Poshmark is an online marketplace for new and preloved fashion items. It’s one platform where style meets reasonable pricing. Buyers here are avid bargain hunters, yet they won’t settle for anything less than the classiest merchandise.

If you just started marketing your product items on Poshmark, then this article is for you. Some of the most effective ways to increase sales on this website are tied to shipping and packaging. So here, your enKo Products experts share valuable Poshmark shipping and packaging tips to help you sell and ship more from your closet.

But first, we need to know the basics of Poshmark shipping and packaging.

How Does Poshmark Shipping and Packaging Work?

When you make a sale on Poshmark, your customer automatically pays $7.11 for shipping, covering items with a total weight of 5 lbs. or less. The site will notify you of the sale by sending a confirmation email. You will also get the printable form of your customer’s prepaid shipping label along with it.

Poshmark shipping labels for US sellers are automatically purchased from USPS. However, the fashion platform accepts only a number of USPS packages:

  • Priority Mail Boxes, including Priority Mail Flat Rate and Priority Mail Regional Rate
  • Any standard-size brown box, as long as the entire parcel stays within the 5-lb limit.

Poshmark does not accept USPS Express Mail Boxes. Neither does it support other US carrier services. However, you may use other online postage providers if you opt for other item delivery methods.

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What Happens When Your Poshmark Package Items Exceed 5 Pounds?

When Poshmark sends you its basic shipping label, you pay nothing for the postage if your parcel’s total weight falls at or below 5 lbs. But beyond that, the site will start charging you the extra costs according to the following scheme:

Parcel Weight

5 – 6 lbs.

6 – 7 lbs.

7 – 8 lbs.

8 – 9 lbs.

9 – 10 lbs.

Additional Shipping Cost






Poshmark limits parcel weights to 10 lbs. It will not let you pay for postage onsite beyond that. To get around this little snag, seasoned sellers buy extra postage from a third-party online postage provider like Pirate Ship. You can use this platform for free and get reduced shipping rates at the same time.

If your item weight goes beyond 5 lbs., you will need to upgrade the basic parcel shipping label. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your “Account Tab.”
  2. Scroll down and click “My Sales.”
  3. Find the order that needs the upgraded shipping label.
  4. Click “Need New Shipping Label” on the next menu.
  5. Next, click “Need Heavier Weight Label.”
  6. Go to “Weight” and type in your parcel’s total weight.
  7. Click “Next.”
  8. Click “Send New Label.” You will then receive the new printable label in your email.

If you fail to upgrade the shipping label, your customer will end up paying for the excess shipping fee.

To make sure that you don’t spend more on shipping than you have to, we recommend buying a postal weighing scale. This will help you get accurate weights every time. The price of such equipment depends on its capacity.

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Seasoned Poshmark sellers use free USPS pouches, envelopes and boxes to optimize their shipping costs. Without any creative tweaks, using free USPS-branded shipping supplies limits their marketing strategies. Yet, they can keep their customers loyal. What tricks do they have up their sleeves that keep their revenues rolling in?

Much of the answer lies in their packaging and shipping strategies.

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How Should You Approach Poshmark Shipping and Packaging So You Can Sell & Ship More?

Below, we have rounded up the best shipping and packaging tactics used by professional Poshmark sellers. They are proven to increase sales while keeping costs down on the items being shipped.


Offering to Lower the Basic Poshmark Shipping Fee

When a customer expresses interest in your product, i. e. by “liking” it, message them and offer to lower the basic Poshmark shipping fee. If more than one customer likes the same item, you may offer the others the same shipping perk.

How can you reduce your shipping cost when you’re the one shouldering some of it?

The answer: professional sellers build the shipping fees into their final price. You can do the same to your merchandise to sell more on Poshmark.


Offering Your Poshmark Merchandise in Bundles

When you offer your products in bundles, Poshmark applies the 5-lb basic shipping limit to each transaction. Regardless of the item weight, your customer will shoulder only $7.11 for shipping. How do you make money out of bundles?

As in the first strategy, you can build the shipping fee into your final price for the bundle. From here, you can either offer the same bundle at a discounted shipping rate or a bigger bundle for the same shipping fee. The result is that the final bundle price pays for its own shipping and makes you some money as well.

When potential clients express interest in one of your bundles, you can chat with them and send them an offer.

  1. Go to your “Account Tab.”
  2. Click “My Bundles.”
  3. Click “Sell.”
  4. Please follow the prompts and create your bundle.
  5. On your “Bundle” page, select “Offer.” Specify your price for the bundle, including the total fees and any shipping discounts.
  6. Click “Submit.” This lets you offer your bundle to your potential buyer.

If your buyer agrees to your bundle offer, Poshmark will notify you of the sale. You will then receive your prepaid shipping label immediately. Instead of upgrading the basic Poshmark shipping label, you can pay for the extra fees using other online postage services. Doing so does not only let you ship parcels heavier than 10 lbs. but also help lower the delivery costs.

When you mail your Poshmark items using this strategy, you will have two shipping labels for parcels of different weights. Choose the appropriate USPS containers or brown boxes sizes.


Using Your Own Branded Packaging for Your Poshmark Goodies

Another way to boost Poshmark sales is by using your own branded packaging. We previously discussed the importance of creating unforgettable branded boxing experiences for e-commerce customers. Building one’s brand is a marketing tactic that allows startups to stay resilient for years. Among the approaches mentioned here, this one is the most important because it goes with any shipping strategy.

Experienced Poshmark sellers have used these shipping and packaging approaches invariably to sell more to their customers. Try them all to get you selling more from your closet. Remember that the site has over 30 million users, and they keep increasing every year.

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