Want to print 4 x 6 direct thermal labels at home or the office? Printing a 4 x 6 label from a direct thermal label printer like Zebra or Rollo is easy, and this article will show you how.

How to Print 4 x 6 Direct Thermal Transfer Shipping Labels on a Zebra Printer

Zebra printers are known for their exceptional print quality and precision, making them a popular option for printing 4 x 6 direct thermal shipping labels for Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more. However, the printers can also be expensive for beginner shippers, which you need to consider when choosing a direct thermal label printer for your shipping labels.

Direct Thermal Shipping Labels

: 220 Labels/Roll
: 4″ x 6″
: Direct Thermal

How to a Load 4 x 6 Label Roll on a Zebra Printer

Zebra label printers usually use label rolls, so it’s important to know how to install label rolls on them. Here are the steps:

1.Pull the release latch levers toward the front of the printer to open the device.

2. Open the printer’s media roll holders. Use your other hand to pull the guides open.

3. Place the 4 x 6 direct thermal label roll on the media roll holders before releasing the guides.

4. Check if the media roll’s printing surface faces up once it passes through the printer’s platen roller.

5. Pull the direct thermal label roll to make it extend out of the printer’s front.

6. Check and see if the label roll:

    • Turns freely
    • It is not sitting in the media compartment’s bottom
    • The printing side faces upward

7. Push the label roll under the media guides and lower the cover back to close the printer. Make sure the cover snaps securely.

Printing a Configuration Label

It’s important to ensure your printer is working properly before connecting it to your computer to prevent any complications in the future. The best way to do it is by conducting a print test on your label. Follow these steps:

    1. Turn on your printer
    2. Push the Feed button once the printer initializes with a blinking green light (pause mode). This action sets the device to Ready mode.
    3. Press the Feed button again 2 – 3 times, and the Zebra printer will start calibrating the 4 x 6-inch direct thermal labels. The printer will feed a few labels during the process.
    4. When the status light turns a steady green, long-press the Feed button.
    5. Wait for the light to flash once before releasing the Feed button. 
    6. The printer will start printing a configuration (test) label.

Zebra Label Printers


Many businesses choose Zebra printers for printing shipping labels because of their reliability. These printers deliver high-quality results with exceptionally detailed text and graphics (including barcodes), even on glossy paper labels.

Zebra label printers are available in an array of sizes and styles, so it is easy for you to find one that fits your needs.

Zebra printers are usually more expensive than other models, including those from Rollo, so it’s a good idea to shop around for the best deal. Nevertheless, these printers are very durable and provide better performance than Rollo.

So which brand is better? You can find the answer from our blog What’s the Best Printer for Shipping Labels?

How Do I Print a Shipping Label on a Rollo Printer?

Like with any desktop printer, you’ll need to install the required software and drivers for your Rollo printer to work. After setting it up, you can print any compatible direct thermal label from almost any brand.

To start printing, follow these three steps:

    1. Open a shipping program
    2. Click Print
    3. Choose your Rollo printer

Your printer will now start printing your direct thermal labels for shipping!

How to Load 4 x 6 Label Rolls on a Rollo Printer

Just like with Zebra label printers, you need to know how to load labels properly to your Rollo printer before you can start printing. When loading 4 x 6 direct thermal label rolls into your printer, you need to keep these things in mind.


Rollo Printers don’t have Label Holders

Rollo brand printers are compact and don’t have a paper spool or tray to hold the labels; you’ll need a separate label holder. Fortunately, you can find label holders that can accommodate both roll and fanfold labels online.

If you don’t want to purchase a supplemental label holder for label rolls, you can cut the labels and feed them one by one into your printer. You can also create your custom spindle if you have the technical know-how.


Consider the Compatible Labels

Before you purchase a label holder, check its supported label sizes. Rollo’s label holder can hold label roll cores of at least 1 inch and a maximum of 6 inches in outer diameter.


Guide to Loading Labels

If you already have a Rollo printer with a label holder, you can now start loading label rolls into the device. Follow these steps: 

    1. Assemble your Rollo printer’s label holder.
    2. Load the direct thermal label roll into the label holder with the labels facing up.
    3. The printer will automatically identify the label size you loaded, so there is no need to set your label size before printing.

Read more about setting up your Rollo printer for the first time from our Blog.

Rollo shipping labels offer an easy and efficient solution to organizing your shipments. The direct thermal labels are self-adhesive and can stick on various surfaces, making them perfect for printing shipping labels, barcodes, and more.

Direct thermal labels also print without costly and messy ink or toner. If you need to print large quantities of labels fast, 4 x 6 direct thermal fanfold shipping labels from Rollo are a superb choice!

Rollo Label Printers

Rollo Label Printers

Rollo printers are a superb option when you want to print 4 x 6 direct thermal shipping labels for Etsy, eBat, and Amazon, but are on a tight budget. And although Rollo direct thermal label printers are inexpensive, they can still produce good quality results.

These printers are very cost-effective and helpful for small business owners who want to keep costs low without sacrificing quality.

What are Direct Thermal Labels?

Direct thermal labels are economical labels that print using a thermal print head that selectively heats specific areas of coated, thermo-chromatic paper. The paper passes through the thermal print head and then turns black where it’s heated, producing the desired image.

A two-color direct thermal printing can produce red and black images by applying heat at two temperatures.

Direct thermal labels are popular options among meat, poultry and dairy products. Today, improvements in thermal papers and direct thermal printers make the labels suitable for an even wider range of products in nearly any market. Popular applications now include barcodes, coupons, GHS-compliant labels and event tickets.

Why are 4 x 6 Direct Thermal Labels perfect for Shipping?

Direct thermal labels are perfect for shipping as they deliver high-resolution prints and fast processing. The labels are water, grease, and alcohol-resistant, extremely durable, and widely compatible with all direct thermal printers, including Zebra and Rollo. On top of that, they don’t require ink or toner to print!

4 x 6 inches is also the standard shipping label size that most carriers in the US require for domestic and international shipments. And although you can use smaller labels like a 2 -5/16 x 4-inch Dymo 30256 label, the post office will still need you to print your stamp and IMpb barcode on separate labels.

Where to Find Cheap Direct Thermal Shipping Labels Online

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