Choosing the right Avery Address Labels for the right job is key to creating and printing successful address labels. If you do, you can print high-volume customized labels with Avery address labels in a single printing process.


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Avery ® offers a catalog of address and return labels for different mailing needs at their shop. The company also designs address labels in different finishes and self-adhesive sheets printable in inkjet and laser printers.

This article presents the steps on how to create Avery address labels and make the process easy using Avery address label creator software and common document processing software, Word and Excel.

What size are Address labels from Avery?

The first step to learning how to make Avery address labels is to determine the label size you will use. Before you can lay out labels, Avery Design and Print Online or Word will prompt you to enter the size of your address labels.

They will help the software identify the address labels template you will use to format and put the address information and other personalized items. Below are the most common sizes of Avery address labels that you can use to print your address labels and stickers perfect for cards, tags, envelopes, and the like.

Avery Template 5195

Return Address Labels

2/3″ x 1-3/4″

60 per Sheet, White

How to make Address labels from Avery

Avery Design and Print Online is a software specially engineered to provide creative templates, import data sources from Excel, and create labels and stickers efficiently and beautifully.

You have multiple options to choose from designing an Avery label from scratch to creating a pre-designed label. Here are the easy steps on how to make Avery address labels using this software.

  1. Open Avery Design and Print Online.
  2. Start a new project by typing the Avery product number.  
  3. Choose from the available templates by clicking Select this Design
  4. Click the text box and customize its size to fit the address you want to print. 
  5. Click the edge of the text box and click Import Data from the menu bar. 
  6. Choose the spreadsheet file which contains the address list you want to import to Avery.
  7. Uncheck the data you do not want to include in your address label.
  8. Arrange your data by dragging the selected field on the left to the right bar. If you want to delete a wrongly-placed field, delete the field. 
  9. Review and Edit. Click Finish once you have finalized the format of your address label. 
  10. Use Edit All to make changes on all the labels or Edit One to make changes on an individual label. 
  11. Click Save
  12. Click Preview & Print
  13. To customize your address labels using the Printer options, click Print It Yourself. To have Avery print your address labels, click Let Us Print and have the company print and deliver the printed address labels to your home or office. Check out the labels available in Avery’s WePrint feature.

Follow the same steps as your guide on making your labels. 

(a) How do I print addresses on Avery Labels in Microsoft Word?

If you do not have an account with Avery, you can print using Word. Here is how to print Avery address labels from Word.

1. Open your Word. Select New > Blank Document

2. Click Mailings > Labels. Enter the information needed for an address label. When printing a single label, select Single Label and choose the row and column where the label prints on the label sheet. 

3. Click Options. In Label Options, select the type of label sheet that you are going to use when printing your address.

In the Label vendors, click the down button to choose among the following options:

    • Avery A4/A5
    • Avery US Letter
    • Avery Zweckform

Find the product number specified on the Avery address labels you are going to use for printing.

4. Click OK once you have chosen your Label Options

5. Click Print.

You can use the Mail Merge tool to generate a mailing list from your data source. Here are the easy steps on how to print address labels from Word using Mail Merge.

  1. Open your Word document > Black document.
  2. Go to Mailings > Select Recipients > Use Existing List. Choose the data source you want to use for printing your address labels. Click Open.
  3. Select the table > click OK to confirm
  4. Go to Mailings > Address Block to insert the information you want to insert into your address labels. You can also go to Mailings > Insert Merge Field and enter the information from your data source that you want to include in your address labels and omit the fields you do not want to include.
  5. Click Mailings > Labels.
  6. Click Options. In Label Options, select the type of label sheet that you are going to use when printing your address. 
  7. Click OK once you have chosen your Label Options
  8. Click Print.

(b) How to print Avery address labels from an Excel Sheet

You can also use a mailing list organized and saved in your Excel Spreadsheet and import the data to your Avery Design & Print. Follow these steps on how to make Avery address labels from your Excel mailing list.

  • Open an Excel spreadsheet with your mailing list. 
  • Launch the add-in. 
  • Click Export Now
  • Go to Avery Design & Print
  • Select the Avery product and product number you will use as a template. You will use the same Avery product when printing the address labels. 
  • Customize the labels. 
  • Click Print.

You can also link your Excel spreadsheet mailing list to Word using the Microsoft Mail Merge Wizard. Refer to the previous section on how to import Excel sheet data to Word and how to make Avery address labels.

Avery Compatible Address Labels from enKo Products

Aside from learning how to make Avery address labels, you also need to shop for address labels that are compatible with Avery templates without breaking the bank.

Enko Products offers Avery address labels at a fraction of the cost and at the quality that meets the performance of the genuine labels. We recommend the following Avery Address Labels and stickers perfect for Christmas cards, tags, and envelopes, available from our shop:

Custom Address Labeling made Easy

Avery address labels offer label printing solutions to different mailing needs, from labeling specialty cards and tags to letter envelopes. You can get high-quality, self-adhesive sheets from Avery and print customized stickers from your inkjet and laser printers from our shop.

With affordable and top-quality Avery-compatible address labels from Enko, you get a great value on every address label you shop for.

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