Based on our experience as a US manufacturer of sheet labels, we’re going to exhaust every sweatdrop to provide you with a clever breakdown of Generic Sheet Labels vs Avery® Labels.

Generic sheet labels are highly sought after because of their substantial quality at a low price. How different they are with Avery labels is still an abyssal mystery worth knowing for some entrepreneurs and business owners. 

So today, we’ll explore the difference between generic sheet labels vs Avery labels. Think they’re much too different? Let’s find out in terms of quality, price, accessibility, and template options.

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Avery Sheet Labels

Original sheet labels from Avery means they are directly supplied by the company. As the original source of these labels, Avery prides itself on being the world’s leading manufacturer of self-adhesive sheet labels. Without a doubt, Avery sheet labels are the genuine source of sheet labels having crisp quality. 


  • Quality Guaranteed

There’s less probability of acquiring poor-quality stocks as you’re directly dealing with the original manufacturer. Avery is a trusted company with excellent quality labels.

  • Customer Support

For decades, Avery has been the go-to place for buying sheet labels. As a long-standing business, they’ve already established their reputation not only in quality but also in good customer support. 


  • They are more expensive

Not that expensive is the ultimate con here, but for a quality that’s almost comparable with generic labels, won’t you agree that it’s better to choose generic labels to save some cash? 

Where to Buy Original Avery Sheet Labels?

You can buy authentic Avery sheet labels through their website, Walmart, Staples, Amazon, Target, and Office Depot.

Generic Sheet Labels

Generic sheet labels are unbranded labels that are compatible with Avery labels but are sold at a much lower price point. Currently, the market is flocking with a lot of compatible sheet labels but not all of them are manufactured equal so you need to choose a reliable supplier wisely.

As with this info in mind, you’d probably think generic sheet labels are with inferior properties than the branded sheet label, but this is just an old-school myth.

To tip you a little secret, the production equipment, and materials used by some third-party manufacturers are actually the same as branded sheet labels manufacturers. They go through the same quality control process as well. The only difference is the brand attached to a product. 

Hence, high-quality generic sheet labels have comparatively the same cut, material, and template as the branded ones.

To further convince you into that reality, let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of generic sheet labels.


  • Cost-Effective

Compatible sheet labels are usually available directly from a 3rd-party manufacturer. What you’re paying for won’t usually cover the branding, marketing, distribution costs, and other things that chunk up the price. You get the same quality at a cheaper cost.

Let’s take the popular 1” x 4” sheet labels as an example. At Walmart, you can buy genuine Avery sheet labels at $33.43. While at enKo Products, compatible Avery sheet labels only cost $9+ Free Shipping. This saves you around 73% on your labeling expenses when you buy labels from us.

1” x 4” Avery 5161 Sheet Label
Compatible Avery Label
Avery Sheet Label (Walmart)


No. of labels


2,000 labels


2,000 labels

Avery 5161® Compatible Labels

: 20
: 2000
: 1″ x 4″
: Deskjet & Laser Printers
  • Bulk Buying Without a Hassle

Since you’re directly communicating with a label manufacturer, you can easily tap into the best wholesale prices. This is especially beneficial for business owners and office procurers who need to order bulk sheet labels at a fair value.

As a label manufacturer ourselves, we do offer a lot of bulk buying options whether you need 10 packs, 50 packs, 100 packs, 200 packs, or even 500+ packs. Check out our Avery Labels Cross-Reference List for Bulk Orders.

  • Loyalty Card

The most important aspect in anyone’s business is the relationship they keep with a supplier. You wouldn’t want to spend time and effort researching and trying out one supplier to another. What makes generic sheet label suppliers unique is their ability to provide good quality products and maintain business contacts. 

Couple that with the competition, most suppliers would go to greater lengths to maintain a customer – even offering longer-term warranties and huge discount opportunities to keep customers.


  • Trust Issues

As we cannot speak for every generic brand out there, you would have to test the waters by yourself. So at first, when you’re still searching for someone to supply your sheet labels, you’d want to verify if the supplier is reliable. Initially, order a sample or only a handful of sheet labels, test if it works for you, before ordering in bulk.

At enKo Products, we do have complete specifications of all our shipping and labeling products that customers would need. We have been supplying wholesale-priced Avery compatible sheet labels and have acquired a good spot in the market industry. Check out our reviews. enKo Products offer:

Where to Buy Generic Sheet Labels?

Generic sheet labels are everywhere nowadays. You can buy sheet labels online from direct manufacturers. 

To reiterate, you only need to choose a reliable supplier that won’t rob your money’s worth with mediocre-made labels. At enKo Products, you won’t make that mistake.

Difference Between Generic Sheet Label Template vs Avery Label Template

There’s no difference between generic sheet label templates and the original Avery templates. 

In the US, most standard Avery sheet labels come on the following paper:

  • 8.5” x 11” (letter), 
  • 8.5 × 14” (Legal), 
  • 11×17″ (Tabloid), 
  • 297 x 210mm (A4), or 
  • 420 x 297mm (A3)

These sheets are loaded onto an inkjet or laser printer and can print 1, 2, 15, 30, 60 labels per sheet or more. This goes the same with compatible Avery label templates.

For example, the original Avery 5160 and Avery ® 5160 Compatible sheet labels both have 30 labels per sheet, with a format of 3 columns and 10 labels per column. Both measure 1 x 2-⅝ inches per label and can be printed with designs using inkjet or laser printer.

Some vendors even provide downloadable printing templates in AI, PDF, WORD, PHOTOSHOP DOC, and OPEN DOCUMENT format while others don’t.

Wrapping Up Tips

You wouldn’t want to end up in a nightmarish story like some business owners who have had their labels drop off their products during shipment. 

If you’re onto using cheaply-priced Avery compatible labels make sure you’re dealing with a reliable supplier or manufacturer as labeling applications are crucial in businesses. 

  1. When buying Avery compatible labels, always make sure to test the product first if you like the quality and price. 
  2. When switching from the original Avery sheet label to a generic brand, also make sure that the template is the same in terms of label dimension and spacing.

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