Customizing your labels is a great way to step up your branding efforts. It can be tricky to do the same thing to your shipping labels, but it’s doable. And we explain how in this article.

Shipping Labels for Startup

What Parts of the Shipping Label Can You Customize?

The standard shipping label occupies a small space—typically 4” x 6”—much of which will be taken by your carrier to ensure its smooth operation. However, you do have some wiggle room for customization, specifically: 


You Can Put Your Logo on the Shipping Information Area

The shipping information area is where you write your recipient’s name and address and your return shipping details. You may put your logo on this portion. The exact position depends on what shipping software you’re using. 


You May Write a Message at the Bottom of the Label

The bottom section of the label is perfect for sending short personalized messages to your customers. 


You May Pick a Label Color Other than White

Using a different color label is also great for personalizing your shipping labels. You just need to be careful that the sticker does not lose barcode scannability.

Not all shipping sites will have these features. Some providers will charge you a small fee for the full service. However, with a good branding strategy, personalized shipping labels eventually pay for themselves and more.

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Can You Print Your Customized Shipping Labels from Home?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s best if you print them from home or your office. Doing so lets you maximize the benefits of buying postage online.

Where should you start?

First, figure out which carrier service you want to use. Next, decide which online postage provider you want to sign up for. Most third-party sites sell shipping labels from the US’ three biggest carriers: USPS, FedEx and UPS.

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USPS allows you to create an account for free and print your shipping labels online. However, you cannot personalize your labels from the website. You need a third-party shipping service to do that.

PirateShip is a USPS partner that lets you print shipping labels on-demand without having to pay monthly subscription fees. Its Rubber Stamp feature will let you write a short message under the label but not place your logo anywhere on it. 

If you want to fully personalize your USPS shipping label, websites like Pitney Bowes, Endicia and are your best bets. They give huge discounts to small business owners with high shipping volumes. Their shipping apps are also beginner-friendly. But they charge monthly fees for their services.

FedEx and UPS

FedEx and UPS allow you to create free accounts and personalize your shipping labels onsite. However, you may consider a third-party online postage provider if you have large shipping volumes, as they can give you better shipping rates.

Some tips for customizing your shipping labels:

  • Create a logo that can stay recognizable even if you shrink it to a 1” x 1” size. Save your image file in the BMP or PCX format to minimize distortion from size reduction. Test-print before you put it on an actual label.
  • If you’re using a direct thermal printer for your 4” x 6” shipping labels, remember that it only lets you print in black. If your logo is colored, fix it in the grayscale mode so it does not appear faint.
  • When you write your special message, you may put a customer appreciation note, a holiday passage, your company slogan or any catchy phrase relevant to your business. Better yet, use the space to up your marketing strategy. You may advertise your future promos, ask the customer to post a social media review, include a limited-time discount offer, etc.
  • If you want to use a non-white shipping label, pick a light color to preserve human- and machine-readability. If you’re using a color printer, pick a label that flatters your logo colors.

With our pointers here, you’ll be printing professional-looking shipping labels in no time.

Can You Print Your Customized Shipping Labels from Home

Do You Need a Special Printer to Print Customized Shipping Labels?

No. Many small business owners prefer printing their shipping labels using a direct thermal or thermal transfer printer, but inkjet and laser printers are also fine. You just need to make sure that:

  • Your computer has your provider’s system requirements for printing shipping labels.
  • You are using a printer that is compatible with your computer and the provider’s website.
  • If the printer is not compatible with the website, your computer can save the label as a PDF file. You may print this file using a standard office printer.
  • You are using the right shipping label size, which usually depends on your carrier and the parcel’s destination. Most shipments require a 4” x 6” label, like enKo Products’ Dymo and Zebra shipping labels. Others need a half-sheet, which is a large type of sheet label that we also have in our extensive product line.
  • It is best not to use ordinary paper sheets to print your shipping labels. Doing so will defeat the purpose of customization. We recommend using thermal paper or a sheet label, depending on what printer you have.

It is perfectly okay to use an inkjet or laser printer if you just started out. However, as your business grows, you will realize that using a direct thermal printer for your labels is more cost-efficient. Direct thermal prints are also smudge-proof and more professional looking. Meanwhile, a thermal transfer printer will let you create colored shipping labels efficiently, but this machine is more expensive than a direct thermal printer.

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Why Would You Want to Customize Your Shipping Labels?

Personalizing your shipping labels helps you in many ways.

Promote your brand
Personalized buying experience
Enhancing company’s image
  • Printing your logo on your shipping labels gives you another opportunity to promote your brand.
  • Including special messages or offers on your shipping labels gives your customers a personalized buying experience.
  • Using customized shipping labels gives your packages a more professional look, enhancing your company’s image.

Plus, you get to enjoy the cost- and time-saving advantages of online postage.

To Sum It Up…

Shipping labels have little room for customization, but you can do it in four ways:

    • Printing your logo on the shipping information area.
    • Including a special message or offer at the bottom.
    • Printing your SKU on the side.
    • Choosing a non-white label.

You may print them at home so you can reap the rewards of buying postage online. All you need to do is find the right service provider and use the appropriate hardware. By following our simple guide here, you have another convenient marketing tool that can help you maximize your earnings.

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