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In this post, we will be all about Brother Label printer troubleshooting. We all know that encountering troubles during printing can be a hassle. Increased downtime, added expense, or worse, a broken machine can grind your gears. Hopefully, at enKo Products, we will try to help resolve common problems you may encounter with your Brother label printer and get you back in operation.

We have gathered some of the most common questions and troubles with the Brother label printers. This guide can be useful not only for a single printer model but for all the Brother QL Label printers. We have referred most of these from a Brother QL 710w troubleshooting guide and other popular model guides, but worry not, they are just to set examples.

This message typically shows up when the printer does not detect the black box on the Brother DK label. This error will also cause the LED to flash red.

1. Make sure you use original/compatible brother DK labels that have the black box marking. Once checked, reinstall the label roll properly. 

locating the black box marking of brother dk printer
Photo Credit: Brother USA

2. Insert the spool properly, taking note of the guide. Remember that the roll needs to be against the right side of the primer compartment.

3. Check that the label strip is not trapped under the right foot of the spool. This foot should be in direct contact with a set of switches. These switches are used to detect the size of the label you are installing.

4. Mount the label, and then rotate the spool to guarantee that the roll spins freely.

5. Next, thread the end of the strip into the slot until its edge is visible at the front of the label printer.

6. Close the cover and then check if the roll is detected, and shows the correct DK roll.

7. In case the error message still shows up, try to reinstall your printer driver.

Why Do I Receive an Error Message: 'A Roll Of Labels or Tape Is Not Installed'?

1. Similar to the previous issue, check your labels if they have black box markings. Using a non-compatible brother label with no markings cannot be used with your Brother printer.

2. Remove the label roll and inspect the switches located at the right of the printer compartment. Check for physical damages on these switches. Try to push them down; they should all spring back up and return with all of them at the same height. If not, this indicates damage on the sensor and will need a machine service.

locating the media sensor
Photo Credit: Brother USA

3. Reinstall the label roll, and ensure that the right foot of the spool holder is clear, directly touching the switches.

4. Roll the spool to make sure it spins freely, before threading the end of the spool into the printer slot.

5. Close the printer compartment cover and check if it detects the correct label.

Why Is the Status LED Flashing Red?

A flashing red LED in your Brother printer can indicate the following issues:

    • Trouble on feeding the label
    • Wrong size of Label
    • Communication error

When encountering this error, check the following:


Check the label roll

    1. Turn off the printer and open the cover.
    2. Inspect if the roll is installed properly.
    3. Check if there is a label jammed in the slot. If there is a jammed label, use a thick paper card (business cards, etc.) and push the label from the inside of the printer.
    4. Reinstall the roll properly. Rotate the label to check if it rotates freely.
    5. Thread the end of the label and then close the cover.


Verify if the correct label size is detected.

    1. On your printing software (P touch or MS Word), navigate to File > Printer Setup
    2. Check that you assigned the correct label size, then click OK.
    3. Restart the printer.


Check the USB connection

    1. Unplug and replug your USB cable on the printer end and computer end.
    2. Plug the cable into a different USB cable if still encountering an error.
    3. Use a different USB cable.

My Prints Are Incomplete/ Blue Screen Appears During Printing After Windows 10 Update (March 2021)

After the recent March update by Microsoft, you may have encountered either of these problems:

1. The printed labels have missing parts

2. Your computer encounters a blue screen during printing

Windows 10 Version Update Version













    1. This issue typically happens when the ongoing print is a large print job. This is normal, as the printer has temperature detection. 
    2. If the print head becomes too hot due to continuous printing, the printing will automatically slow down or stop. 
    3. In case the print stops, allow it to cool for a while. The print will then resume once the print head has cooled down enough.
    1. If you are printing wirelessly, but suddenly stops, it is possible that your printer is assigned with a dynamic IP address, and has been changed. Follow these steps to troubleshoot:
    2. Ensure that the printer is on.
    3. Reset your WiFi router. 
    4. Wait for your router to be active. Then, on your printer, press and hold down the Cut button until the LED flashes Green. This will print out your printer configuration. 
    5. In this printed data, take note of the IP address as you will use it to set up your wireless connection. You can go into our guide on how to set up a wireless connection to your printer.
    6. If the problem persists, try to reinstall the printer driver.

Follow these steps to turn on the printer cutter:

    1. For Windows
      1. Open the Control Panel > View Devices and Printers
      2. Double Click on your Brother Printer, or right-click, and select Properties
      3. Under the General tab, click on Preferences. Under the Option or Basic tab, select Default, and then click Ok. 
    2. For Mac
      1. Open the PTouch Editor. Before you print, click File > Print.
      2. Click on the drop-down arrow located above the Pages per Sheet field name.
      3. Select the Cut option, and check on the box for Cut Every or Cut at end, then click Print.

This message appears when the cutter is possibly malfunctioning. 

    1. Turn off the printer and disconnect it from power. 
    2. Open the printer compartment and remove the label roll. 
    3. From the inside compartment, check the slot for objects that can cause jamming. Also, check the label outlet for blocking objects. 
    4. Reinstall the label roll and close the cover. 
    5. Reconnect the printer to power and turn it on.
    6. If successful, the status LED lamp should light up Green. 
    7. Press the Feed button and ensure that the printer status lamp remains Green during this process. 
    8. Test the Cut button.

This issue can be resolved with the following solutions, as your barcode may not be readable because they are too small or has a bad print quality. Here are the solutions:

    1. Increase the width of the barcode
      1. You can increase the width of the barcode in the P-touch Editor or the software of your choice. 
    2. Change the barcode orientation
      1. The barcode is recommended to be printed vertically, not one bar at a time.
      2. This will require you to rotate the barcode by 90 degrees using the Brother P-touch editor and other editing software. 
    3. Adjust the print quality
      1. Navigate through your editing software settings, and select Print.
      2. Click on Properties and locate the menu to change the print quality. Select the option for high-quality printing.
    1. Navigate to the Print options by going to File > Print.
    2. The Print dialog box will appear, beside Options, see to it that the checkbox on Mirror Printing is not checked.


      uncheck Mirror Printing

    1. Select on the text/objects. 
    2. Right-click and select Properties.
    3. The dialog box for Text will appear. Click the Font tab.
    4. Under Effect, click the dropdown arrow, and select No effects.
    5. Click OK to save the changes.

This print quality issue is caused by dirt or lint in the roller, causing some of these substances to be stuck on the print head. Frequent cleaning of the roller can prevent this issue.

    1. If using a USB cable, make sure that the printer is connected directly to the computer, without the use of any USB adapters and hubs. 
    2. If you are using third-party software, try to use P-Touch Editor.
    3. Create a new label using the P-touch Editor. 
    4. Make sure that you have installed the correct label size, and the assigned label in P-touch Editor matches the installed label roll. 
    5. To check the label size, click on File > Page Setup. Verify that the paper size is correct, and then click OK
    6. Print the new label. If this prints properly, the issue might be on the use of another software. 
    7. However, if it still does not print, try to use a different label roll, and try printing again. 
    8. If it prints successfully, there might be a problem with the previous roll.
    9. If the prints are still blank at this point, uninstall the printer driver, and reinstall a new driver from Brother’s website
    10. Once installation is done, reprint a label in the P-touch Editor.
    1. Turn off the printer, and disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet. 
    2. Open the printer cover and remove the DK label roll.
    3. From the inside, inspect the roller by rotating it. Remove any labels that are stuck in the roller. 
    4. Using thick paper cards i.e. business cards, push any stuck labels in the direction toward the front of the printer, and then pull the cards back out. 
    5. Repeat the previous step as necessary until all pieces of labels are removed. 
    6. Also, check for any dirt and lint on the roller. Clean the roller with cleaning sheets to remove any objects that can prevent the roller to rotate freely. 
    7. Inspect the label roll if there is excessive adhesive residue, and clean them with a damp cloth, especially if they are difficult to remove. Make sure to not wet the label roll too much.
    8. Never use a label that has been removed once from the liner, as these can peel off during print, and cause another jam in the printer.
    9. Reinstall the label roll properly, make sure that the foot of the spool on the right is directly in contact with the switches located on the right side of the printer compartment. 
    10. Rotate the DK roll to ensure that it can rotate freely. 
    11. Thread the end of the roll into the slot until it emerges out to the front of the printer. 
    12. Replace the printer cover, and turn your printer back on.

Wrapping Up

We hope that through this guide, we were able to bring you some solutions to the issues you are handling with your printer. These problems may seem to be complicated sometimes, but understanding the causes and getting to the root of them makes them simple and easy to solve.  

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