Want to print Amazon FBA fnsku labels for your products? Using an ordinary desktop printer may not be the ideal way to go. The FBA software will always line up the labels for printing above the first column, which becomes problematic. Because if you aren’t printing all 30 labels on one go, you won’t be able to use the blank labels from other columns! That is one of the biggest challenges when you use Amazon’s FBA software with a conventional printer.

The best solution to this problem is investing in a dedicated label printer. This kind of printer was made for one purpose only, and that is to print labels. It makes printing Amazon FBA labels faster, easier, and more economical.

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Printing Amazon FBA Labels using Dymo and Zebra

Two of the most popular label printer brands on the market today are Dymo and Zebra. Their printers allow you to print precisely the amount of labels you need, no more, no less. And since they use direct thermal technology, you can create thousands of labels daily without using any ink or cartridge. You get to save more time and money and stay ahead of schedule with your shipments!

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There are three ways you can use to print Amazon FBA labels using a Dymo or Zebra label printer. The first two methods are relatively the same, while the third one is very different. This article will feature the first method as it is the one that is the quickest and most convenient. It’s also the most popular method among Amazon FBA sellers. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Amazon Seller Central and log in on your account.
  2. Go to Inventory and select the product that you want to print your labels.
  3. Click the Edit option on the left side of the product and click the Send Replacement Inventory. On the Send/Replenish inventory page, go to the Number of Labels to print column and enter the amount you need for your product.
  4. Select the appropriate label size option for printing by clicking the rectangular bar at the bottom of the page. For thermal printers like Dymo and Zebra, you can choose 40 as a standard size. If you need smaller prints, you can select 44 and 27 or 24 for bigger ones.
  5. Click the Print labels for this page, which is a yellow button located on the right side of the print size option bar. After clicking, Amazon will then send you a PDF file that features the labels for printing.
  6. Click Edit located at the top of the file and select the Take a Snapshot option. Using your mouse, adjust the area of snapshot until it covers the entire label
  7. Enter Control + P (the shortcut command for Print) from your keyboard to launch the Print menu.
  8. Adjust the Print settings accordingly to your needs. You can select Portrait or Landscape for Orientation and Fit or Actual size for Page Sizing and Handling, depending on what works best for you.
  9. On the Print menu, make sure to do these two essential settings.
    i) Choose Selected graphic from the more options bar and 
    ii) Select the right size for your label under the Page Setup
  10. Click Print, and your Zebra or Dymo printer will start creating the Amazon FBA labels.

Final Thoughts

Zebra and Dymo label printers can help you save time, energy, and money, especially when you’re shipping at least 20 packages every week. There are printers that can print more than 70 labels per minute such as Dymo Labelwriter 450 Label Turbo Printer so you don’t have to wait long to finish the job. They will also save you from the painstaking ordeal of aligning your blank labels on your label sheet when using the PDF software from Amazon.

When it comes to money, you won’t be using any ink or cartridge whatsoever, lowering your printing expenses. Since they use thermal technology, there’s no need to purchase ink or toner for your Amazon FBA labels.

The time and money you save will add up, especially if you’re working on a large scale shipping project. In less than a year, you’ll already be enjoying the ROI from your printer. And if you decide to purchase your labels from Enko Products, your savings will become even BIGGER because of our low-priced offerings and discounts!

In terms of the right label printer, there are plenty of great options available. The DYMO 4XL labels printer is an excellent pick if your shipments are lower than 500 units weekly. For large scale, commercial uses, the Zebra GC420d labels printer is a superb option. 

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