For the most obvious reason, compatible labels are one of the best go-to labels of business owners because of their price benefit. Aside from this, did you know that there are other reasons why you should buy compatible labels?

But first, let’s talk about the myths of buying compatible labels.


Myths of Buying Compatible Labels

❌ Compatible labels are falsely believed to have inferior quality

❌ Only genuine labels have precise specifications

❌ Compatible labels are falsely believed to damage label printers

So today we’re going to tackle truths about buying compatible labels that only a handful of entrepreneur talks about. If you’re just starting out your business, or you haven’t tried buying stock labels then you should definitely read this. 

Whether you have a busy workplace, an Amazon FBA, an online store, or any type of business, or a warehouse, there are plenty of reasons why you need compatible labels. 

Let’s get into it!

Why Buy Compatible Labels?


It’s the Most Cost-Effective Strategy to Save More on Business Expenses

Compatible Dymo labels, Brother DK labels, and Zebra labels are much received in the industry due to their cost efficiency, quality, and ease of use. They are often the go-to labeling solution for Amazon FBA shipping labels. 

Compatible labels are brandless – which means they are marketed at a lower cost than genuine counterparts. But unlike their genuine label brands, they are cheaper in price having almost always the same quality, crispness, and manufacturing standards.

For example, enKo Products manufactures and sells Compatible Dymo 1738595 Barcode Labels at $4.58+ Free Shipping. If you look at the genuine Dymo 1738595 in Walmart, it will cost you $19.83 for only 1 roll. This saves you over 76.9% of cash when you buy compatible labels.

And this also goes the same with the other compatible label brands such as Brother labels, Zebra labels, and other Direct Thermal Labels.

Compatible Dymo 1738595

: 450 Labels/Roll
: 3/4″ x 2-1/2″
: Dymo Printers


Compatible Labels are Readily Accessible

If you look at the market, there are actually more compatible label manufacturers/suppliers you can choose from than genuine ones. 

So whenever you need to restock your label inventory, you can readily buy those anywhere. This saves you both time and resources from looking for genuine brands which are not really flocking the market at the moment.

Plus, with the market competition for compatible labels, more suppliers are willing to offer the best services, the best prices, and the best business support. This means if you’re a business owner, it will be easier for you to find a long-term label supplier that’s willing to provide you the best services.


Cheap Labels That Doesn’t Suck in Quality

Aside from being factory-priced and all that jazz, let’s not forget about quality. What makes a good direct thermal label quality is its ability to withstand a certain level of heat, cold, rain, and indoor and outdoor conditions. 

These intensive tests are performed in your supplier’s quality control department. For example, in our Brother DK Labels & a Variety of Applications article, we’ve discussed a bunch of intensive tests methods performed in Brother labels to determine the best usage of each label type. enKo Products’ compatible labels are all quality tested to outperform or perform with the same quality as that of the genuine brands.

Compatible Brother DK2225

: Continuous
: 1-1/2″ x 100′
: Brother DK Printer


Manufacturers Tend to Offer More Varieties of Compatible Labels Across Different Brands

Another thing that really stands out in compatible labels is its manufacturer supplying the label. More often than not, compatible label manufacturers are offering a variety of options you can choose from across different brands. This means they not only produce Dymo compatible labels but also compatible labels for Brother, Zebra, Rollo, etc.

So whenever you need to switch from one printer to a better direct thermal printer, they can always stock labels from the same supplier.

These days, it’s actually better to buy your shipping and packing supplies from one source for greater deals and to form stronger business relationships.


Bulk-Buying-Friendly with a Handsome Warranty

Compatible thermal labels have been around for decades especially in the eCommerce space, warehouse and offices. They perform a variety of applications such as organization and efficient navigation, product identification, improved tracking accuracy, safety, and other customizable solutions.

With that said, many 3rd party manufacturers are aware of the bulk needs of warehouses and businesses. To cater to this demand, they almost always offer huge discount offerings for bulk orders. For bulk label orders or wholesale compatible label needs, you can save 25% to 50% from their retail value. And for business owners, this is definitely a piece of fantastic news.

Let’s not forget the warranty. Many, if not all, also offer great warranty benefits. While some suppliers offer only a 1-year warranty, enKo Products offers a 100% money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.

Are There Issues With Your Label Printer When Using Compatible Labels?

Naturally, if you’re conscious about the product you use for your printer, you’d also want to know if compatible labels can incur issues on it. 

The answer is no, there are no issues with using compatible labels in your Dymo label maker, Brother label printer, or any direct thermal printer.

Compatible labels have been used for decades and there are no major issues with using them. But we cannot dismiss the fact that not all products are created equal across all the existing label manufacturers. 

That’s why it is always a precaution to verify the quality of compatible labels through the following:

  • Order a few labels from a manufacturer and test if it works perfectly with your printer before buying in bulk.
  • Check out customer reviews
  • Does the manufacturer offer a warranty or a money-back guarantee?
  • Years of experience and business reputation

enKo Products is a top manufacturer and supplier of compatible labels in the US. For decades, we have served the needs of small business owners, warehouses, offices around the US. Check out some of our reviews from Amazon:


There you go, the top 5 reasons why you should consider buying compatible labels. If you have an eCommerce business or are into Amazon FBA, you should definitely consider compatible labels for these reasons: quantity, quality, warranty, accessibility, and others. If you’re always using labels for bulk shipments, barcodes, postages, addresses, and simple office organization, compatible labels will save you a lot of money, time, and issues. 

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