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Word, Excel, and Quickbooks are among the most efficient, most accessible, and most common document processors used in different business environments. These document processors have built-in tools that can help you create and print address labels quickly without needing to introduce separate software into your system.

Choosing pre-cut self-adhesive address labels works best when printing addresses using Word, Excel, and Quickbooks. But, unlike printing most documents, printing address labels from Word, Excel, and Quickbooks can be tricky using different kinds of paper and paper sizes fit for your different types of mailing needs.

This article will present tips on how to print address labels efficiently and directly from your mailing database in Word, Excel, and Quickbooks into a sheet of standard-sized address labels.

How to Setup your Printer to Print Address Labels?

Windows 10 is compatible with most printers. You can print documents once you connect your PC or home network with your printer. You can also install the special printer software, additional drivers, and support to start printing.

We list the steps below to set up your printer if you cannot find your printer among the printer options.

Set up a Local Printer

You can start printing right away by connecting the device to your PC for most printers.

  1. Connect your printer USB cord to the USB port of your PC
  2. Turn on your printer
  3. On your PC, select Start
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Click Devices
  6. Select Printers & Scanners
  7. Open the Printer & Scanners Settings
  8. Click Add a printer or scanner
  9. Select the printer that you want to use
  10. Select Add device

Set up a Bluetooth, network, or wireless printer

If you are using a printer on a network, Windows will immediately detect that printer if your PC is on the same network. Windows will list the printers on Bluetooth, wireless, or network connection as available on a shared network. Installing these printers will require a key or password to access.

  1. On your PC, click the Start button. 
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click Devices
  4. Select Printers & Scanners
  5. Select Printers & Scanners Settings
  6. Click Add a printer or scanner
  7. Select the printer you want to use
  8. Select Add Device


  • Make sure your printer connects to the same network as your printer. Once your printer and PC are on the same network, your PC’s Office will immediately detect and install the PC. 
  • Make sure your printer settings allow multiple user access. 
  • If your printer does not show in the shared network, install the printer using the manufacturer’s manual that came with the printer or go to the Support center or website of your printer’s manufacturer for instructions.

How to Print Address Labels from Excel, Word, & Quickbooks

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(a) How to print address labels from Excel

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is a very efficient tool for organizing data in many forms, including maintaining a mailing list. Excel also allows printing address labels for mass mailing from your mailing list through its Microsoft Word mail merge feature.

The mail merge transfers the data from your Excel into a template sheet of address labels ready for printing. Here are the steps on how to print address labels in Excel. 

Step1. Organize your data in a spreadsheet.

Before printing, prepare your data in your Excel spreadsheet and configure the data in your Word document. To organize your data, here are some tips:

  • Add data to your mail list using the first sheet in Excel or Sheet 1
  • Organize the column names to match the data in the fields you want to add to your address labels. 
  • Format the ZIP code correctly in Excel, allowing Word to recognize the values as postal codes. 
  • Save your Excel spreadsheet mailing list on your PC Documents > My Data Sources.
  • Save any changes or additions to your Excel mailing list before using the mail merge tool in Word.

Step 2. Connect your Excel mailing list to your Mail Merge tool.

To Edit your mailing list, follow the steps below. 

    1. Open your Word Document. 
    2. Click Mailings
    3. Click Edit Recipient List. 
    4. In the Mail Merge Recipients, uncheck the boxes of the names of the persons you do not want to include in your mailing list for printing. Simple click on the checkbox to remove the names from your mailing list. You can also add new entries to your Mail Merge Recipients list. Click OK after editing and finalizing your list.

To pull information from Excel and Insert data into your Mail Merge, follow the steps below. 

    1. Open your Word Document. 
    2. Go to Mailings
    3. Click Address Block
    4. Customize your address block using the options in the dialog box. Click OK once you have finalized the format. 
    5. Save your File. 

Step 3. Preview and Save Mail Merge.

Your next step on how to print address labels from Excel is to preview your final mailing list. Follow the steps below. 

    1. Click Mailings
    2. Select Preview Results
    3. Click the left and right arrows to scan through the data in your mailing list and preview your document’s final format. 
    4. Click Finish & Merge
    5. Click Print Documents

To print multiple labels from Word, refer to How to print address labels from Word for more tips. 

(b) How to print address labels from Word

If you want to print multiple address labels in a sheet of pre-sized, self-adhesive labels, follow the steps below. 

1. Open your Word. Select New > Blank Document

2. Click Mailings > Labels.

3. Enter the information needed for an address label. When printing a single label, select Single Label and choose the row and column where the label prints on the label sheet. 

4. Click Options. In Label Options, select the type of label sheet that you are going to use when printing your address.

5. Click OK once you have chosen your Label Options

6. Click Print.


You can use the Mail Merge tool to generate a mailing list from your data source. Here are the steps on how to print address labels from Word using Mail Merge.

1. Open your Word document > Black document

2. Go to Mailings > Select Recipients > Use Existing List. Choose the data source you want to use for printing your address labels. Click Open.

3. Select the table > click Ok to confirm

4. Go to Mailings > Address Block to insert the information you want to insert into your address labels. You can also go to Mailings > Insert Merge Field and enter the information from your data source that you want to include in your address labels and omit the fields you do not want to include.  

5. Click Mailings > Labels

6. Click Options. In Label Options, select the type of label sheet that you are going to use when printing your address. 

7. Click OK once you have chosen your Label Options

8. Click Print.

(c) How to print address labels from Quickbooks

Quickbooks is another great tool to organize and print your address labels. Here are the steps on how to print address labels in Quickbooks.

  1. Open Quickbooks
  2. Click File
  3. Select Print Forms
  4. Select Labels
  5. From your options, choose the labels that you want to print.
  6. Click OK
  7. On Settings, set up your options. 
  8. Click Print.

You can also print address labels from your Customer List in Quickbooks Online. Here are the steps. 

  1. Sign in to your Quickbooks Online. 
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Search for Customer Contact List.
  4. Select Customize
  5. In the Rows/Columns section, check the box next to the Billing and Shipping Address.
  6. Under Filter, check the box next to Customer and choose All. Click Run Report.
  7. Click the Print or Export icon.

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(d) How to Print Address labels on Mac

Printing address labels on Mac is a quick and easy process using the Mac Contacts App. Here are the steps on how to print labels on Mac.

  1. Open the Contacts app on your Mac. 
  2. Select a contact or a group of contacts. The Contact app will only print contact cards with addresses. 
  3. Click File > Print
  4. Click Style and select Mailing Labels. Another option is to click Show Details and select Mailing Labels
  5. Customize your address labels by clicking Layout or Label
  6. Click Print

Where to Find Affordable Address Label Options

We provided in the previous sections an in-depth guide on how to print address labels from Excel, Work, and Quickbooks. Part of the steps is to choose the type of address labels you will use when printing addresses for different mailing needs. 

Enko Products is the best shop to purchase different types of address labels, mailing adress labels, and return address labels. We recommend our bestselling high-quality pre-cut, self-adhesive, and heavy-duty address labels for specialized direct thermal printers and regular printers. Enko specializes in compatible labels that perform as well as genuine products at a lower price.

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