Products labeling is an important part of all manufactured products. It is used to properly communicate your product’s value to consumers. In fact, it is among the most effective communication ways between your brand and your customers. So if you want to watch your sales escalate, you need to focus on how you can maximize labeling to make your products stand out on the shelves.

Also, product labels contain important information that influences a consumer’s purchase decision. From budget-conscious to health-conscious consumers, labels play a big role in assisting them in choosing the right products. Let’s learn more about product labels and their importance below.

Food Label Gives Vital Product Information

What Is Product Labeling?

Product labeling is the application of a label on a product. Labels contain written information about the product which can be found on its packaging, container, or the product itself. It is among the key features in marketing that provides customers necessary details about the product such as instructions, ingredients, and uses.

One thing to note is that product labeling is not the same as product packaging. Product labels are PART of the packaging. The packaging can contain your logo, your brand colors, the package’s material and shape, and others while the product label is the written part. However, this does not mean that product labels are plain written information. You can create them in various shapes, materials, and sizes too.

Moreover, product labeling can either be composed of a few lines only or a long and very detailed written information about the product. The laws concerning the required information that you need to include in your product labeling are mainly regulated by the Food and Drugs Administration. You can read more on labeling on our Understanding Labels and the Basics of Labeling blog.


Parts of a Product Label

As mentioned earlier, product labels need to meet certain requirements. Below are the most important ones:


Product Name

Product names should be displayed on the front portion of the package. It describes the actual content of the packaging. For product names that don’t clearly communicate the packaging’s content, you need to include a short description near the name.

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Brand Name

Of course, this should be included in front of your label. Putting your brand name helps spread brand awareness which can boost your company’s sales.


Contact Information

Here’s why you need to put your company’s contact information and physical address to your product labels:

- For Improved Traceability

Product labels allow government agencies to easily contact you in case of issues regarding your products or any other serious problem.

- For Customers to Reach You

Customers can give reviews and suggestions that can help you improve your products by reaching out to you. Complaints can also be easily dealt with and this helps you keep your business’ reputation clean.


Series Name

You need to include your product’s series name somewhere on your label if it belongs to a series. Although you don’t have to make it as obvious as the product or brand names, you need to make sure that it is visible enough and identifiable. 



Are you planning to sell products in stores dealing with large amounts of inventory? Then you will be needing a barcode. Major retailers or warehouses will not accept products with no barcodes because it would be hard to track them efficiently. 

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Packaging Size

Include the size of the packaging depending on your product. Volume and weight are used for food and beverage products while other items (like clothing and jewelry) are measured in units.


Other Required Details

Below are other important details you need to include in your product labels which, again, will depend on what product you are selling:

  • Can or bottle redemption information for returnable containers
  • Suffocation warnings for products with latex or plastic
  • Choking hazard warnings on toys having small components
  • Ingredient lists for all food products
  • Allergy warnings (e.g. nuts)
  • How to handle or dispose of a product
  • Safety instructions, etc.

Remember, it is important that you comply with product labeling regulations to avoid lawsuits and fines. You can read FDA regulations for food, cosmetic, and drug labeling requirements below:

What Is the Importance of Labelling?

We have already discussed the importance of freezer labels as well as the importance of product safety labels. Here, we are going to find out how important product labeling is in general.

The most obvious reason why labeling is required on products is for customers to know what is inside the product. However, labeling plays a far more important role aside from identification. The first one is for branding purposes and the second one is for compliance with product labeling regulations. Below are the main reasons why product labeling is needed:

Directions for proper use

1. For Identification

Labels not only tell the customer what is inside a package. They also help customers differentiate between brands especially if there are a lot of products on the shelves. Without labels, all products would appear similar which would give the customers a hard time in finding the right item they needed. Chances are, they would end up buying nothing in these kinds of situations.

Customers can only recognize your product or brand if it has specific labeling with your company’s logo and other relevant information on it. Having a consistent logo, color scheme, font, and other elements on your products allows your customers to identify your products faster.

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2. To Grab the Attention of Customers

Your products need unique labels so that they can stand out on the shelves. Labels are among the most identifiable attributes of a product which can help in spreading brand awareness to gain more customers. Combined with good packaging, product labels can urge potential buyers to purchase your products without much thought.

3. Regulatory Compliance

The third main importance of product labeling is to comply with certain regulations. Failing to comply with these regulations will lead you to bigger problems which can be costly. Your products might be misbranded and reinspection of your facility might be needed to ensure that you have brought the labels into compliance.

You can read more on the purpose and functions of product labeling here.

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