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Address labels greatly ease the burden of writing on mails, cards, and packages. Writing addresses on one to ten envelopes and cards adds a personal touch to every correspondence if you have all the time in the world.

But if you are in the shipping or mailing business, mass handwriting large-volume addresses of all recipients and senders adds a ton of work and wastes valuable time. 

With address stickers, you can print your labels, peel them from the media, and stick them on your mail and package with ease, saving time, effort, and cost.

What is an Address Label?

An address label or return address label contains the address of a sender or recipient. Carriers and logistics companies use printer-written address labels to forward letters, cards, and packages to the designated address instead of handwritten address labels. 

The use of address labels offers many advantages to carriers and companies. The labels are printer-written and easy to read, allowing carriers to deliver parcels accurately to the correct address with fewer errors.

You can also print your own custom labels, and companies can add information such as logos, ads, catchy designs, and promotional materials to the labels. 

What size is an Address label?

The standard address labels measure 1-inch x 2.625 inches, and the standard return address measures 1.75 inches x 0.5 inches. These labels are ideal for mailing envelopes and cards. 

Carriers require larger address/shipping labels measuring 4 in. x 6 in. These labels are ideal for parcels and packages.  

How should an address label look?

Address labels contain basic information about the sender or recipient, including the following. 

  • The name of the sender or recipient
  • The name of the business/company (if applicable)
  • The address of the street (including house/apartment/building number and floor if applicable)
  • The city, state (or state abbreviation), and zip code
  • The country

Custom address labels can also contain additional information, including the following. 

    • The company logo
    • The name of the company
    • A short ad or promotion

Senders, such as business offices and companies, can also use various apps and software to auto-generate standard or custom address labels. These apps offer formatted address labels or design templates and usually require a simple process of filling up fields and printing the labels.

These apps can reduce formatting and printing errors that waste labels and delays or misrouting mails, cards, and packages. 


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How do you use Address Labels?

Address labels contain information used as a reference for carriers for delivery, including the recipient’s delivery address and the sender’s return address.

Aside from the information of the sender and recipient, senders can also include additional information such as the contact information of the supplier of items delivered and other messages and greetings that can help boost marketing.

Senders can also use a larger shipping label instead of a classic return address label. when sending mail pieces and items that require more delivery information.

You can also use address labels on envelopes, checks, and cards for wedding events, Christmas, party invitations, and more. We recommend the following tips when making address labels and marking letters, cards, and packages.

  • Place the address and postage labels on the same side of the envelope, parcel, or package. 
  • Place the address label parallel to the longest side of the envelope. 
  • Use capital letters. Do not use punctuation. 
  • Use a standard font size of 10 and a simple font style. 
  • Place one space between the name of the city and state and two spaces between the state and ZIP Code. 
  • Use black ink. 
  • Use labels with no background prints or markings on the reverse size. 
  • If using a border marking, type the address at least 1/8 inch from the border for clearance. The clearance prevents the address from overlapping with the border markings. 
  • Make sure the address labels contain all information. Do not cut off, overlap, or make additional markings. 
  • Make sure the printer produces straight address labels, not slanted or crooked. 
  • Use address labels that are durable, smudge-proof, and water-resistant with a professional-looking design.

Where to Order Address Labels

Address labels are a staple in offices and businesses because they are easy to use and print on with the readable information necessary to get mail from postal and logistics offices to the intended destinations.

To retain the information on the label, you need to purchase address labels that need to be durable as they pass through different environments. Some top suppliers provide high-quality, durable, and printable address labels.

Here is a list of these suppliers. 



Avery labels come in sheets of letter-size paper (8.5 in. x 11 in.) and A4 size paper (8.25 in. x 11.75 in.) printable on standard inkjet and laser printers. The blank labels are self-adhesive and durable, guaranteed to last throughout the mailing process from sender to destination with less damage.

The labels stick on various surfaces, including paper envelopes, cardboard paper, glass, plastic, or metal. The return address labels are pre-sized, so you can conveniently print, peel, and stick without hassle. 

Avery also offers address label templates and designs so you can easily custom make your return and address labels. The Avery mail merge tool allows you to import address labels from your database into your address labels. 



Dymo also offers different address labels for your Dymo LabelWriter, such as the 5XL, 550 and 550 Turbo, 4XL, 450, 450 Duo, and the 450 Twin Turbo. This specialized printer uses direct thermal printing technology, which eliminates the use of expensive inks and toners as with inkjet and laser printers.

The address labels come in rolls of 700 labels measuring 1-⅛ in. x 3-½ in. each making the printing process continuous, fast, mess- and hassle-free. Dymo rolled address labels are pre-sized and self-adhesive for easy print, peel, and stick.

Dymo also offers shipping labels in sizes 4 inches x 6 inches for shipping packages and other specialty labels for mailing and shipping needs. 



Brother provides address labels printable from Brother DK printers for various business mailing needs. The address labels come in white professional-looking designs and measure 1-1/7 inches x 3-½ inches, each packed in rolls of 400 to 700.

These labels also meet other demands in an office, such as barcode marking, product labeling, labeling cards, and filing. 



Zebra offers a variety of address labels for direct thermal printing on Zebra label printers and other specialized thermal printers. The labels are also ideal for repurposing into barcode labels, product labeling, labeling cards, and other uses.

The return address labels from Zebra are self-adhesive and stick on surfaces such as paper, plastic, and metal. Heavy-duty and economical with a professional design, the labels come in pre-sized and pre-cut rolls for mass printing. 

Where to Find Affordable Address Label Options 

Enko Products is the best place for affordable address and return address labels, including round address labels, and other types of labels for your business and office. Enko provides top-quality labels that match the top brand address labels in the market at lower the price of the genuine products.

You can get the best value without compromising on quality and durability. We recommend you see the listing below for Avery, Dymo, Brother, and Zebra compatible address labels to get the best deal that meets the demands of a professional office or company

Enko Products offers Avery address labels which can be purchased at a fraction of the cost and at the quality that meets the performance of the genuine labels. View our inventory of the following Avery compatible address labels in various sizes. 

Enko also offers Dymo address labels for your specialized Dymo Labelwriter direct thermal printer. Here are our best-selling Dymo compatible address labels that you need to see.

Enko also lists the best Brother address labels from Enko Product available at prices lower than the genuine Brother address labels. We recommend using the following products for your Brother DK printer. 

Enko provides top quality address labels for Zebra printers. Here’s a view of our top Zebra compatible address labels. 

Summing Up:

Address labels offer many benefits when meeting all your mailing and shipping needs. Using labels guarantees less hassle and delivery errors. But while address labels are crucial, printing labels can be expensive as a start-up and operational component. With Enko Products address labels, you can get the best value for your money for high-quality labels. 

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