For small business owners who deliver products to customers everywhere in the US, using reliable shipping is of tremendous help! Being one of the largest shipping services in the country, UPS is one of the reliable options available today.

If you’re using UPS as your shipping carrier, then you’ll need to print UPS shipping labels to get your packages on their way. 


But where do you start? This complete guide will walk you through everything you need to know about printing labels for UPS shipping, from creating an account to adding packages to your shipment. Let’s get started!

Shipping Labels for UPS

The United Parcel Service, or UPS, can handle domestic and international deliveries. The shipping company started in 1907, providing its shipping expertise for more than a hundred years.

Today, it’s never been easier to ship with UPS with their UPS Internet Shipping. Be sure to take advantage of what the UPS can offer you through our tips!

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How Do I Create a Prepaid UPS Shipping Label?

With UPS Internet Shipping, you can print shipping labels easily, using any device and an internet connection. You also don’t need any shipping software or application installed on your PC or smartphone. 

Because you can invoice UPS Internet Shipping on debit or credit cards, no account number is necessary to create online shipping labels (where applicable). The encryption technology used in this service assures anonymity and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, and mobile platforms for Android and iOS devices.. 

Shipping Label Sizes for UPS

You can print shipping labels for UPS using different labels and label sizes. Specifically, you can use a sheet label when you have a laser or inkjet printer at home or a label roll when you have a thermal printer available.

Here are some label products you can print your UPS label. 

Where to Find Cheap UPS Compatible Shipping Labels

You can check out our shipping labels, perfect for UPS shipping. The labels are available in rolls, stacks, and sheets, making them compatible with an array of printers. Check out this list below. 

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How To Get A Shipping Label From UPS

It’s very easy to create a UPS shipping label. With an account at the UPS website, making UPS shipping labels is just a few clicks away. Here are the steps for creating a shipping label from UPS:

  1. Go to and log in to your account. If you do not have an account in UPS yet, you need to sign up. Signing up is easy and will require only your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number. 
  2. Once you have an account and log in to their website, click on the Shipping tab and select “Create a Shipment.” 
  3. This action will bring you to the area where you can fill up the details for your package. Go to the “Ship From” area and type your name and address. Next, go to the “Ship To” area and enter the recipient’s name and address.
  4. Enter the necessary information for your package.
  5. Select the service options that best suit your delivery needs.
  6. Choose your desired payment method, and they will provide you with a .pdf file of the shipping label. Download the file, and finally, you can print your label!

How To Create UPS Bulk Shipping Labels

To create UPS shipping labels in bulk, you can use UPS Batch File Shipping. You can create up to 250 shipping labels at once using a file upload. Here are the steps to create bulk shipping:

  1. Prepare your document that lists the recipient details. You can download the template here. The template contains instructions and guidelines on how to encode the receiving addresses. 
  2. Log in to, click on “Choose File,” and navigate to your file. 
  3. Please make sure the “Ship From” address is correct. 
  4. Select your mode of payment.
  5. Click on “Process Batch” to print all labels. You can also click on “Preview Batch” to check each shipment.  

To ensure a smooth process, see to it that your browser has the following configurations:

  • Accept cookies
  • Allow JavaScript
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption enabled
  • Allow ‘Save encrypted pages to disk’
  • Any pop-up blocker software should be disabled. To display, print labels, and enter new addresses, UPS Internet Shipping uses pop-up windows.

Shipping Labels Explained


An example of a UPS Shipping Label. Source: UPS

Shipping labels differ across the three major carriers, namely USPS, FedEx, and UPS. However, they all contain the same information. In general, shipping labels should contain the following information: 

  1. Sender’s Address: This is your address. In the event of non-delivery, the sender’s name and address, or the return address, will be used.
  2. Recipient Address: The package’s destination address.
  3. Recipient Zip Code: The recipient’s scannable zip code is known as a postal barcode or IMpb code.
  4. Weight of the package: The weight is also known as the gross package. It includes the object being transported as well as the box/packaging.
  5. Maxicode: Also called unidirectional code. This is a type of code that can be read easily by a machine regardless of direction. 
  6. Service Type: The manner of shipment. This is where you can see whether the package was shipped through Standard, Priority, and so on.
  7. Routing Number: It is used to determine where the shipment should be routed.
  8. Tracking Number: Customers may use the tracking number to track the package online.

Where should you find these pieces of info? Except for the addresses and the weight, you should not worry about them as they are generated automatically by the shipping service. In this instance, the UPS Shipping service will provide all those tracking numbers and codes. 

How Long are UPS Shipping Labels Good For?

You should send your UPS shipment before the ship-by date, or the package won’t be delivered within the delivery window. The shipping label for the package will expire if this date has passed.

In most cases, a carrier will refuse to deliver an item with an expired shipping label. Label expiry dates, voiding shipments, and the return label may differ for each major carrier.

For UPS, after creating a shipping label online on, you can cancel the shipment for up to 90 days. You won’t be charged for the label, and UPS won’t deliver the product to the intended destination.

To cancel your shipping label, go to the website, click on shipping history, and invalidate the package. You must contact a UPS employee and request a cancellation of your package after 90 days. You won’t be able to seek a void or a refund after 180 days following the creation of your shipping label.

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Tips on How to Package a Shipment

With regards to packaging, here are some steps to ensure their safety and security:

  1. Choose a box that can withstand the weight of the contents. It shouldn’t have any tears, bends, or other flaws. With UPS, you can use a personal box, or UPS can provide the packaging materials for you. If you’re using personal packaging, you’ll want to utilize a new corrugated box. Make sure to use a rigid box with its flaps intact.
  2. To keep the box’s contents safe, choose and utilize appropriate cushioning materials. You can use bubble sheets, packing paper, or foam materials to wrap each item separately for extra security. The inside of the shipping box should not be in direct contact with the contents.
  3. Seal your package with a strong sealant. Make sure that you use a strong tape designed for shipping. UPS advises using at least 2 inches. We recommend using wide tape made from pressure-sensitive plastic or those that are nylon reinforced.
  4. Label your shipment properly. Include all shipping instructions, including postal codes, apartment numbers, and any pertinent information for delivery. To ensure you don’t miss any info, you can use UPS’ online shipping service to finish your label. 
  5. Remove any existing labels, cross out any old markings, and position the label on top of the packaging. Avoid putting the label on the box seams or using tape to secure it.

UPS Labels for Shipping

We hope this guide on shipping with UPS will help you get through the shipping label process smoothly. UPS’ Internet Shipping has made shipping label creation easier and more accessible. 

To supplement your label creation, use quality shipping labels from enKo Products, the leading supplier of blank and custom shipping labels in the United States. We offer a wide variety of products to fit your needs, from shipping labels to packaging products, all in one roof. Make sure to check us out today. 


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