Shopify offers a wide range of online business solutions featuring the easy printing of Shopify shipping labels for fast-tracked large-volume order fulfillment. This article gives a brief overview of Shopify Shipping and a detailed step-by-step process of printing shipping labels via your account using this top eCommerce business platform. 

How to Print Shopify Shipping Labels


An interactive eCommerce platform, Shopify provides efficient shipping tools, including Printing Options of Shopify shipping labels online, which can dramatically help improve your stock turnover and increase your store’s sales.

Using your Shopify Account, you can manage the shipping and fulfillment for orders in Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom through the Shopify Shipping in Shopify Admin. You can also use third-party applications to print shipping labels for Shopify orders outside these locations. 

How to Print Shipping Labels in Shopify

The checklist below provides four processes and detailed step-by-step instructions for printing your Shopify shipping labels. 

Step 1 - Purchase a shipping label in Shopify through the Order Fulfillment Page in your Shopify Admin. 

  1. Open and log in to your Shopify Store. 
  2. Go to ‘Orders.’ Click the Order Number you plan to fulfill. Click ‘Continue’. 
  3. Click ‘Buy postage and fulfill items.’
  4. Click ‘Buy and print a shipping label.’
  5. Enter the required quantity of items. 
  6. From the Package Section, select the package type with the corresponding weight of the package.
  7. Enter the ‘Total Weight.’ 
  8. Choose the Shipping Method. You can also check your customer’s preferred Shipping Method in their Order Details in Shopify. 
  9. Fill up the Customs Declaration Form if shipping overseas. 
  10. Check the Signature Confirmation box. 
  11. Review the details in the Summary Page and edit the details as necessary. You might incur additional charges if you bought a shipping label with errors in certain entries, such as package type and total weight.
  12. Finalize the details and click ‘Buy Shipping Label.’
  13. Shopify charges the shipping label to your Shopify account. 
  14. Print the Label. 

Step 2 - Print the shipping labels for fulfillment.

Printing a Test Label. Before printing a shipping label for Shopify, you can print a test label to preview the layout and make adjustments as necessary. To print a test page, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open your Shopify Admin. Click Settings. Go to Shipping and Delivery. 
  2. Choose Shipping Labels Section. Choose a Format. Click “Print test Label.” 
  3. Download the label. Select the downloaded file and open it. 
  4. Choose the print option. Select the printer and paper size that is compatible with your printer. 
  5. Click Print. 

Step 3 - Printing a Shipping Label

Once you have purchased a shipping label, you can now print the corresponding label for the corresponding customer’s orders by following these five steps. 

  1. Open your Shopify Admin. Click Orders. 
  2. Click the order number from the listing corresponding to the purchased shipping label. 
  3. Choose “Print label.”
  4. Choose the printer and set the paper size compatible with your printer in the Print dialog box.
  5. Click Print. 


Step 4 - Printing a Customs Declaration Form

If you are shipping internationally, you may need to print a separate Customs Declaration Form, and some standard carriers also incorporate this form into the shipping label. To print this form, follow the simple instructions below. 

  1. For Priority Express Mail International and Priority Mail Internation, print a shipping label and a separate Customs Declaration Form. Attach the form and the label outside the package.
  2. Print a shipping label with a customs declaration form included for First Class International and Priority Mail International Flat Rate and Small Flat Rate. 

Can You Customize Shipping Labels in Shopify

Shopify shipping labels contain the basic information your preferred mail carriers use to ensure the safe and correct delivery of orders to your customers. Your shipping labels also help you and your customer track the movement of your packages. Standard carrier services generally require the following information in shipping labels. 

  • Recipient’s name, mailing address, and contact phone number 
  • The sender’s name, address, and contact phone number in cases of returns 
  • A tracking barcode 

You can also add additional information to manage outbound products from your warehouse better. Information you may include are the following:

  • Order number
  • Carrier tracking number
  • Shipping date
  • Shipping carrier and information
  • Product and Packaging Information

Carriers require shipping labels for Shopify to be attached to your shipment’s packaging. Standard carriers that can ship Shopify orders are the USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Printing labels from your home, office or warehouse via Shopify eliminates the tedious task of making multiple trips to the carrier and gives you the option to schedule a pick-up of your packages with your carrier. 

Where to Find Cheap Shipping Labels for Shopify

1) Letter-Size Paper

The standard Shopify shipping label size default in Shopify is Letter Size or 8.5″ x11″. You can print a full shipping label or two shipping labels using one letter-size piece of paper. You can purchase bond papers for this purpose. But in doing so, you will need to glue or tape the label to the package. 

2) Self-adhesive Shipping Labels

enko-category_Dymo label_507 x 339

Source: Enko Products

Enko Products offers a wide array of shipping labels for Shopify. Using a label printer, you can use standard shipping labels and adjust the settings to the appropriate label size. 

The standard shipping labels for UPS and USPS is 4″ x6″ Shipping Labels. For small packages, use the 6″ x3″ and 4″ x4″ shipping label sizes. Self-adhesive shipping labels are stickers that stick to your package without the need for tape or glue.

Shipping Labels for Shofiy that you can purchase through Enko Products include the following. We highly recommend these products to save you costs on inks and toners. 

  • Dymo 4″ x 6″ Shipping Labels. These labels are perfect for printing high-quality Shopify shipping labels using direct thermal technology. They are compatible with Dymo 4XL label printers and come in rolls of 220 labels for faster and cheaper printing.
  • Brother DK-1241 Shipping Labels. These professional direct thermal shipping labels come in rolls of 200 labels and are compatible with Shopify-supported Brother Label Printers QL-1050 and QL-1060.

What Printers are Supported by Shopify

enko-category_Brother-label_507 x 339

Source: Enko Products 

You can print your Shopify shipping labels using a desktop printer or the following supported label printers. 

  • DYMO LabelWriter 4XL. The Dymo Labelwriter is one of the most commonly-used printers for labels using direct thermal technology. You can connect the printer to your computer using a USB and install the necessary drivers from the Dymo website. Dymo Compatible Shipping Labels come in rolls of continuous media for seamless printing of labels in large quantities. 
  • Zebra Wireless and USB Label Printer. Shopify Shipping also supports printing 4×6 shipping labels using Zebra Wireless and USB Label Printer. This direct thermal printer does not require ink or toners for cost-effective shipping label printing. 
  • Brother QL Label Printer. This printer is the best solution for wireless printing of 4×6 Shopify shipping labels from your MAC or iPhone. It also uses direct thermal technology for faster and cheaper label printing. 
  • Rollo Label Printer. Rollo label printers produce shipping labels using direct thermal technology. This printer is perfect for fan-folded shipping labels. 
  • Standard Desktop Printer. Standard desktop printers are the best choice for printing letter size (8.5″ x11″) papers. 

Wrap Up

Using Shopify Shipping, customer satisfaction boosts due to faster order fulfillment from your warehouse to your customers. There is no need to go to the postal office for label printing. The platform allows you to manage orders from customers who registered and ordered via your website with a few clicks.

Online order fulfillment from packaging items, labeling packages, and shipping and delivery with a mail carrier such as UPS and USPS becomes less of a hassle, especially when shipping out bulk orders. If you encounter problems printing your Shopify Shipping Label, go to the Shopify Help Center or contact Shopify Support.

If you are looking for premium self-adhesive shipping labels, you can check out our comprehensive listing of various shipping labels in Enko Products

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