how to print etsy shipping labels with rollo printer

Rollo is extremely popular among resellers and people who do plenty of shipping, and for a good reason. The thermal printer offers one of the fastest, most dependable, and economical way to print labels! You can print 60 Rollo 4×6 labels per minute with the same quality that major couriers demand. And since it uses Advanced Direct Thermal Technology, there’s no need to purchase expensive ink and cartridges.

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The printer follows a patented design that leans on ease and convenience. The initial set-up takes just 5 minutes to finish, and its sleek and modern look is a welcome sight to any workplace. With fast and affordable printing and almost zero maintenance requirements, it’s the perfect solution to all your shipping and packaging needs!

Printing Rollo Labels with Etsy

Rollo will surely help your shipping and printing life a lot easier. So you can start creating Rollo 4×6 labels with Etsy, follow these steps:


Step # 1. Initial setup

To set up your printer, turn off your Rollo and plug in its power cable to a power supply. Connect the USB cable from the printer to your computer, and the process is complete.

Step # 2. Load Label

Push the Blue button at the side to open the top cover. Load the paper inside and make sure that the side you are printing on is facing up. Adjust the tabs as you need to and then close the top.

Step # 3. Launch Automatic Label Identification

In this step, Rollo will start learning your label. You only need to complete the process once unless you want to switch to another label. After loading the sheet inside the printer, press the power button at the top, and let go. Rollo will start feeding the paper. Once it stops, this means that the identification is complete.

Step # 4. Install Printer Driver

Download the printer driver from Rollo’s website and install it on your computer. You can download the driver here. Launch the downloaded file from your computer and follow the step-by-step installation guide to complete the process.

Step # 5. Purchase Label from Etsy

Purchase your Rollo printer labels from Etsy and launch it on your computer. Click on the Print tab and make sure to select Thermal Printer as your printer option. And finally, make sure that your paper size option is 4”x 6”. Click Print and Rollo will start producing 4×6 direct thermal labels instantly.

Rollo Compatible Fanfold Labels

: 500 Labels/Pack
: 4″ x 6″
: Direct Thermal

Final Thoughts

Now you know how fast and easy it is to create Rollo printer labels with Etsy. The system is pretty straightforward and can help you save a lot of time and money. With a regular desktop printer, you’ll have to cut your printed labels down to the right size before you can stick them on the box. Now, this may not sound like a lot of work, but if you’re working on large volumes of packages, it will add up and eat a lot of your time. 

With a Rollo printer, though, it takes just two seconds to print a professional label that’s ready for shipping! This incredible machine will spit out all your 4 x 6 labels with prints that are as clear, crisp, and visible as those from major couriers. 

There’s no need to use ink and toner to get the job done, lowering your printing costs tremendously. All you need is the right Rollo labels for the job, and you can start printing right away! And if you purchase them here at Enko Products, you can enjoy even BIGGER savings with our low-priced offerings and discounts!

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