This review of the Dymo LabelWriter 450 presents why this product is among the top choices of businesses regarding printing labels. Aside from outlining the pros and cons of this product, this review also gives away practical uses and applications of this Dymo LabelWriter. 

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Among the label printer manufacturers in the market, Dymo is one of the most trusted brands. This manufacturer’s success stems from producing practical, high-performing printers over the decades. Today, Dymo is a business staple rapidly producing compact, high-performance, durable, and low-cost labelwriters for various labeling needs. 

The Dymo 450 series printers, including the Dymo LabelWriter 450, the Dymo 450 Duo, the Dymo 450 Turbo, and the Dymo 450 Twin Turbo, are a line of direct thermal printers that uses heat to produce images on a continuous media. This article presents our Dymo LabelWriter 450 review covering details about the product’s technical description, features, and functions. 

Here is a rundown of the basic technical description of the LabelWriter.


Manufacturer’s Item Number



Printer Method

Maximum Print Width

Sheet Size

Paper Path Size

Print Resolution

Label Movement Commands

Power Voltage



Dymo LabelWriter 450


4 ⅞” x 5 ¾” x 7 ¼”

2.2 lbs





600 x 300 dpi

Form Feed, Short Form Feed, and Skip “n” Lines

100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.6 Amps


USB 2.0

Dymo Labelwriter 450 Key Features

After testing this product, we listed in this Dymo LabelWriter 450 Review the features that make this product a must-have for offices and businesses and some salient disadvantages that you may want to consider before going ahead and purchasing this product. 

(A) Printer Speed

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 lives up to its expectations and prints around 50 labels in a minute. The other 450 Series Printers print more. But if you are looking for a compact printer for address and product label applications for your small business or start-up, the Dymo LabelWriter 450 meets the basic requirements. 

(B) Printer Performance

The LabelWriter 450 produces clear images of up to 51 labels in a minute. However, each label only comes out in black prints and no other color. The media used is also thermal paper label, and the prints are heat-sensitive and fade over time. The label also turns black and covers up the prints when exposed to high heat. We recommend that you use non-thermal printers and labels if you plan on using labels that last long and are away from extreme temperatures. 

(C) Convenience

Printing is hassle-free with the Dymo LabelWriter 450, which can accommodate a roll of continuous media with a starter roll containing 130 labels and refill rolls containing more than 200 labels. You can enjoy uninterrupted mass printing of address labels for order fulfillment, product labels for branding and packaging, and barcode labels for inventory. The labels are self-adhesive for the easy print-peel-and stick, so you don’t need to cut half-sheets and tape them on surfaces. 

(D) Reasonable Cost

The price ranges from $240 to $400 for new models, and the price can go as low as around $100 for used and refurbished ones. The Dymo LabelWriter 450, in the long run, is a good investment because thermal printers do not need inks and toners. But the price of the LabelWriter 450 is relatively only a little lower than the other Dymo 450 Series printers. 

(E) Compact

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 is small enough to fit a regular desktop without hugging too much space, and it is also easily moveable due to its lightweight. Overall, it is a good entry-level label printer. 

(F) OS Compatibility

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 is compatible with WindowsⓇ (XP, Vista, and 7) and MacⓇ OS version 10.4 or later. You can also easily download and install the printer and its software and drivers into your system. 

(G) Software

With Dymo’s own label printing software, you can easily create customized labels from your desktop using Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and Outlook, and Google Contacts. You can also use Dymo Connect to create customized or label templates and manage all labels in your storage. However, customers reported issues with the Dymo label software, including a bug in the updated software version that resulted in printing problems. 

What can I do with a Dymo LabelWriter 450? 

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We can think of many creative ways you can put to work your printer and compatible Dymo LabelWriter 450 labels. 

Office Use

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 is ideal for office use. This high-performance, low-cost printer can cut costs and save time and space, reducing unnecessary clutter related to printing activities. The printer functions to produce labels for files, folders, inventory barcodes, addresses, and other office supply markings. 

Commercial Use

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 works best in printing labels for addresses, SKU, barcodes, product details, package markings, and other commercial needs. The clear and crisp printouts also offer a professional look that can boost your customer satisfaction.  

Home Use

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 can also be used at home to print address mailing labels, name badge labels, file and notebook labels, etc. 

What labels can I use for Dymo 450? 

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Enko Products manufactures perfectly-sized, self-adhesive, high-quality labels compatible with the Dymo LabelWriter 450 and other 450 Series printers. The Dymo LabelWriter 450 prints barcode labels, file folder labels, address and return address labels, diskette labels, name badges, book spine labels, internet postage labels, shipping labels and standard multipurpose labels. 

Check out our featured products below to give you an idea of the various labels you can print on your Dymo.  

What is the difference between Dymo LabelWriter 450 and 450 Turbo?  


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One of the most frequently-asked questions we receive from our customers is the difference between the Dymo LabelWriter 450 and the Dymo 450 Turbo. In this Dymo LabelWriter 450 review, we outline below the similarities as well as the differences of the two products.

Series Model

Both the Dymo LabelWriter 450 and the Dymo 450 Turbo are from the 450 series. They use thermal technology in printing labels. The two products also contain the same type of Lithium Polymer batteries. 

Technical Specifications

The two products weigh 2.2 lbs each. The Dymo LabelWriter 450 measures 7.25 x 4.87 x 5.75 inches while the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo measures slightly smaller at 7.25 x 4.08 x 5.75 inches. 

Printer Performance

The two products print high-resolution labels at 300 x 600 dpi and with a maximum printer width of 2.2 inches. The Dymo LabelWriter 450 amazingly prints around 51 labels in a minute. The Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo surpasses this speed to print around 71 labels in a minute. If you need an entry-level label printer, you will find the 450 sufficient for your small business needs. But if you are looking for higher performance in a printer, you will find the 450 Turbo a perfect fit to your commercial needs. 

Os Compatibility

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 and the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo works best in various Microsoft and Mac software applications. For example, we have successfully created customized labels using Microsoft Word in both PC and Mac.


The Dymo LabelWriter 450 costs lower than the Dymo LabelWriter Duo. The value to performance depends on distinct customer needs. If you are printing labels in low quantities, the Dymo LabelWriter 450 would be a good fit for you. If you are printing labels in large volumes, the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo is a better option compared to the basic LabelWriter 450. 

Overall Review

This Dymo LabelWriter 450 review presents the best features of the printer and the benefits it puts to the table for your various needs. This printer works best with compatible, high-quality, low-cost, Dymo LabelWriter 450 labels in rolls from our shop at Enko Products.  

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