Waterproof labels are compatible with different environments and meet various labeling needs, whether for small businesses or personal uses. Water-resistant labels from Enko Products also protect against low moisture exposure ideal for short-term use. 

As one of the biggest label suppliers, we often get questions like, “Where can I buy waterproof labels?” and, “What do I need to consider when choosing waterproof labels?.”

One of the great benefits of choosing custom waterproof labels is the option to get a type that suits your specific needs. 

We compiled the best shops to give you some tips on where to purchase your labels that are waterproof and, at the same time, cost-effective. And, we recommend some tips to consider when buying waterproof labels online. 

Things to Consider When Buying Waterproof Label Products Online

Each waterproof label sold online offers a different set of specifications. Keep in mind these elements when looking to purchase these labels to match their applications to your needs. 



Before addressing the question, “Where can I buy waterproof labels?” you need to consider the type of environment your label will be applied. 

Ask yourself, “Where and how long will I use my labels?”

For example, if you will expose your label to extreme moisture for long periods, you will need labels that are waterproof and, at the same time, weatherproof. 

If you expose your labels to low moisture for a brief period, you can consider buying water-resistant labels instead of full waterproof ones. 

Aside from water, you will get more value from your labels if you also consider other environmental factors, such as the following:

    • Various chemical agents (salt, chemicals, oils)
    • Temperatures (high and low temperatures)
    • Abrasion 
    • Humidity
    • Other elements (wind, sunlight, UV)

Look for labels that specifically withstand these levels of exposure.



Another question you must address is, “Where can I buy waterproof labels for my specific need? What labels comply with specific regulations associated with applying my labels?”

Different regulations govern labeling depending on the industry. Common label applications include:

    • Logistics (shipping and warehousing)
    • Food and other perishables
    • Chemicals
    • Medical devices and equipment 
    • Hazardous goods
    • Signage (safety signage, etc.)
    • Product branding and packaging
    • Automotive parts

These regulations have a big impact on your choice of labels. These industries require waterproof labels that are readable over time for safety reasons, among others. Check the specific regulations associated with the application of your label to ensure compliance. 

Sheet Labels

: 1,000 (100 sheets)
: 2″ x 4″
: Deskjet & Laser Printers


Waterproof Materials

(a) Media

Next, consider answering, “Where can I buy waterproof labels made of the specific media I want?”

Different labels use different media. The common types of labels include the following:

    • Wood pulp (paper)
    • Plastic-based (vinyl, polypropylene, etc.)
    • Metal-based (aluminum)

Paper-based labels are not waterproof and need reinforcements such as waterproof sheets, spray coating, or lamination. They are printable on common printers and ideal for short-term use.

Plastic-based labels are waterproof and pliable but may require professional printing. They also last for extended periods. 

Metal-based labels such as aluminum are waterproof and weatherproof and also last for extended periods. But they are also prone to corrosion and require professional printing.

(b) Printing

Once you have decided on the type of media you will use, ask yourself, “Where can I buy waterproof labels that I can print on using an inkjet or laser printer? Or what type of printing does my media require?”

Each type of media requires a specific type of printing process. 

Label stock such as paper and plastic-based media are printable on inkjet, laser, direct thermal, thermal transfer, and gloss printers. If you want to print your waterproof labels, these labels are perfect for you. 

However, inks such as those used in inkjet printers are water-based and will smudge and fade with exposure to water. A way to waterproof labels printed from inkjet is lamination and coating. 

(c) Adhesive

Another question you must address is, “What type of adhesive is best for waterproof labels?”

The adhesive can make or break your label options. Choose the wrong type, and your label will fall off the surface when wet. 

Here are the types of labels that work best against exposure to water. 

    • Permanent adhesive
    • Aggressive adhesive
    • All-temperature adhesive

The permanent adhesive offers durable binding to various surfaces. They work best on smooth surfaces but not too well on textured surfaces.

Aggressive adhesives offer stronger binding to various types of surfaces and environments. Some of these types of adhesive can adhere well to irregular, oily or ponderous surfaces. 

All-temp adhesives offer superior adherence to surfaces exposed to cold temperatures, such as products that require refrigeration. 

(d) Finish

The type of finish applied on the top layer of your media can boost its waterproof quality. 

“What type of finish is ideal for your labels?” To give you an idea, here are the different types of finishes. 

    • Laminate 
    • Varnish

A laminate finish adds a film on the top surface of your label to withstand abrasion and water exposure. Laminates include satin, gloss, and UV-resistant gloss. 

A varnish adds a coating to the top surface and works best to waterproof water-based labels. Varnishes include satin, gloss, aqueous, and UV-resistant types.

Where Can I Buy Waterproof Stickers and Labels Online?

Online shops are one of the best places to purchase waterproof labels for various needs. We scouted and listed below the top 5 shops where you can get the best value for waterproof labels. 



Amazon offers a variety of brands of waterproof labels for different needs. Here is why we recommend buying on Amazon. 

(a) Variety

Amazon provides online shops of various brands, materials, sizes, shapes, and quality of waterproof labels, so you have multiple options. You will get multiple recommendations in your item keyword, such as “waterproof labels,” in the search bar. 

(b) Ranking by Rate

Amazon ranks shops based on customer reviews and lists the top-rated products as part of the results in your search query. You will get a list of the best products and read reviews from customers who purchased and used the products. 

Once you have purchased your waterproof labels, you can also place your rating and reviews to give a first-hand impression of the product. 

(c) Product Specifications

Amazon shops provide specifications and images about their products, making it easier for customers to match and choose waterproof labels based on their specific needs. 

(d) Customer Service 

Amazon provides a secure platform to make transactions via different payment modes. You can also contact the shop and ask questions about the product and shipping. 

(e) Discounts and Free Shipping

Amazon shops also offer discounts and free shipping. If you purchase your labels or any product directly from manufacturers, such as Enko Products, you will pay for labels at a fraction of retail costs. 



Walmart’s online shop is the best place to go for waterproof labels. Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the US and offers a variety of products, including labels for multiple purposes. 

You can place your orders online if you want to skip the trip to Walmart’s physical shop. We recommend Walmart for the following reasons. 

(a) Trusted Brands

Walmart sells waterproof labels from trusted brands like Avery and other household brands. For customers wary of making online purchases, Walmart is the best shop to make your purchase. 

(b) Convenience

Walmart’s online shop offers convenience for customers who want to save time on shopping at their physical site. The online service offers options to pick up at specific timeslots or express delivery of purchases. 

(c) Low Prices and Discounts

Walmart ranks among the top shops that offer low prices and discounts, such as their Everyday Low Price (EDLP) strategy. Some of the products from Walmart are also lower in pricing compared to the same products on Amazon. 

(d) High Stock of Products

Walmart procures waterproof labels in bulk from suppliers, so supply is high, and prices are low. Walmart also directly sources its products from suppliers via their logistics. 

(e) Fast Shipping

For all orders, Walmart offers free shipping, including a 2-day delivery across all US locations. Walmart also developed a program to route online orders to physical shops closest to customers for faster shipping. 



Etsy is a popular online shop where you can buy waterproof labels directly from the label creators. We recommend Etsy for the shop’s highlighted features listed below. 

(a) Shop from the Makers

Etsy offers products from various independent artists and crafters. You can get your waterproof labels directly from the source, so you know where you purchased your labels. 

(b) Unique and Aesthetic Labels

Etsy offers customized labels for product branding, household, and office use. The labels are unique, aesthetic, and high in quality, and you can choose a design that matches your needs. 

(c) Good Value

Etsy offers good value for its products. The shop brands itself as a community, not a business, and provides cost-effective pricing on all its products, including waterproof labels. Sellers also offer discounts and free shipping to customers. 

(d) Small Businesses Opportunities

Etsy also supports small businesses and campaigns for eco-friendly products. Your purchase supports small businesses, and Etsy also ensures these businesses are reliable and purchases are safe. 

(e) Convenience

Etsy, like Amazon and eBay, is convenient to use. Images and product descriptions clarify to customers details about the products without physical contact, making purchasing an easy match-and-order process. Etsy also provides a no-hassle return policy. 


Label Manufacturers and Label Makers

We have addressed the question, “Where can I buy waterproof labels online?” But, aside from the top 3 most common online shops, we also highly recommend purchasing labels from label manufacturers and label makers through their websites. Here are the reasons why you should purchase from manufacturers and makers. 

(a) Manufacturer's retail pricing

Label manufacturers like Enko Products offer lower pricing than similar products sold in online shops like Amazon. These companies also offer discounts on price and shipping for waterproof labels purchased in bulk. 

(b) Quality Assurance

Label manufacturers provide quality assurance to customers. You can cross reference the company’s reputation to various review websites to get first-hand feedback from customers. Some of these manufacturers also produce labels for big brand names and offer them in generics online.   

(c) Added value

Label makers not only manufacture different types of waterproof labels, and they also offer professional customization services through custom templates available on their websites at low prices. 

Label makers are the most efficient source of waterproof labels if you want to save time on creating a label with a professional impact, for example, for your product branding. 

Save More on every Order

This article, Where Can I Buy Waterproof Labels & Stickers Online, outlines the best shops to purchase waterproof labels and the things to consider in choosing your labels. Your goal is to match your waterproof labels with your specific needs and get the best value on your purchase. You can also look into our catalog for more information if you require water-resistant labels instead of the more expensive waterproof labels.

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