Save on label printing by using Brother compatible labels for your business! With compatible labels, you can get the quality of authentic labels at a lower cost. In this guide, we will compare compatible labels with genuine brother labels, and give you pointers in choosing compatible labels.

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Original Brother Labels

Genuine Brother labels, directly available on Brother’s website, are labels dedicated to Brother label printers. With these label rolls, you can expect professional and high-quality prints, but at a price. 

Original Brother labels are claimed to have fewer printing issues and errors, which in turn gives longer printing life for your label printers. In our previous blog on Brother DK Label Applications, we discussed the extensive test for Brother labels. The company released a series of tests that measures the capabilities of labels against natural conditions. 


  • Readily available on retail

The wide reach of big companies such as Brother is a benefit in terms of availability. In case you run out of labels, you can run into the nearest office retail stores and grab your Brother label. You can also have them online at your convenience. 

  • Top Quality Labels

Purchasing Brother labels can ensure you quality prints most of the time. Printing defects are minimal and can prolong your printer lifetime. 


  • Costly labels

For genuine brother labels, quality labels come at a high price, due to additional costs on distribution. 

  • Wholesale/ Custom not available

The option for wholesale/ bulk and custom orders is not typically available for authentic labels. Sure, you can buy a ton in retail stores, but you can’t benefit from wholesale discounts. 

Where to Buy Original Brother Labels?

Authentic Brother labels are available in retail stores near you, as well as on their online counterparts and other popular stores online.

Brother DK Compatible Labels

Compatible Brother Labels, on the other hand, are labels made by other companies, unlike genuine labels which are made by the printer company. Generally, compatible brother labels are less expensive as they can be purchased directly from the manufacturers, as there is no extra cost on distribution and retail. 

In terms of quality, compatible labels can be at par with genuine labels, but make sure you find a label manufacturer that can be entrusted to produce high-quality labels. At enKo Products, we ensure that our Brother DK labels print seamlessly on your Brother QL printers. 

Compatible Brother DK2225

: Continuous
: 1-1/2″ x 100′
: Brother DK Printers


  • Low cost, but Without Loss in Quality

Enjoy the printing quality similar to an original Brother label. By having to buy compatible labels directly from the manufacturers, the extra costs are cut, no added expense for you. 

  • Wholesale, Bulk, and Custom Order Options (plus Discounts!)

You can purchase all the labels you need while also saving some expenses through discount offerings. Compatible label manufacturers provide hefty discounts for large orders, as well as through memberships!


  • Not all are created equal

The disadvantage of compatible labels is finding the right one, as there are several brands for compatible labels with varying quality. Choose a manufacturer with a good reputation and satisfied customers to ensure you’re purchasing a quality product. 

Where to Buy Compatible Brother Labels?

You can order compatible brother labels online, direct from manufacturer shops. For ensured quality, check out enKo Products for their variety of label sizes compatible with your Brother printer.

Why Choose Compatible Brother Labels?

In the example below, we will show you how much you can save with compatible labels as compared to authentic Brother labels. 

Let’s compare the Brother DK 2251 Continuous Label. When you purchase a compatible label from enKo Products, you get 6 rolls for $53.70. On the other hand, purchasing a three-roll pack from Staples costs you $66.99.

Compatible Brother Label
Genuine Brother Label (Staples)


No. of rolls

Price per roll


6 rolls



3 rolls


Breaking it down with price per roll, you can save $13.38 by using a compatible label instead! That’s 40% savings on your end. 

Take note that you can save $13.38 per roll at a minimum. You can save more when you purchase in greater quantities. For instance, buying 12 rolls gives you $7.95/roll, 60 rolls at $6.95/roll, 240 rolls at $5.95/roll, and 600 rolls for $4.95/roll! If you’re needing great quantities of labels for your business, compatible labels are the way to go.

How To Choose Quality Compatible Labels

In choosing a compatible label brand that qualifies the quality you want, here are some pointers:

  • Inspect Product Information: Check out the accuracy of the info of their products. A legitimate label supplier will provide the right information to customers.  
  • Check for Product Reviews: Look for product reviews for previous customer feedback so you can check for issues in terms of the quality of the products and service of the company. 
  • Contact Customer Support: You can try contacting customer support and verify if they respond to your questions properly and in a reasonable time. This can help you so much especially for bulk purchases in the future.
  • Check for Warranty: Make sure that you just don’t take their word for it, see if they provide a warranty when you purchase. Here at enKo Products, we provide a two-year warranty for our Brother DK labels.

Wrapping Up

If you need great quality labels at a budget-friendly price, we recommend choosing Brother compatible labels. Not only do you buy them at cheap prices, but the options are also complete for all your needs! Whether you need label rolls for address labels, shipping, barcodes and QR codes, safety labels, or general office and home use, enKo Products is fully geared for your necessities.

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