This article will show you how to change a Brother DK label. We will provide you with guides for the top Brother QL label printers so you can start printing your labels in no time!


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Brother DK rolls are direct thermal rolls for Brother QL printer models. Numerous models in the Brother QL series provide quality printing with the right use and maintenance. In this guide, we’ll provide you with steps to change labels for each Brother QL label printer model. 

Moreover, aside from using quality printers, using a reliable label is another important factor to consider. To source out the best Brother DK labels, look for the best compatible Brother DK rolls for high-quality labels for as low as factory price!

Are Brother Labels Removable?

Yes, Brother DK roll labels are removable and replaceable. Brother labels comprise the following:

  • Spool Arm – It is mounted directly on the printer spool guide
  • Spool – The cylindrical part which holds the label roll and allows for smooth rolling of the label roll. 
  • Stabilizer – Also holds the label in place, and is secured by inserting it into one of the notches in the printer. 

Here are the steps to remove a brother label:

  1. Turn off the printer. 
  2. Hold the printer and lift the compartment cover from the front. 
  3. Hold the label securely by the spool arms, then pull the DK roll-up. 
  4. Close the roll compartment cover, or install a new Brother DK roll.

Options for Compatible Brother Label Replacement

Check out enKo Products for their large variety of compatible Brother DK labels. Here is a list of their bestsellers for compatible Brother DK Labels:

Brother DK-1209 Compatible Address Labels 1-1/7″ x 2-3/7″

800 labels/ roll

As low as $3.92/roll for 600+ rolls

Brother DK-1241 Compatible Die-Cut White 4”x 6” Shipping Labels

200 labels/ roll

As low as $7.95/roll for 600+ rolls

How Do I Change the Label on a Brother Printer Label?

For Brother QL-1100, QL-1110NWB 

1. Ensure the printer is turned off. 

2. Pull the release levers located on both sides as shown below. 


3. Lift the compartment cover from the front of the printer.

4. If your printer is new, remove the protective sheet from the output slot. 


5. To install your label roll properly, make sure you:

    • Install the spool arm (2) firmly in the spool guide. 

    • On the left side of your roll, check that the stabilizer (3) is inserted into one of the notches of the printer. 


6. Insert the end of the label roll through the printer slot. Make sure to insert it straight so the labels will not be skewed on print. Push the label until the label goes through the output slot.


7. Insert the label from the side of the sensor on the right to make inserting easier.


8. Close the Compartment Cover.


For Other Brother QL Printers 

For the rest of the Brother QL Printer models, there are no levers that you need to pull. Here is the list of all applicable Brother QL Printers for the following steps:

  • Brother QL-800
  • Brother QL-810W
  • Brother QL-820NWB
  • Brother QL-600
  • Brother QL-700
  • Brother QL-710W
  • Brother QL-720NW
  • Brother QL-570 
  • Brother QL-580N

1. Turn off the printer, and then lift the roll compartment cover as you hold the printer by the front.


2. Place the label roll into the compartment

    • Check that the spool arm (1) is firmly installed into the spool guide (2), 
    • The stabilizer (3) is inserted into the notch in the printer. Make sure that the Roll Spool Arm (1) is inserted firmly in the Roll Spool Guide (2).

3. Insert the label roll end through the output slot of the printer.


4. Close the label roll cover. Power the printer on to automatically align the label roll. 


Brother Label Printer Setup Tips

Here are additional guidelines in setting up your Brother QL Printer:

  • Never use and leave printed labels in the printer. This is a major cause of printer jams.
  • Always close the compartment cover to prevent any debris, dust, and other foreign materials from entering the printer. 
  • When not in use, remove any DK Rolls from the printer.
  • Never grab your Brother QL printer by the compartment cover, as the cover might open or be removed, which can result in dropping your printer. 
  • Place your printer on a stationary, level location when printing.
  • Avoid exposing your printer to direct sunlight, heaters, or other heat sources, as well as extremely low temperatures, and high humidity areas. 

Wrapping Up

Replacing and installing a new Brother DK Roll is simple and easy, but requires some care and caution. Brother printers are precision machines, and taking care of them is a must to retain their printing quality. 

Another thing to take note of is to always use the right label for your Brother printer. You can opt for genuine Brother DK labels or compatible Brother DK Rolls from the right manufacturer. You can check out reliable sources like enKo Products to ensure quality prints at a low cost, plus excellent customer service. 

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