The Dymo 30256 label is clustered among shipping labels. Although it is not the standard type used for postage, it has plenty of applications outside of the shipping industry. Like other Dymo labels, it has unique gap indicators to help its namesake printers function properly. It likewise has a clean, die-cut, round-edged rectangular shape that lets users create fabulous-looking business labels every time.

Dymo 30256 compatible labels have similar qualities and comparable performance, but they are supplied by third-party manufacturers and at much lower prices.

Here, we explain other things that make the Dymo 30256 and its compatible labels great for commercial labeling.

What Is the Size of a Dymo Label 30256?

Every Dymo 30256 label has a measurement of 2-5/16” x 4”. Each roll has 300 labels and an inner core diameter of 1”, so they fit snugly inside Dymo printers.

What Are the Common Uses of Dymo Shipping Labels 30256?

Dymo 30256 labels are grouped with shipping labels. However, standard US postage labels today have dimensions of 4” x 6” and 8.5” x 5.5”. They bear important information that must be printed big enough to ensure readability. So when sending packages, you are more likely to use Dymo 30256 labels for domestic deliveries or as supplementary package labels, e. g. warning tags for hazardous substances in transit.

These thermal stickers are also used as:

    • School badges
    • Visitor’s passes
    • Asset tags
    • Warehouse management tags
    • Medicine and blood bank labels
    • Warning labels for faulty equipment

Dymo 30256 labels are available in various colors. They are highly customizable, so they have many uses in business.


Is the Adhesive Used on 30256 Dymo Labels Permanent?

The adhesive used on Dymo 30256 labels can remain tacky for years. But they will come off when mechanically removed or exposed to extreme temperatures and organic solvents. To ensure that your labels stay on for a long time, apply them on clean surfaces only.

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What Are the Recommended Printers for These Labels?

Some would say that Dymo 30256 labels are “perfectly compatible” with small-label makers like the Dymo LabelWriter 450 series. Note that the maximum print width of these printers is only 2.2”, while the width of Dymo 30256 labels is 2.3”. You could encounter frequent jams and print sizing problems trying to cram these labels into small devices.

To minimize label jams and maximize print space, it would be better to use these stickers on a Dymo LabelWriter 4XL, which has a maximum print width of 4.16”.

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How Do You Print on Dymo 30256 Compatible Labels?

Printing on Dymo 30256 labels starts with proper printer loading:

  1. Power up your Dymo label printer.
  2. Open the top cover.
  3. Detach the spool under the printer’s cover.
  4. Remove the spindle from inside the spool.
  5. Place your Dymo 30256 label roll on the spindle so that it enters the feed slot by its narrow edge, face-down.
  6. Put the spindle and roll inside the spool, making sure that the labels fit snugly.
  7. Replace the spool in its slot beneath the printer cover.
  8. Align the left edge of the first label with that of the label feed slot. Insert this label into the slot. The printer feeds automatically once it senses the label.
  9. Lock the label roll in its place by sliding the right label guide toward it.
  10. Close the printer shut.

Use the Dymo Label™ software to design your Dymo 30256 labels. Now you’re ready to print!

How Do You Print on Dymo 30256 Compatible Labels

The Bottomline: Why Should You Get Dymo 30256 Compatible Labels?

Dymo 30256 labels have wide applications in business. Their dimensions make them perfect for creating secondary shipping labels, ID badges, inventory tags, healthcare labels, warning labels and many others. They not only have that professional die-cut look but also an adhesive that can remain tacky for years. They are easy to design and load into a Dymo printer. If you’re looking for multi-purpose labels, the Dymo 30256 is an excellent choice.

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