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Created as an invention by chance, the bubble cushion wrap has become one of the most useful packaging and moving materials. What is a bubble cushion wrap exactly? Where can you use them? How can you use it properly? Here’s everything you should know about bubble cushion wraps.

Known by many names, bubble cushion wraps are also called bubble cushioning wraps, bubble films, bubble packs, bubble cloth, air bubble packing, bubble wrapping, air-cushioning films, or aeroplast. Used greatly in packaging, bubble wrap is an air-filled sheet material made with plastic. It is coated on items or packages, serving as a cushion to protect the item from potential damage. 

Surely you’ve seen these and had fun popping them for relaxation and amusement. But we’ll go deeper into it and learn how it works. 

How Does Bubble Wrap Work?

Bubble wraps work as a protection for items, providing cushioning to prevent damage to items during transport. Bubble wraps are mostly made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This plastic is commonly used in packaging applications such as plastic bags, cases and trays, and the waterproof layer of milk and juice cartons.

There is a wide usage of bubble cushion wraps in packaging as it is very versatile. With bubble wraps, you can wrap virtually any item of any shape and size.

Bubble Cushioning Wrap
36 feet/Roll with 20 Fragile Labels

: 12″ x 36 ft
: Yes

How to Use Bubble Cushion Wrap Roll

Make sure you wrap with the bubble side facing the object. This way, the flat side will protect the bubbles from being popped. The bubble is preserved and will serve as the cushion against any shock or bumps during transport. 

Here are the steps on how to package using bubble cushion wraps:

    1. Place the item you want to pack on a flat surface.
    2. Measure and prepare your bubble wrap according to the item. Make sure that its size is large enough to cover the item more than once. 
    3. Layout your bubble wrap having the flat side on the surface and the bubble side upwards.
    4. Take your item and place it on the bubble wrap. The bubble side should be inside, touching the item. 
    5. Wrap the package multiple times. Make sure to cover all edges and surfaces of the item. Do not worry about using “too much” bubble wrap, as it is better to overcompensate for the wrap than having a broken item. 
    6. You can use another sheet of bubble wrap to make sure everything is covered.
    7. Tape the bubble wrap to hold them in place. It is best to keep the item intact, even if wrapped in bubble wrap. Doing so prevents any damages like scratching. You can then package your item into a box, plastic bag, etc. 


What Is the Best Bubble Wrap for Packing and Shipping?

There is no single best bubble wrap for packing. However, depending on the size and type of item you are packing, you can opt for a specific type of bubble wrap. You can read more below as there are several variations for bubble wraps.

Bubble Wrap Types


Standard/ General Purpose Bubble Wraps

The most common type of bubble wrap, the standard bubble packaging wrap, is the most economical option for its cheap pricing but strong enough to handle most items. 


Low-grade Bubble Wraps

This bubble wrap is only used to protect against scratches and other minimal damage. Contrary to what bubble wraps are made for, this type does not provide cushioning to your packages. 


High-Grade Bubble Wraps

This type is made to deal with heavier items or products that are more fragile. Also known as strong-grade bubble wraps, it is made of stronger and thicker plastic, and has more durable bubbles.


Anti-Static Bubble Wraps

Specially made for electronic items, anti-static bubble wraps prevent the buildup of static electricity. Common materials, such as plastics, can build electrostatic discharge (ESD) once they are rubbed together. In transportation, this can occur very often, which can be detrimental to gadgets. 


Bubble Pouches

Bubble pouches, or bubble envelopes, are convenient packaging materials. It is a plastic pouch and bubble wrap combined. They are also common with shipping small items.

Foam Wrap Pouches

: 12″ x 12″
: 50


Foam-Backed Bubble Wraps

Used for extra protection, foam-backed bubble wraps are a better substitute for standard bubble wraps. The foam lining provides additional cushioning without the need for more space. The foam-backed wraps are best used for items with delicate finishes prone to scratching. 

Foam Wrap Cushioning Roll

: 12″ x 600″
: Yes


Self-Adhesive Bubble Packaging Wraps

This type of bubble wrap is a combination of standard bubble wrap and double-sided tapes. The self-adhesive wrap is best used for items that need to be kept stable and intact during transport. Some of these items may include fragile items like glass and furniture. These bubble wraps are also more convenient to use as compared to using double-sided tapes as the adhesive side is easier to remove. 


Temperature-Controlled Bubble Wraps

Temperature-controlled bubble wraps are used to insulate heat from the outside of the packaging. Most temperature-controlled bubble wrap use foil as the insulating material to protect any sensitive item from deterioration during transportation. This is commonly used for food/ ingredients, paintings, documents, and other temperature-sensitive items. 


FDA-Grade Bubble Wraps

Designed for food packaging, FDA-Grade bubble wraps are the safe variety for any food item such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, chocolates, and others. 

Bubble Wrap Sizing (Small, Medium, & Large Bubble Wrap)

There are also different bubble wraps according to bubble size. Each has its special use cases. Please refer to each of them below. 

Bubble Size
Good For

Smallest Bubbles 

  • 1/16” thick
  • 1/8” diameter
  • Scratch Protection
  • Glassware and other items that need to be protected against scratches
  • Small items

Tiny Bubbles 

  • ⅛” thick
  • Impact and Shock Protection for Small Items
  • Small items and lightweight items
  • Electronics, tablets, smartphone screens, and other lightweight gadgets

Small Bubbles 

  • Standard Bubble Size 
  • 3/16” thick
  • ⅜” diameter
  • Most common
  • Multipurpose/ General Purpose
  • Medium-Weight Items

Medium Bubbles 

  • 5/16” thick
  •  1” thick diameter
  • Drop and Impact Protection
  • Damping for vibrations and impact
  • Filling spaces in moving boxes 

Large Bubbles 

  • 1/2-inch thick bubble
  • 1¼-inch diameter
  • Drop and Impact Protection
  • Largest bubble size available
  • Great cushion for medium-weight items
  • Used for filling large spaces

Wrapping Up

Bubble cushion wraps are undeniably very valuable packaging materials. Now that you have a glimpse of everything about them, you can opt for the ideal bubble wrap according to your needs. Moreover, make sure you choose your bubble wrap with the best quality and price. 

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