With direct thermal label printers, printing a Facebook + Instagram shipping label has never been this easy. If you are a Facebook Marketplace seller, you can cut costs and save time on printing using premium shipping labels from Enko Products.

How to print a Facebook Shipping Label

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The ease of printing a Facebook + Instagram shipping label is one of the top reasons businesses rush to list items for sale in the platform’s Marketplace. On top of the precise algorithm that captures potential buyers on your posts, this new feature in Facebook eliminates the hassle of traveling to your local post office to purchase labels from your busy schedule and expands your sales outside your locality. 

This article outlines the steps of printing a Facebook shipping label 4×6 and letter size through your mobile phone or your PC. Don’t miss out on practical tips that we guarantee are best practices of successful businesses in using this feature in Facebook Marketplace. 

How do I create a shipping label on Facebook?

The shipping feature provides a Facebook prepaid label that you can use when printing using the app to fulfill an order in the Marketplace. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Facebook Marketplace Log-in

Open your Facebook account. Click the Marketplace icon.

    • If you’re using an android or a PC/laptop, click the icon found on the top part of the page.
    • If you’re using an iPhone, click the icon found on the bottom part of the page.

Step 2. Accessing your Commerce Profile

Go to your Marketplace Commerce Profile. On your Commerce Profile, you will see Shipping Orders and the number of orders in the Panel. Click “Shipping Orders”.

Step 3. Choosing Orders for Fulfillment

Clicking “Shipping Orders” will pull up the Active Orders page. If you have active orders, the page will show the item or items sold and the shipping deadlines. Click on the order that you want to fulfill. The page will then pull up the Order Details, Order Status and Buyer Information. If the order status is “Not Shipped”, you can create a facebook shipping label.

Dymo 4XL Shipping Labels

: 220 Labels/Roll
: 4″ x 6″
: Dymo Printers

Step 4. Creating the Label

If using a regular printer, Click “Create Shipping Label”. The paper size is default to Letter Size or 8.5”x11”, ideal for standard desktop printers.

If using a thermal label printer, click “Change” beside the default paper formatting size. Change the label size to 4”x6” for a Facebook shipping label 4×6 size and printable using a label writer. Click “Create Shipping Label”.

Facebook will notify you that the label was created and sent to your email account linked to your Facebook account. Click “Continue”.

Once you have created the shipping label, the Order Status will change to “Shipping Label Created”.

Step 5. Pulling Out the Label

Log in to the email account associated with your Facebook Marketplace. Open the message with the USPS shipping label and download it. Proceed to the printing of your Facebook + Instagram shipping label.

If you did not receive the label in your email or cannot access your email, you click “Resend Shipping Label” and look for options to receive a copy of the label. Your options include,

    • Email Link
    • Send Link via Messenger
    • Open Link in Browser
    • Copy Link to Clipboard

Facebook will resend the Facebook + Instagram shipping label to your email if you click the email link. You can also pull out the label from your Facebook messenger or browser, and the label is a pdf file.

Once you have downloaded and opened the copy of the Facebook prepaid label, proceed to print.

Step 6. Printing the Label


Source: Unsplash

  • To print from a browser in your Android, locate the three dots and click. Click “Print”.
  • To print from a browser in your iPhone, click on the icon at the bottom left.
  • Click the printer icon to print from a browser on your PC or laptop.
  • To print from pdf software and other software applications, you can locate the “Print” option under File.

Step 7. Choosing the Printer and Printing

Clicking on “Print” will direct you to a dialog box where you can select your printer. If you chose the Facebook shipping label 4×6 size, choose the thermal printer you will use to print. If you chose the default letter size 8.5”x11” label, choose the regular printer that you will use to print.

Step 8. Attaching the label to the Package

After printing the Facebook prepaid label, attach the label to the corresponding Package. Most thermal labels, such as the labels from our shop in Enko Products, are self-adhesive and can be applied directly to the Package. If you printed the letter size using regular paper, you could use tape or glue to attach the label to your Package.

Step 9. Schedule a Pickup or Drop Off

The Package is ready for shipping. Schedule a pickup or drop off the package at your carrier.

Step 10. Track

Track the status of your Package. Your buyer will also receive tracking information and can monitor the status of their order.

Facebook Shipping Label Size

Facebook provides two shipping label size options for printing. These label sizes are standard shipping sizes for shipping in the US through UPS, USPS, and FedEx.


8.5” x 11” Shipping Label

A Facebook + Instagram Label Size is set by default at 8.5”x11” for regular desktop printers. You can use regular bond paper or sticker paper for this format. If you run a small business that ships about 1 to 10 labels weekly, using a regular printer and paper is a practical choice. If you are shipping large quantities in a day, you may want to shift to label printers to lessen costs on printing.  

8.5” x 11” Shipping Label

: 100
: 8-1/2″ x 11″
: Deskjet & Laser Printers


4” x 6” Shipping Labels and Types

The Facebook shipping label 4×6 size is also an available option to print using specialized label printers. Specialized label printers such as thermal printers are cost-effective because they use heat to print labels on heat-sensitive media instead of messy and expensive inks and toners. There are various shipping labels compatible with various label printers, and here are the most commonly used self-adhesive 4”x6” shipping labels.

Direct Thermal Fanfold Labels

Fanfold shipping labels are stacked, not rolled, and placed at the back of label printers such as thermal Zebra, DataMax, and Sato printers. Since they are placed outside of the printer, these labels are ideal for printing labels in large quantities.

Direct Thermal Shipping Labels

These shipping labels are placed in continuous media for printing hundreds of labels at once. These labels are pre-rolled and placed inside printers, and they are compatible with thermal label writers such as Zebra, DataMax, and Sato.

Brother DK-1241 Shipping Labels

Continuous shipping labels have a width of 4” rolled into a continuous media. Unlike rolled shipping labels that are cut into 4” x 6” labels, continuous shipping labels are not pre-sized in length, so you have the option to print 4” x 6” shipping labels or repurpose the paper for printing shorter or longer than 6” in length.

You can also use these labels when fulfilling orders on Facebook-associated Instagram, Shopify, eBay and other e-commerce platforms. 

Who pays for a shipping label on Facebook Marketplace?

The buyer, Facebook, or you, the seller, pays for the shipping label on Facebook Marketplace, depending on how you set up your Commerce Profile.  

When you opt for Shipping on Facebook Marketplace, your commerce profile must be linked to your bank account. Once this is set up, you can choose your preferred delivery methods between Local only, Shipping only, and Shipping & local pickup. You can also opt for prepaid labels via Facebook or other shipping platforms such as Pirate Ship supported by Facebook. 

- Prepaid Labels

You can purchase your labels through Facebook. Facebook prepaid shipping labels save you the trip to the carrier’s office and immediately provide the label in printing format. Prepaid labels require you to choose the delivery method based on the weight of your item.

- Purchase Your Shipping Labels

You can also purchase your shipping labels outside of Facebook as an option for better deals on shipping labels.

Summing Up

Facebook is one of the biggest storefronts that expands the potential market of business beyond the local. You can discover various business opportunities using the shopping platforms of Facebook and its affiliate, Instagram, through its shipping feature. If you are looking for a trusted Facebook + Instagram shipping label supplier for your business, check out Enko Products for premium and affordable 4 x 6 shipping labels. 

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