below are the pros and cons of laser printers for your reference:


  • They have compact designs and can fit in any space which makes them perfect for offices with limited spaces.
  • You can print shipping labels from any device anywhere in your network.
  • They are versatile, so they can print anything like packing slips, pick lists, and others aside from shipping labels from one printer.
  • They are faster compared to inkjet printers, especially the monochrome models. As they can print quickly, they will save you time when trying to complete multiple tasks at once.
  • Ink toners hold significant ink which allows you to print thousands of shipping labels before they will need any refilling.
  • Although the toners can be more expensive compared to ink cartridges, they yield more pages and can last longer. This means that they are more cost-efficient in the long run.


  • They are not always compatible with Mac or Linux operating systems which will limit their use.
  • Even though they print quickly, some models can take more than three minutes to warm up before they will print anything.
  • Some models can cost as much as $300 and the toner cartridges needed for printing are also expensive.
  • Color is considered a premium feature so color laser printers are more expensive.
  • While toner is cheaper than an inkjet cartridge, it is still expensive and affects shipping costs especially for high shipping volumes.

The Verdict

Laser printers can print faster and are better investments than inkjets if you print in high volumes. However, take note that laser printers also share the weaknesses of inkjet printers. But when we consider long-term investment, laser printers would be far superior to inkjets despite their higher initial prices.

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With enKo‘s half-sheet shipping labels, you can organize and manage your shipments with ease. Our labels come with permanent adhesives, so they’ll hold up through any mailing process. Plus, the rectangular bright white adhesive shipping labels make it easy to identify your parcels at a glance. 

These labels are also more economical alternatives to 5126 Avery shipping labels. Order now and get started on your hassle-free shipping today!

Which Laser Printer Is Best for Shipping Labels?

The best laser printer for printing shipping labels will depend on a few factors. One of these factors is speed. You will want a laser printer that can quickly print your labels to avoid delaying your shipments.

And of course, you would want to consider the price of the printer. The price-performance ratio is crucial in every small business. Find an affordable printer with low ink costs but can still provide professional prints. Also, consider the paper capacity of the printer if you want to print in bulk continuously without refilling the paper every once in a while.

In addition, you might want to check out our recommended laser printers for shipping labels below. One is a monochrome printer and the other one a color printer.


Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2300D

Source: Brother

Brother is known for its premium-quality products and their HL-L2300D black-and-white printer is one of them. One common complaint with laser printers is they are bulky and heavy. But with this printer, you can have a compact and lightweight shipping label printer while still getting impressive results.


    • Compact size that is perfect for homes and small offices.
    • Prints up to 27 pages per minute.
    • Great resolution of up to 600 x 2400 DPI.
    • It supports automatic duplex printing.
    • It has a 250-sheet paper tray capacity.
    • Hardly produces noise when printing which is great for workspaces.
    • Simple buttons for easy use.
    • Includes a toner-saving mode to help you economically use your toner.
    • Comes with affordable accessories in addition to its cheap price.


    • No LCD display.
    • Not compatible with mobile devices.
    • Hi-Speed USB connectivity option only.
    • It prints your laser printer shipping label in black and white only.


HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw

HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw

Source: HP

This printer is another fast and powerful laser printer you can use for printing half-sheet labels for shipping. It provides a lot of features including a responsive touch screen control panel, unlike our previous pick. 


    • A fast printing speed of up to 22 ppm (although slower than Brother HL-L2300D).
    • It supports auto-duplex printing.
    • It has a 250-sheet paper tray capacity.
    • Includes a high-resolution color touchscreen to make navigation easier.
    • Affordable toner with high-yield options available for longer-lasting toners.
    • Support for mobile printing.
    • Plenty of connectivity options like USB, Ethernet, and Wifi.
    • Low operating costs.


    • Up to 600 x 600 DPI only.
    • Long first print-out time.
    • Bulky and heavy since it is a color printer.

Wrapping Up

If you only need to print shipping labels for your small business every once in a while, you might want to consider purchasing a laser printer. Why? Because you probably don’t want to pay a significant amount of money for a label printer that you are only going to use occasionally.

A laser printer can provide you with professional printing results and enough other features that make it ideal for your shipping needs. You might also want to check out our blog about How to Label a Box for Shipping: Best Guide here.

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