Compatible Brother DK labels deliver the same quality and performance as the original labels at half its cost. In fact, there are tons of reasons why you should consider compatible Brother DK labels over original ones for your business.

In this article, we’re going to go over these reasons to justify that compatible Brother DK rolls can indeed measure up with the original brand.

Compatible Brother DK Labels vs Original Brother DK Labels

First off is the direct comparison between the two.

Compatible Brother DK Labels

In contrast to authentic Brother Labels, compatible Brother Labels are made by third-party manufacturers. Compatible Brother DK labels are often less expensive since they may be ordered straight from the manufacturer, with no additional distribution or retail costs.

Compatible Brother labels can be just as good as genuine labels in terms of quality, but make sure you pick a label supplier you can trust to obtain high-quality labels.

enKo Products offers a variety of compatible labels in which Brother DK labels are one of them. If you’re looking for low-cost compatible Brother DK labels, check out our high-quality products available in die-cut and continuous rolls at factory prices.

Original, Branded DK Labels

With the original Brother DK labels, professional and top-quality printing is guaranteed with these label rolls, but at a cost. It’s also said that using the OEM Brother labels result in lesser printing difficulties and mistakes, giving your label printers a longer printing life. 

We described the rigorous test for Brother labels in our earlier article on Brother DK Label Applications. In this report, we’ve gone through and evaluated the label’s ability to withstand different circumstances.

Compatible Brother DK2225

: Continuous
: 1-1/2″ x 100′
: Brother DK Printers

How are Compatible Brother DK labels used differently in QL Printers versus the Original Labels?

Both compatible and original Brother DK labels use the same set of printer models from the Brother QL series. Third-party manufacturers use the same sizing and quality standards as the original manufacturer. This means you won’t have problems seamlessly fitting compatible DK labels on a QL printer. These QL printers take in both compatible DK tape rolls and drop-in labels for a variety of labeling applications. 

As Brother QL printers are meant for a variety of 4″ (101.6mm) wide-format printers, the size used by most parcel handlers, they usually don’t have any problem using DK labels from third-party suppliers.

How Do Compatible Brother DK Labels Compare with the Original?

So now that you know the difference between original and compatible Brother DK labels, let’s have the ultimate comparison of its quality, cost, and availability over the market. These 3 considerations are essential in your buying decisions especially if you have a business or are procuring materials for the office.



They practically offer the same quality and crispness. 

If you’re really pining for quality beyond all means, you might want to safely choose the original DK labels from Brother. With this, you can ensure minimal printing defects that can ultimately prolong the lifetime of your printer.

Although they can hold the same quality most of the time, the main disadvantage of choosing compatible DK rolls or drop-in labels is also finding the right supplier. To guarantee you’re getting a solid product, look for a manufacturer with a strong reputation.



Buying compatible labels from third-party manufacturers can provide substantial savings, especially for bulk orders and memberships. You’ll have the benefit of printing quality labels that is comparable to that of a genuine Brother label at just a fraction of the cost.

Authentic Brother labels are more expensive owing to their added distribution and branding costs. For genuine labels, wholesale/bulk and custom orders are often not a possibility.



In terms of availability, both genuine and compatible Brother DK labels are often readily accessible in online stores and retail shops. However, genuine labels aren’t always available in bulk orders or customizations. Plus, you can only purchase the genuine Brother labels at retail stores, but you won’t be able to take advantage of wholesale prices.



Compatible Brother DK roll labels have the same features as the original DK labels. These include the same label sizes ranging from 12mm to 103mm wide and the same temperature bearing capacities from -°80°C to +60°C. They are also available in continuous label rolls and pre-sized die-cut options and adhesive and non-adhesive options.

You can use compatible Brother labels in many applications as well as they follow a lot of standard labeling sizes.



Brother compatible labels can absolutely meet multiple labeling requirements for Paypal, Endicia, USPS, Manager Deluxe, Click-N-Ship®, and other shipping software. Your Brother QL label printer can create a large number of personalized labels, as well as the standard size paper for badges, address labels, shipping labels, and many more.

How to Narrow Down Your Options When Choosing Compatible Brother DK label Suppliers

Here are some guidelines for selecting a compatible label brand that qualifies the quality you need:

Check for Product Reviews:

Find product reviews online or on Amazon for prior consumer feedback.  See if there are any issues with the manufacturer’s label quality or service.

Check for a Guarantee:

Don’t just take their word for it; check to see whether they offer a warranty when you buy. Our Brother DK labels come with a two-year guarantee from enKo Products.

Find Out if they have good Customer Support:

This can come in handy in the future, especially if you plan on making large purchases.

Examine Product Information:

Verify the accuracy of their product information. Customers will receive correct information from a reliable label source.

Why Choose Compatible Brother DK Labels?

With today’s economy and super competitive markets, businesses must not only have an efficient operation but also a competitive edge against their competitors. If your competitors are procuring lower-cost materials while still maintaining the quality of their products, you’d need to do the same to keep up with the race.

Choosing compatible Brother DK labels can significantly lower your business expenses and provide cost-effective labeling solutions which can make a big difference in your margin.

For example, let’s try to compare the compatible Brother DK 2251 Continuous Label to the original brand. When you look for this label at enKo Products, you’ll see that we offer 6 rolls for only $53.70. But when you look at Staples, they offer a 3-roll bundle that will set you back $66.99. Just look at how the prices differ!

Using a compatible DK label instead will save you $13.38! That’s a saving of 40% on your part.


Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for high-quality labels at a low cost, we offer Brother compatible labels. The possibilities are endless when it comes to labeling versatility and applications! Whether you need address labels, shipping labels, barcodes and QR codes, safety labels, or label rolls for general office and home usage, enKo Products has you covered.

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